{a tardy recap}

Well we had a pretty low key weekend which was just fine with me, I will never complain about that!
Plus the weather was GREAT so that made it even better!
Saturday Justin got up with Miss D & C and let me sleep in. It was fantastic.
Delainey had some crazy bed head.
Saturday Justin cleaned the inside of the truck and then took Cruz for a run. Delainey was a fussy monkey and was boycotting naps but we did do some reading, playing and she is always content these days when I workout so that we did too.
 Cruz was a tired girl after her run! I always have this view. She is never far from me. Love this butt.
Sunday Delainey was much happier! We layed in bed Sunday morning and listened to her chat away. It is darn cute.
Grandma Debbie came for a visit which was nice cause she has had a cold for ages so hasn't been over to visit for a few weeks.
We also went for a beautiful family walk. And Delainey sat like a bit girl in her stroller for the first time (no car seat). She loved it.
 She also loves her owl hat Gramma made! PS. 4 sleeps until we get to see Gramma & Grandpa!! eekkkk!
Yesterday I went for a great visit with Whit and the kids. We went for a lovely walk, enjoyed the new Maple Macchiato from Starbucks that doesn't taste like maple AT ALL and just visited and chatted. It was long overdue so really nice to catch up. On my way home I stopped and grabbed Delainey some sunnies since she now sits up during walk and we finally have sun.
She keeps them on like a pro (right now!) and is pretty much the cutest EVER. Seriously.
Last night Jeff and Jolie came for dinner and so Jols and I could watch the Bachelor Finale. ei ei ei... Thankfully it's over so "eeesss ok". ;)
Today I met up with Nicole, Audrey & Leo at TommyK Play for Audrey to play and we had coffee. It was so fun - I offered to join Audrey in the huge play structure and to go down the big bumpy slide (as it would have been rough on Nicole post c-section) and it was a blast. We will for sure have to go back, such a great place. I'm glad we have something like that near by for when Miss D is bigger and during our nasty cold winters.
And that's about it! We are off for a beautiful sunshiney walk! 

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Katie said...

we have yet to try the stroller without the carseat! We need some warm weather to stick around so we can try! does she have one of those teething necklaces? do you think it works? I love her bedhead!:)

Ashley said...

Haha love D's hair in that pic!! Wild child!!! And those sun glasses!! Adorable!! Do they have a band on them? Sounds like a nice weekend! We had 2 warm days and now we are about to get yet another snow storm! Yuck!! Will it ever end???

Bex said...

Where did you get the sunnies? Liam's pair got lost last summer (he had Babiators) but when I went to order new ones, shipping was too much so I want to find something cute locally.

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Leigh said...

About time you posted...your loyal fans were getting worried ;) Ah, Miss D is such a cutie! Glad you guys had a relaxing weekend. And fun that you could get together with Nicole and her kids :)

Leslie said...

D is so adorable! What are you doing these says for workouts?

Autumn Duke said...

Oh Delainey is to die for! I love those little glasses! I miss those days when baby girl used to wear them. Now she cries that it's too bright, but she refuses to keep them on.

Mom and Dad said...

Oh, is it only 4 sleeps until we see each other? We haven't been counting. NOT!!!! Please prepare Delainey for some BIG hugs and kisses from her travelling Grandparents.

Murdock's mama said...

I cannot get enough of the photo of her in the sunglasses or the family pic with the stroller. You're one blessed mama! :)

Rachel Steck said...

Gosh Delainey is so, so cute! My coworker thinks so too! Love her sunnies!

Nikki said...

OMG D in the sunglasses are so stinking cute!

Kristin said...

she's rocking those sunnies!

Kristin said...

she's rocking those sunnies!

Kristin said...

she's rocking those sunnies!

Courtney B said...

Delainey is sooooo perfect! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Nice bedhead D!!

Those sunglasses are adorable! As is her smile!

I remember Audrey's first time in the stroller without the carseat- she loved it but I was sad that my baby was big enough!

Delainey needs to share with Leo her tips on being content while Mommy works out! I think the best time for me to do it (when the time comes) is when Audrey is napping.