{post of numbers}

Stole this post idea from Leigh.
2 - number of times I have written this post. Thanks a lot blogger. Publish = delete. No. :(
17 - the number of sleeps until our vacation.
4 - the number of bathing suits Delainey is bringing on our trip.
9 - the number of bathing suits she owns.
 0 - the number of bathing suits I have bought her!
3 - number of times I typically have to reheat my coffee in the morning thanks to this face.
29- number of full push-ups I did in a row yesterday. I'm doing 3 sets of full push-ups to exhaustion after each workout now. Unless Tony Horton has us to 432 in our workouts anyways.
0 - number of snowy walks Delainey and I had to do this morning since Cruz had a sleepover with my parents! Thank you!
13 - the number of pounds Delainey weighs now.
7 - the number of books I basically read to myself this morning in bed since Delainey was too busy chatting with the ceiling fan.
22.49 - the number of dollars I spend on a baby snot sucker. I've heard great things of this little tool and Delainey's nostrils are too tiny for those bulb aspirators and she has a little cold right now so I decided I'd like to have this on hand.
2 - number of hours Crystal, Emerson, Nixon, Delainey and I spent at Flip Factory Tot Spot yesterday. Such a fun place! Fun Fact: The lady who owns this place bought my Moms business when she retired.
4 - the number of days until Delainey is 6 months old. Half a year people.
And I think that's it. Off to re-heat my coffee. :)

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Murdock's mama said...

Frieda is worth every cent {promise!}. Where are you going on vacation again {I think I knew, but forgot!}. 6 Months...NO WAY!!!

Jennifer Golding said...

I have also heard great things about that snot sucker, though the thought of it grossed me out at first....I guess there is no way the "debris" can get into your mouth, but it still crosses the mind! How is she almost 6 months old already?! Man the time sure does fly, I can't believe I am less than 8 weeks away from my due date!

Nikki said...

WOAH! 6 Months already?!?!

Leigh said...

Love this post :) The real question is how many pairs of shoes does D own? Is she anything like her mom? ;)

Rachel Steck said...

Wow, time flies by so fast! 6 months...gah!
Yes, I agree w/Leigh...how many pairs of shoes does Delainey have? Ha ha.

Leslie said...

Awesome job on the push ups! Where are you guys going on vacation?

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You need a holiday after this second winter - did you guys get a ton of snow?
How is she 6 months?!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I don't even bother to reheat my coffee!!
Wow you made it almost 6 months without a snot sucker? We used one on Leo on week 2. Poor little man! I can't use it at all- that's a blue job in our house! Those bulb things are useless! Garbage! We tossed ours.

Delainey will have no shortage of swimwear for the lake! How many hats does she have? And pairs of shoes? ;)

We will have to get together before your vacation.

krink said...


Ashley said...

6 months?? No way!!!

Ok that snot sucked freaks me out! I don't think I could physically bring myself to suck the snot out! We bought an automatic one on batteries haha. My sister showed us how it works, nice and quick and harmless!! Haha.

Jealous of your vacation!! Noah does not have a swimsuit! Apparently 0-3 month swim trunks are hard to find!! Even 3-6 are hard to find!

Bex said...

What?! No! She can't be almost six months already. She was JUST born!

Carolyn said...

Oh I love this post idea! I might have to copy you. HAHA! :) And her hair - SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Gabriella said...

I can't wait to see all her swim suits! GAH!! 3 is the number of blog posts I have done in March. :/ How do things gets so busy, and then time just gets away from me! I really like this idea. Might have to use it next week! And seriously how is she 6 months old!?! Great job on the push ups!!