{7 months}

7 months - what?!!! Where did this baby go?
Holy moly. In the blink of an eye she turned into a little person I swear. A little person with a large personality and an even larger voice. She is so fun right now. We are having so much fun making her laugh, seeing her try new things and watching her figure things out. She is going through a clingy phase with me right now so we have our trying times when she is losing her mind because she has to sit and play by herself or heaven forbid I go to the washroom!! But "this too shall pass" and my frustrations are quickly melted away when she turns into her squealing, grunting happy self.
14lbs 9oz
She is just a little peanut but a healthy little one!
25 inches
This month it's been a real mix of horrible sleeps to good sleeps. She didn't sleep well on holidays at all but I can't blame her, it was a different place, she was back in the same room as us...yada yada but after coming home she has been going down really well and only getting up once to eat. I think she heard me say sleep training was in our future so decided to smarten up!
Plus she is a funny thing - they say babies thrive over bedtime routines - well this girl does great on the nights we throw her for a loop! Last night we went out for a big family dinner to Smugglers (thank you again Nana!) so she was eating dinner at her bedtime and wasn't in bed until after 10 and she slept all night long and didn't wake until just after 6!!! {cue angels singing}
{daily routine}
Routine is a loose word in our house. We have a routine but life happens and we don't always stick to it. Plus we want nights like last night where we go out and it doesn't totally ruin her sleep or get her in a funk.
But typically these days she is up between 2-4am to eat, then up between 6-8am. We eat breakfast at the table together. Walk Cruz. Play and then she naps about 2-3 hours after she get up (for 30-60min). Then our days change. We usually head out in the morning for errands, visits, Gymboree...so she'll often have another quick nap in the car at some point in the late morning/early afternoon. Then in the afternoon we workout, walk Cruz, have a bath, more playing and usually another quick cat nap. We eat dinner all together when Justin gets home, play and then bed.
She is still nursing about every 3 hours, sometimes a little longer between feedings now that she is eating food. She eats real food for breakfast and dinner and we are going to start eating lunch now too.
{diaper size}
Size 2

6 months mainly - she is growing out of 6 month pants though.
{hair color}
Medium blond - tinge of redish at times

{eye color}
Very blue
 {foods eaten}
sweet potatoes
green beans
She is a great eater - she loves to eat and really hasn't fussed with eating anything. She didn't love apples and oatmeal the first time but now chows them down.
Her feet

Grabbing everything. And mainly things she can't have.
Being up in the air
Being naked
Sitting up all by herself
Gymboree - the parachute is her BFF
Looking at herself in the mirror
Watching Cruz play
Grunting, squealing, hearing her own voice
Trying to crawl and not getting anywhere
Being on her tummy
Being tired
{nick names}
Daddy calls her Delainey Lainey or Lainey D
Miss D
Love or Lovie
Pretty much anything we call Cruzie also - other than Cruzie or Cruzie girl - ha.
{what's new}
Went on her first airplane ride
Sat in real grass for the first time
Went swimming for the first time
Started on solids
Her her 6 month shots yesterday
Get on her hands and knees to crawl
Starting to pull herself up on things

Delainey - We just love you so very much miss. We love each new day with you so much. As much as I love watching you grow and do new things it makes me sad that our time at home together is already over half over.{Don't cry Alison} You are a funny little girl and we love your loud voice and silly personality. It definitely outweighs you fussy moments where we feel at a loss of what you want. Thank you for being such a sweet girl and OURS!

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Rebekah said...

I can't believe she's 7 months already! These babies are getting too big for my liking :) James is currently going through the clingy phase and it does get a little tiring like when he won't even go to Dylan but I know it will pass and then I'll miss my constant companion!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww look how big she is getting! I cannot wait to see you guys in May :)
We are just getting to the clingy phase where if we leave her sight, watch out!!
She is just TOO adorable!

Murdock's mama said...

She is just beautiful! I can't believe she's SEVEN months already!!!

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Ahhh. This is exactly us! The clingy phase combined with the no sleeping phase is wearing on me a bit but I just try to soak up the extra snuggles. Can't believe our babies are already 7 months old!

Megan C said...

It has gone by so fast! She is crawling already!? My little boy is wanting to but hasn't figured out how to get his knees under him haha!

Rachel Steck said...

She is so sweet. And beautiful.

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

She is so precious!!! This is such a fun age and when you really start to see their personalities shine! I love it so much!

Ashley said...

Love her lace romper!!! I still can't believe she is 7 months already!! Craziness!! But she is beautiful!! She looks like such a ham!! I can see both you and J in her!

Leigh said...

7 months already?! I need to come over to see this little munchkin soon!

Sarah said...

she is such a cute peanut!!! and so stylish!

Nikki said...

7 months!?!? Crazy! She is so stinkin cute and those cheeks! AHHHH!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

No way! 7 months? She's such a sweet little thing! I love her smile!

Glad to hear the threat of sleep training put her straight. Audrey just laughs when she hears that! We were never super strict with Audrey's (and Leo so far) routine- we want to live a little!

Gosh it seems like yesterday you announced your pregnancy!

Lar ko said...

thank for sharing your story! i have frank breech baby girl and feel just freaked out with all stories i found in the web. but your pictures made me feel much better!!! thank you again and God bless you and your sweet daughter!