{6 months}

6 months. Someone hand me the kleenex. Oh my goodness how can our wee babe be half a year old....
I LOVE this age. I am sure I will just keep saying that but she is so fun. 

26 inches
So so. Some nights it's awful and some nights she is doing pretty good, not awesome but normally up once if I'm lucky and then up again early to eat and often we can get another hour. Sometimes she wants to hang out with me more than that during the night though! ha ha Oh well. It's just frustrating at times because she did sleep through the night there for a period of time...so we know she can! :) And really she does not need up 3 times a night.
She does not love to nap but she has been great at putting herself to sleep now and takes 90% of her naps in her crib.
{daily routine}
It changes but is about the same as last month other than like I said she is doing well at napping in her crib even if her naps last barely half an hour. And she hates going to bed. ;)
She nurses every 3 hours during the day for sure. And lately it's more. Perhaps this pipsqueak is growing!
We have also started her on avocado and home made oatmeal for breakfast and dinner.
{diaper size}
Size 2
3-6 months for the most part - sleepers are mainly 6 months for length. Some outfits are 6-9 months for length but then are big in the waist. Nothing really fit her perfectly right now. Everything is wide and short on her!
{hair color}
Medium blond - a strawberry tinge in some lights.
{eye color}
Very blue
Grabbing everything. And mainly things she can't have.
Being up in the air
Being naked
Sitting up all by herself
Gymboree - the parachute is her BFF
Looking at herself in the mirror
Watching Cruz play
Songs - Petite Poisson is her favorite - or maybe just her Dad's favorite
Being tired
Being on her back for longer periods of time

Her and Cruz are buddies and we love it. She loves playing with Cruz - so watching us throw toys for Cruz and she loved when Cruz bounces. Cruz is so patient with her.
{nick names}
Monkey or Monk
Daddy calls her Delainey Lainey or Lainey D
Miss D
Love or Lovie
{Mommy 6 months later}
I am doing great. I can't believe it has been 6 months. My incision healed very well (I am told). I still have swelling on one side and it's worse some days than others but my doctor said that's normal and could just be the way it healed so may never never change or it may get better within the year.
I'm not sure how I still have hair on my head, when I brush my hair I seriously worry that I'll soon have none.
I feel like myself again for sure. The skin on my tummy is not tight but who knows if that will ever tighten up again and that's fine.
I had a plugged milk duct once that was incredibly painful but only lasted a few days and otherwise nursing has been going great.

{what's new}
He is a pro at sitting all by herself
She doesn't love laying down anymore and prefers to sit or someone hold her in standing position.
Started on solids on Thursday (27th). She has had avocado and homemade oatmeal. Loves her mesh feeder with frozen avocado. Oatmeal she is so so on.
She actually got water out of her sippy cup yesterday and it was hilarious. She was SO confused and surprised and then just started at the sippy cup for a good 30 seconds in confusion. It was awesome.
She is starting to seem interested in moving, pulls her knees in when on her tummy and then goes into cobra pose on her hands but not together!

Miss D. There are not words in the dictionary to explain how much we love you. You make us laugh, smile,  cry happy tears (me) and have big bags under our eyes (me again) but we love every single day more than the next. You are learning something new each day and we love to watch you. You are so smiley and we just love the heck out of you! Thank you for being ours. And for putting up with all my picture taking. But seriously you are cute.

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Murdock's mama said...

:) What a blessing! She's perfect! {side note::6 Month photos are some of my favorite! They're finally sitting up well, but can't run off yet!} :)

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Sweet girl! We are in a rough stretch of sleep, too. She slept so well before and now the past couple of months have been hit or miss, mostly miss. I try to remind myself that this too shall pass but mama is livin' on coffee and baby smiles :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Aww time is going too fast! Love her tutu :-) I hear you on the sleep thing, we went from sleeping 8pm to 630am and for a week it was bad, up a few times and now we r back to one wake up around 4. Still frustrating though! Avery still hates evenings for the most part too.
She's sitting up so good, makes her look even more grown up!

Leigh said...

Ah can't believe she is 6 months already! Such a cutie :)

Carolyn said...

BAH! That tutu! SO CUTE!!!!! I can't believe our babies are this old already. It makes me so happy and so sad all at once!!!

Ashley said...

I cant get over Noah being 6 weeks... I cant imagine 6 months!! Crazy!! But you have done a great job!! I still cant believe she is 6 months either!! But she does look like a lot of fun! We have hit the 6 week growth spurt - I recall being warned about this, but I guess I forgot. Little man is eating like a starving man!
My incision is sore one side too, must be the norm.
LOVE the pics of Cruz and D!
How much does she weigh now? When did you start a schedule with her? What is yours like? I am not sure when to start a routine, although we have a nighttime routine, but not a daytime one!

Rachel and John said...

She is so cute! Hopefully she tarts sleeping better soon :)

krink said...

Oh Monkey... how we all adore you sweet pea!! What did we all do without you in our lives? Lots of Hugs and Kisses!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Cuter every month!! That tutu kills me! She's such a petite thing! She looks so big sitting up though!
Sleep is the most frustrating thing. Hopefully it gets on track soon.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

She is soo cute! She looks like a happy baby and it sounds like she is a party baby since she doesn't want to sleep and miss out on anything. ;) I hope she starts sleeping for longer stretches (or through the night) soon. But it sounds like you are taking it all in stride and are just thankful for having her in your life, which is a good perspective to have.

Nikki said...

GAH! 6 months already! Crazy! That flew I can only imagine how you feel! She is absolutely adorable! LOVE her smile!

Courtney Kassner said...

Hasn't it gone by too fast? Love the pictures of her and Cruz! Crew was staying pretty steady with eating every 3 hours too, but now that he's eating more and more baby food he's started spreading it out on his own. It's a weird feeling not to have to feed him every 3 hours!