{a snow filled weekend recap}

This weekend was fantastic! We saw both our families and had down time at home. This weather though?!! Seriously. Spring has most definitely not sprung around these parts!

Friday we went to my brother and Jolie's place for dinner and games night! They have an awesome games room in the basement - ping pong, darts and shuffle board! Dinner was fantastic and it was a ton of fun. So much so that Delainey refused to sleep and was happy to enjoy the party! She was happy the whole time and just didn't want to miss out! She crashed when we got in the truck to come home at 11:30 though! I took zero pictures and that makes me mad. I have to get better at taking photos. ;)
{I love when this little one is awake but she is pretty beautiful when she is sleeping.}
Saturday morning Delainey had homemade oatmeal for the first time! 
 She wasn't in love with it, shuddered a few times and not sure how much of the bites actually went into her tummy but she did well for her first try! She loves avocado!
 Dad why aren't you eating this junk?!
The rest of the day we did jobs around the house (meaning Justin cleaned the shower and did an oil change), a few errands, worked out, walked, played, I decided to go for it and become a Beach Body coach (more on that later this week), I took Miss D's 6 month photos which ended sooner than I had hoped when she spit up all over her tutu - the regular weekend stuff!
Justin made a delicious feast for dinner. Ribs. :) And we finally enjoyed his favorite bottle of wine that he got for my Christmas 2 years ago from my parents! It was pretty delicious.
 The rest of the night we caught up on shows and tried to tell Delainey that sleep really is cool. She thinks not. ;) At least both Saturday and Sunday she slept until almost 8 and enjoys just chatting in her crib for half an hour. Cutest thing ever. :)
Sunday Justin's Mom came over so they could finish music for her recital, Nana came over needing computer help and Mom and Dad just came over for their Delainey fix.
Dad is the Delainey whisperer. 
 After nap time we got ready for dinner at Crystal & Troy's to finally celebrate Troy's birthday!! And it was Delainey's 6 month birthday! 
Cousins! Impossible to get a good shot! :)
Dinner was delicious and we enjoyed a crazy awesome dance party afterwards! :)
And that is that. This morning we awoke to even more snow. PS. Mother Nature - tomorrow it's April. Smarten up.

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Leigh said...

Ah love all of the shots! Delainey looks so grown up in the "yuck to oatmeal" face :)

Rachel and John said...

Ah the snow! Every time I look outside I can't believe it's still snowing! I agree. Enough is enough! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Ashley said...

I can't get over how happy she is all the time! Love her outfits, like always :)

Courtney Kassner said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Delainey! She is just getting cuter and cuter!

Gabriella said...

1/2 a year - so crazy! She is such a happy baby! I love her oatmeal face. Their faces are hilarious when you start to introduce new foods! Too funny!!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Happy 6 month bday to Delainey! My fave picture is the one of her asleep. So precious.

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

6 months? Ugh. PAUSE BUTTON PLEASE. I found Savanna really didn't like a lot of things for the first time around but after being introduced to them a couple of times she was into it:)

Katie said...

her eyelashes? she is So beautiful! and love the family dinner :) ikea high chair? we love ours! has she been sleeping better? your teenage boy comment made me laugh :)

Murdock's mama said...

She is just a DOLL! Your dinner looks amazing! Hope the wine was lovely! :)

Ashley said...

She is soo damn cute! I dont think that sentence will ever get old? LOL. She just seems to have soo much personality through pictures, I wish I knew her in person!! Love your outfit!! And of course I love little miss fashionista as well, taking after her Mommy!! lol. Sounds like a good weekend, minus the whole no sleeping deal, but it wont last long!!