{ear & uggs}

 Well hey there Monday. You sure arrived quickly.
This weekend flew by! Friday Justin had to work on his day off again. :( He got there at 6am even!
And this is what my morning looked like as I was getting ready. Cruz was supposed to be babysitting. Such a slacker. :)
"I'm sorry Mom but it's my Friday off"
I picked Lily up from school at noon, we had a lunch date and then we took Cruz for a beautiful walk. Lil is growing up so much, she used to run after Cruz and ask to play at the park but now she sticks with me and wants to talk. I do love it.
 She is really into art right now which is great.
 She also hung out outside and played with Cruz. Cruz LOVES when Lil comes cause she spends 90% of the time on the floor with Cruz.
For dinner Miss D sat at the table with us for the first time in her high chair. She was very content.
Saturday morning more painting happened.
And the BEST part of the weekend was Mom and Dad came to visit! After being in Australia and NZ for 6 weeks they were dying to come see Delainey! 
They spoiled her with her own little uggs to grow into!! SO cute.
Saturday afternoon we did have a little rough go. As I was just finishing a walk with Cruz and Miss D we encountered another dog who took a good chomp out of Cruz's ear. :( It happened so fast. Both dogs were on leash but Cruz has this bad habit of thinking all dogs want to play with her so she cut in front of the stroller to say hi to this dog as "Bad Molly" lunged at her. As it was happening Molly's owner was telling me that Molly wasn't friendly and bites other dogs. :( Information that would have been helpful a few seconds earlier. 
So I was the crazy lady doing the ugly cry on the walk home after seeing how bad it was. She had a flap of skin/fur the size of a loonie lifted on her ear and was very bloody.
So poor Justin was woken up from his nap with me crying, Cruz leaking and Delainey just as smiley as ever! 
Justin quickly went to the pharmacy to get this:
to glue the flap back down while I cleaned her up.
Feeling very sorry for herself waiting for her "operation".
Justin did a good job fixing her up and meanwhile Delainey was sitting with us on the floor filling her pants - and shirt. Awesome. So J stayed with Cruz letting her ear dry while I got D ready for a much needed bath and the little munchkin peed all over me (first time for everything)! ha So it was quite the afternoon. Needless to say Justin poured me a much needed glass of wine. :)
Cruz seems to be doing just fine now. Ear is still seeping a little bit and it's obvisly tender as she doesn't want to be touched near her ear but she will survive and from now we will have a new plan when we encounter dogs on walks so nothing like this happens again and I have more control. :( Oh my heart.
Delainey is at the stage where she wants EVERYTHING that isn't hers. Including her Dad's rum before bed. Don't worry she didn't get anything. ;)
This weekend also included Justin helping Darren rip apart his deck, he also helped his Mom with music for her recitals and washed the truck. He also was able to get Delainey to nap for more than 20 minutes. She is quite the cat napper for me!
Sunday night we went to Mom and Dad's for a great family dinner with Jeff, Jols and Nana. SO nice to have Mom and Dad home - for a couple weeks at least! ha
 Hope everyone had a great weekend too.

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Leigh said...

D looks so big in the picture of her sitting in her high chair! Craziness. And poor Cruz :( Hope she's feeling better soon!

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

Poor Cruz! Sending snuggles his way:) I'm guilty of buying baby Uggs also. I couldn't resist. I'm embarrassed to say Savanna hardly wore them and now they are too little. To the cosignment store they go.

Ashley said...

That outfit finally fits her too!!! I think I got her that one? The mint gene one? A weekend in the outfits I got her haha! Love it!
Poor Cruz! People should muzzle their mean dogs, then you know if their mean! Do you hook Cruz to the stroller or walk her by hand?
Sounds like a fun weekend! Lily is soo big now! They grow up fast! Lol!

Ashley said...

Oh and I love that pink and black sweater - where from?

Christy said...

Omgosh poor Cruz! I understand how you feel, we were fostering a cat who scratched Devastator's nose so bad it bled and I was so upset and worried about him and he was such a champ about the whole thing. Needless to say we found that kitty a foster home without other cats and Dev has a scar which makes him look way more tough even though he's just a giant teddy bear.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love those little Uggs!
Poor Cruz, so scary, I would have been so mad and scared.
That sounds like A, grabbing for everything all the time!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Oh my!! Never a dull moment, right? I almost spit my drink out as I saw the photo of Cruz being a slacker babysitting--too funny! I love when Sadie lays on her back like that. I am SO sorry to hear about bad Molly---how awful! :( I wish Cruz a speedy recovery. And little miss D…a high chair already? Too precious. Happy Monday mama!

Rachel Steck said...

I hate that Cruz was hurt {again}. Poor, friendly baby girl. I hope her ear gets better quick. I just wanna smooch that nose of hers. Glad your parents are back! I bet they have fabulous photos and awesome stories to tell. Delainey looks so sweet cuddling in the bed. Love her.

Murdock's mama said...

What a good weekend. With the exception of poor Cruz! :( Dog bites are never fun...especially when it happens one of your children! :( Sounds like you deserved every drop of that wine! :)

Carolyn said...

OMG. Poor pup! Hopefully it heals quickly!

Courtney Kassner said...

Poor Cruz! Hope she feels better soon!
What kind of high chair is that? We REALLY need to get one for Crew...the bumbo just isn't working with his fat thighs!

Ashley said...

Poor Cruz :( I'm so glad it wasn't worse!
And where is that cute shirt from?! I love the grey, black and pink!

Mom said...

It was a SO great to have us all together again. That photo of Cruz on the bed just makes me laugh. As does Delainey with her hat, sunnies and soother!

Bex said...

Miss D is going to look so cute in the Uggs. Poor Cruz. Hope her ear heals quick.

Seriously?! said...

Oh that would have been so traumatic!!! As Isla has gotten older, and heavier, I've stopped doing the walks with the stroller as it is too much to handle with a crazy pulling lab. I hate other mean dogs. So sorry you had to experience that. I would have been crying too. :( Hopefully you won't encounter her again and your new walking system will give you more confidence when you pass by others. I put Lucy's leash around her waist so the leash pulls her hips back. We tried everything, choke, pinch, regular collar...you name it...that girl pulls so fast she throws me on my ass. Around the hips works great. The leash looks like a 'T', clipped at the neck then threading around the hips once...if that makes sense. Much more control for those strong willed girls of ours!!! Hope you enjoyed your wine! Heck...pour yourself two glasses next time! xo

Kristin said...

Love the pics of them hanging in bed. Can't wait to see her rocking her pink uggs