Today is super special because it's my {little} brothers 29th birthday!
I've bragged about him many times on this blog as I think he is pretty great and know I am darn lucky to have him as a brother and Delainey will soon realize how lucky she is to have him as an Uncle too (Cruz already know!)
I wish we had Jeff's reaction on video when we told him we were finally pregnant. I think it would be cool to show Delainey that. It was the BEST reaction ever and made me love him that much more.
I hope you have a super awesome day Brother! I LOVE you tons.
My pregnancy photobook arrived this week and I had fun telling Delainey all about. She was so cute and sat with me the whole time I looked through it.
 I love how these little hands reach for me now.
How about a cute little video of Miss D saying 'see ya later' to her shoes!
Life of a {Mom proclaimed} baby model isn't always all smiles...
And lastly because everyone wants Carrie Underwood's legs...
Now you can --------> HERE. It's really nothing you haven't seen or done before so really you just need to follow her super strict vegan diet. No ice cream? Heck no.
I also love both of those above shoes though.
Ok that's all.
Happy birthday again Jeff!! xoxo

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Leigh said...

Happy birthday to Jeff!

Rachel Steck said...

Happy Birthday to your brother!

Ashley said...

It's so sweet that you're so close with your brother!! Happy Birthday Jeff!

If anyone ever invents a shoe that babies keep on their feet, they deserve a medal. We've almost lost countless shoes over here!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday to Jeff!!! I need to get making my pregnancy book!! Yours look cute!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Happy Birthday to Jeff!! He is old;)

I love the pregnancy book!! Is it just pictures or did you put info about each week in there? I've always wanted to put my pregnancy updates into a book (and baby updates too).

That is the cutest video!! "Nope, I don't like these shoes, Mom!!"

Yes, I would love Carrie's legs but I can't give up ice cream, yogurt or cream in my coffee so I'll have to find another way to get them! Some things are just not worth giving up!

Mom said...

I look forward to looking through the photo book soon. Delainey will love it when she is older.
So I am thinking Delainey isn't going to need her own shoe shop shelf like her Mom! She doesn't seem to even like shoes. Haha

Janna Renee said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jeff! I'm sure she will LOVE Uncle Jeff forever.