{3 things Thursday}

Happy Thursday!
A few weeks ago we went for a visit to my Nana's. We are so lucky she is just a few minutes away. Delainey was obsessed with her moving ceiling fan but we got some great photos.

She even had toys she saved that Jeff and I played with!
Having photos like this make me so thankful we have 4 Grand Parents that have met Miss D at different stages of her life. I really wish Gran and Grampa & Gramma Chris were closer but Delainey is SO lucky to have 4 Great Grand Parents that love her so much.
Great Gran - when Delainey was just a few weeks old.
Gramma Chris and Grampa just after Christmas.
Delainey has changed SO much!

I'm going to miss this girl SO much. Even though she chose to swim in the stinkiest puddles of bog water yesterday and then required a bath since she was the smelliest of dogs in all of Calgary.... I LOVE this girl so much.
This photo was taken when I was taking Easter photos of Miss D - Cruz wanted in on the tutu action! 
I am also so thankful for her patience. {She gets it from me - not her Dad! ha}
Now that Delainey is eating a real breakfast her walks have gotten later and she chills out with us now instead of driving me bonkers waiting for a walk.
And now that this is Delainey's favorite position it puts her in perfect position to launch herself on to Cruz which Delainey thinks is hilarious and Cruz just kisses her upon arrival! :)

We leave tomorrow for holidays. I cannot wait. It's been so long since my whole family has been on vacation together and it's just that much better that now we have Justin, Jolie and Delainey!
Plus Justin NEEDS a vacation from work - he has been working his tail off.
Ok must go clean the house and finish packing! :)

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Nikki said...

Have fun on vacation!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Have fun!!!

Murdock's mama said...

Have a blast...I'm totally jealous!! :)

Rachel Steck said...

Have a wonderful time!!

Rachel and John said...

I hope you guys have an awesome vacation!!!

Leigh said...

Hope you guys have a great vacation :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I hope you are going somewhere warm and sunny!!!!

Ashley said...

What a lucky little babe to have all those grands and great grands in her life!! Love that pic of Cruz and hope you guys have so much fun on vacation!! XO

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Holy D!! Look at that position! Deep squat!

Have a fantastic time with your family, in the sun!

Janna Renee said...

I can't believe how freakin' adorable she is! I mean, obviously she was going to be super cute since she's your daughter, but she even surpassed my expectations! It's so nice that she has her grandparents to love on her too <3