{gamma & where I am at now}

Last week I finished the Gamma portion of Focus T25 and loved it. I loved it the best out of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma - maybe that's because it involved weights and I do love weights.
There are 2 calendar choices for Gamma and I did Pure Gamma with just 1 workout on Fridays. Compared to Alpha and Beta - Gamma is only 4 weeks as opposed to 5 which I liked but seeing as I love Gamma I could have done another week easily.
Tania is the modifier as always, there is Andy using a band and Scott uses a chin up bar on some moves as well.
Now for the workouts:
Rip't Up
I used 15, 10 and 3lb weights for the floor work on your tummy. It focuses on the upper body with some cardio intervals thrown in there. I did do the push-ups jacks from my knees and still almost died.
Extreme Circuit
Used 8lbs for a few but mainly 10lbs weights. I did the V triceps push-ups from my knees. For this workout you do 4 moves for 1 min each and then burnout of the same 4 moves but for 15 seconds and there are 5 circuits. It's fun.

The Pyramid
For this one I used 10-15lbs weights. And you make a pyramid- so you add one more rep each time. Some are easier then others but the pushups kill me as per usual. I think I need to do another push up challenge cause I am pretty weak at them right now.
You also do some cardio intervals in there as well.
Speed 3.0
This workout is my most favorite. Same format as Speed 1.0 and 2.0. It's fast and fun and I was a sweaty mess. This one has no weights. Shawn T sorta sings the moves to the beat of the music in this one, it's pretty entertaining. It also has a lot of burpees in this guy.
And there you have it. I have heard some people have done Focus T25 and haven't enjoyed it but personally I LOVED it. Whether is was because the 25 minute workouts were perfect for us right now, I was just getting back into working out after 6 weeks off after Delainey was born or what have you. But I would definitely recommend it. Granted I am nursing right now, have made a real effort lately to eat healthier snacks and am taking all my vitamins but I feel like it got me back to feeling like myself. I still have toning to do but for the most part I feel good. It's pretty crazy what the body can do. I will admit after Delainey was born I truly thought I would never wear half my clothes again and wanted to go ahead and throw out all bikinis but I knew I was acting too soon. ;)
I am very lucky to live here in Canada and get a year of maternity leave. So right now my main job is to look after Delainey (& Cruz), be the best Mom and wife I can be and look after the household. BUT I made a promise to myself that my other "job" would be to workout 5 days a week and look after me. I have worked hard but I'm by no means where I want to be yet nor have I given it 100% along the way. I've said it a million times but I will never say no to ice cream. I enjoy the fact I can have a glass of wine or two now. Some days get away from me and before I know it it's 3:00pm and I have yet to have lunch so I have something easy and it usually involves cheese and crackers. :) We have appie nights for dinner. Last night I was out with the girls and my guess is that my pasta dish had 1400 calories but ya know. :) I am doing my best and that's life.
{It's strange that I was nervous to post these last 2 photos but was never nervous to post my big pregnant belly!!}
This was almost 6 months ago at 39 weeks 5 days.. I gained 34lbs.
This was Day 1 of Focus T25 - 7 weeks postpartum.
 This was Friday - last day of Focus T25. {And our typical set up - Cruz waiting for me to kick the ball. D playing on the floor...or swing, or bumbo or playmat - or a mixture of all them! See 25 minutes was perfect.}
I will for sure do this program again - I also think it's a good addition to another workout when D can handle more than half an hour [or she naps for a longer than half an hour].
This week I started the new P90X3 - this one is only 30 minute workouts which again is great as Delainey can handle that! The first 2 workouts were good, nothing I fell in love with so far but I have felt them the next day. My plan right now is to mix P90X3 with Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis. P90X3 is also 7 days a week which I am not all for and I could never do just Metamorphosis (even though I love her programs - did her Pregnancy Project) but you are supposed to do the same workout for 9 days. No can do. I did the first one yesterday and it was great - you do a million reps of things but it good and I could most definitely feel it in my butt and abs this morning. Anyways I'm rambling.
This is where I am at. And that's that.
I am now a Beach Body Coach - please email me at
justinandalison{at}gmail{dot}com for details! I would love to get your on your way to your own fitness journey!
See my website here!
PS. Today is the last day to enter to win a pair of minimocs!!

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Rachel Steck said...

You are amazing and you look amazing!!

Ashley said...

You look fantastic!! You can really see the difference!! Great job mama!!! You can't even tell you had a baby!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Umm, wholly abs! You look AMAZING. I did not have those abs before baby ;) You are doing an awesome job, at being a Mommy, and being fit. It is not an easy balance.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You seriously look amazing! Hello abs! Even your 7 week post partum picture is fantastic! Good job momma!! I'm not ready yet but I'm definitely going to try that workout to get back into shape! For now, I am going to start eating healthier (as I just finished polishing off a bag of easter eggs).

Sarah said...

You look so great!! I have been wanting to do P90X3. I've done 1 and 2 and am redoing 2 right now but would love a 30 minute workout!

Carolyn said...

You are SO MOTIVATED. Seriously. Come to Minnesota and make me work out too. HAHAHA!

Sarah said...

I'm starting this after our cruise! horrible time to start since i should have done this PRE cruise. but better late than never!
you look fab!
if i can look like you post partum at 7 weeks (or heck, even 1 day!) then it'll be a success!

Mom said...

You look Maaavaleous! Just look at those Abs!! It is amazing how the body can recover from a pregnancy, isnt' it? It takes work and motivation and you tackled both.
And, of course, you have your personal 4 legged motivator!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think you look amazing! Your tummy region actually looks better than mine and I haven't had kids (my stomach has always been my trouble area). I am glad you have found a workout program that works for your schedule. I am just getting back into strength training as my joints are finally starting to heal from my RA flare up. I think I would like a program like this because it's fairly easy to find 25 minutes in a day!

Adrian {Happy girl} said...

I've always admired your dedication to fitness, and the banging body you can rock like no other. Watching your pregnancy photos show your cute baby belly grow was amazing, especially since you worked out a lot still. Now this post just shows how incredibly awesome you are, and wow I'd love your post partum body, and even more this post workout body! Great job lady!

Leslie said...

You look great! And I love your reviews and opinions on these workout programs. I know I can always trust what you have to say :)
Your motivation is amazing

Gabriella said...

You look fantastic! Your hard work and dedication are amazing! I love your workout sidekicks!!! :)

krink said...

Uh yeah... So I am NEVER putting on a bathing suit infront of you again! Jesus! You are RIPPED!!! Well done Auntie!
P.S. my favorite part of that picture was Miss Delainey in the background, and Cruzy sitting all nice behind you :)

Bex said...

Damn girl, you were smoking at 7 weeks pp! You're an inspiration!

Katie said...

you are amazing!!! I need to do a better job of eating healthier! It's so hard when I feel like i snack all day because I am home. I know that would make a big difference!