{a balmy -39C}

This weekend was SO cold. Like so cold. Thankfully it has warmed up but lets just say Cruz walks are still not enjoyable and I can only imagine what I look like wearing Delainey in her snowsuit and then covered in a blanket and then in my layers cursing at Cruz to stop pulling.
 Abominable snowman mixed with Michelin man is what I am thinking.
On Friday Justin had to work even though it was his day off - darn work. :(
My cousin Amanda came for tea and a visit.
Justin froze his hiney off walking Cruz who couldn't care less about the cold. Thank you Justin times a billion.
Naps were had by everyone but myself. I wish I was a napper.
Justin got up with Miss D & Cruz both days so I could sleep in a little! Thank you again Justin!
We skyped with my Mom and Dad. And wished we too were in New Zealand.
Justin and Delainey got in lots of cuddles.
 This girl was a crazy one!
Justin made 3 kinds of beef jerky in the dehydrator and it made our house smell delicious! And they are so tasty.
We ran a couple errands and only whined about 17 times between the two of us about how cold it was.
Miss D tried the jolly jumper a couple times for the first time!
We made a headband/hair clip holder for Delainey. Good thing I am a old frame hoarder.
Before - mess of headbands:
 I painted the frame with paint we already had and then enlisted Justin's help and a little trip to Home Depot. We - meaning Justin - added little metal hooks at the bottom and 4 rows of wire.
I bought mini clothes pegs here. Project cost under $10. :)
Note: You will need a better adhesive hook than dollar store ones to hang it behind the door. Otherwise it will fall down 4 minutes after you proudly hang it up. I bought a 3M hook yesterday and it's been hanging strong since then.
The shelf looks way better now too! How cute is this piggy bank? It has a tutu!!
We were supposed to have family dinner for Troy's birthday on Sunday but Emerson, Nixon and Debbie are sick. Boo. So hopefully they are better for next weekend.
Did I mention is was freezing this weekend?! The end.

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Murdock's mama said...

It's been miserably cold here, too. I am so very over winter this year! :(

Rachel Steck said...

It's cold here too and we are NOT used to it! I'm ready for warmer weather. Or Florida, whichever I can get first.
Please tell Miss D to slooooooowwwww downnnnnnnn - she's getting too big too fast!

Leigh said...

This weather can go away at any time! We took Harley to doggie day care on Friday because we knew it was way too cold for walks on the weekend. Fingers crossed we can finally take him for one tonight...he's getting crazy and annoying! Haha

Carolyn said...

It's so cold here too. I'm SO OVER WINTER. I can't stand it! That headband holder is so cute!!!! If I had a girl I'd totally do that! :)

"B" said...

Must make a bow holder or two! I so wish spring would HURRY UP. I normally dont like to wish time away but COME ON, this winter is never ending!

Christy said...

I love the headband holder!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great job on the headband holder!! She has one for every day of the month!!

How can the cold not bother Cruz? Some of my winter running outfits were pretty laughable!!

Mom said...

That first photo of Miss D melts my heart.
Great idea for headbands etc
Sure do hope that cold weather leaves very soon.

Danielle said...

1. LOVE the jumper. Babies are SO darling in those things! 2. That headband holder is genius!

Ashley said...

Great job on the head band holder!! She has sooo many!! Love it!! I'm soo over this weather!! I think we are supposed to get +2 tomorrow and I'm excited! Can't believe I'm excited about such a low number.... You know it's been a longer winter when.... They say we will have snow until April. Yuck. Love the silly pics of D!! Soo cute!

Katie said...

i need to organize addi's headbands! i love that!

Janna Renee said...

I want to get a dehydrator. Glad you got to sleep in, and that Justin is such a good hubby to you ;)