{5 months}

5 months...oh.my.lanta.
This month has been so much fun. You are showing us you have quite the personality and you really are turning into a little girl - no longer a baby. You have the best and the biggest smile. Your whole face smiles! It has been a rough month in the sleep department and you have been teething on and off which is hard on you [but still no teeth] but you still reward us from the tough days with your big cheeky smiles..
Was 12lbs at her last appointment but that was 3 weeks ago.
Was 24 inches at her last appointment.
The last month she has had some rough nights, up quite a few times and having trouble settling but the last few days have been better with only getting up once between 2:30-4:00am to eat.
{daily routine}
Still about the same as last month. She has been fighting her naps and as usual doesn't nap long. She also used to always sleep in the car and during errands but that no longer is the case. She likes to see what's going on when we are out and smiles at everyone who says hello. We've been trying to get her down a bit earlier for bed as she gets very fussy between 6-7pm and then she is up to eat right before we go to bed and then she 'usually' goes right back to sleep.
Still exclusively on breast milk. Eats about every 3 hours during the day but seems to eat for very short periods of time right now so is often hungry before the 3 hour mark. She is also SO easily distracted while eating. Holy moly she is a monkey and thinks it's very funny.
{diaper size}
Size 1 - I think we can almost move to 2!
Pretty much all 3-6 months, some 6 month jammies for length but then she swims in them. She also doesn't fit into some 3-6 months clothes because her torso is long so that's sad and frustrating. I find it's very difficult to find clothes that fit her well.
{hair color}
Medium blond with a hint of strawberry/redish in certain lights.
{eye color}
Very blue
Eating her feet
Chewing on her hands
Watching Cruz
Sitting up
Standing up with support
When her Daddy gets home or whenever he says "Hi Delainey" in his goofy voice
Being naked
When you clap your hands
Being tired or wet
When I make dinner
She is still great with Delainey. Miss D will grab on to Cruz's hair if they are close and Cruz just stand up and leaves if she doesn't like it. Gives Delainey lots of kisses, is always near her and likes being up on the bed with all of us at bedtime and during Delainey's last feed.
{nick names}
Daddy calls her Delainey Lainey or Lainey D
Miss D
Love or Lovie
Pretty much anything we call Cruzie also - other than Cruzie or Cruzie girl - ha.
{what's new}
sits up on her own
reaches for toys
picks up her soother and puts it in her mouth
loves splashing in the bath
tried the jolly jumper
has quite the personality
wants everything we have - food, phones, remote, my hair
has mastered a loud screeching cry/scream that is not so cute
Miss Delainey - We just love life with you in it. You make us so very happy and make each day that much better. No matter how tired we are we look forward to another day with you - you are just so fun and [mostly] happy. Heck even when you are a grumpy monkey we love being with you and bringing that smile back. We still can't believe you are ours and how lucky we are to have you.

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Rachel and John said...

I cannot believe she is 5 months old already!! What an adorable little peanut!!

Rachel Steck said...

What a sweet, sweet post. Delainey is beautiful and this is such a FUN age!! All of these pics are fabulous - keep sharing! I wish I could reach through my monitor and scoop her up.

Christy said...

Happy 5 months :)

Leigh said...

She's growing up so fast! She looks so big and grown up sitting up with Cruz by herself

Sara Turner said...

She is so adorable, what great smiles and laughter on her face! I love that head band too!

Ashley said...

I'm still getting over the fact that she is 5 months!!! And soo big?? Where did that itty bitty baby go that seemed to be taking forever to grow go??
Love the pics of her and Cruz and those cheeky smiles!!

Bex said...

I can't believe it's already been 5 months!!!! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Kristin said...

Love that her and Cruz are besties!!

Kristin said...

Love that her and Cruz are besties!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

How she gets sweeter and sweeter every month I don't know!! What a happy girl!

I guess babies do have issues finding clothes the same way we do!

Carolyn said...

She is SOOOOOO CUTE! How is it possible that our babies are this old already?!?!?

krink said...

Look how much she's changing! My goodness... Love you so much little girl! You too Cruzie! So much love to all my nieces ;)

Gramma and Grandpa said...

Delainey Lainey you are such a camera ham and we can not wait to squeeze those chunky thighs, see those delightful smiles in person, listen to you chatter, see you chew your toes, hear that not so pleasing screech and spend time with you. Hugs and kisses

Courtney Kassner said...

She is ADORABLE! All of those grins just make me smile! I can't believe it's been 5 months already. It's going too fast!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

there is no way she is 5 months already. crazy. time needs to slow down a bit so baby meza can catch up ;)

Gabriella said...

Sweet girl! She is getting so big, and I love that she looks so proud of herself sitting up. That last picture of her and Cruz needs to be framed! So cute!!

Katie said...

addilyn started getting SO distracted when eating around this age! and still is! it's furstrating sometimes because she'll only nurse for five minutes tops! but i think she is just much more efficient these days too! I love her smiles! her and addi need to be friends :)

Janna Renee said...

My niece still isn't sitting up on her own yet, and she's older than Delainey! My niece seems so tiny and fragile still, while Delainey looks so strong. She's just absolutely darling.