Hello randoms on a Thursday.
If you like popcorn like I do. Try this. It tastes just like air popped popcorn mixed with movie popcorn and like they promote 100% awesome 0% guilt. Thank you Costco.
I had dinner with my girls last night and as always we try somewhere new to us - last night we tried Bar C on 17th Ave and it was delicious! It's tapas style so we ordered 4 different entrees and 2 sides to share. You can also order any of their wines in 50ml increments to try all different kinds. Our table of 5 (including a preggo) was embarrassingly covered with wine glasses! It was really fun.
Delainey has these two new pieces added to her room that I have yet to share! The below canvas was made for her by her Auntie Crystal and it's so cute! We love it.
 And this one was also made for her by our friend at the lake. It includes all her weight on the elephant, length on the giraffes neck, what the day was like outside the window, time she was born on the clock, book ends have words we chose that represent us, birth date on the wall, blocks have our last name, crib sign can be whatever you want! :)
Such a great gift. My parents had them made for Emerson and Nixon as gifts as well.
 I also updated the gallery above our bed. My parents gave us the photos top left that are photographs of things that makes the letters spelling LOVE..finally found a frame for them! And added Miss D to the top right.
I'm not one to read a ton of books to tell me how to parent, how to get her to sleep, why Delainey is doing what she is doing, yada yada - I find it overwhelming and really each baby is sooooo different but with that said I do love The Wonder Weeks app. It's been pretty dead on with Delainey's off days and giving explanations as to what her little brain and body is going through (leaps) so gives reason for those thundery weeks - but look - we have a sunshine coming soon!! :) Any mama's out there I recommend it.
Delainey got this cute new sweater from her Great Nana all the way from Mexico! It will be perfect this summer at the lake! Thank you again!
How about Taylor's new do? Delainey, Cruz and I aren't loving it. We miss her long locks but I do think it matures her.
Alright that should be about it, I can just ramble - clearly! Have a great day!!
PS. Hi to my Mom and Dad out there if you are reading! Haven't heard from you in a few days - hope all in well down under. We love and miss you.

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Katie said...

i like her long hair better! and i love that birth stat canvas! i bought the wonder week book and read a lot of it - kind of helpful but honestly not a whole lot that you couldn't figure out on your own. I was convinced her sleeping issues were because of wonder weeks - but sadly lasted much longer than that :) But it is interesting to read the parts of what new skills they'll be learning and around when!

Nikki said...

I have heard so many awesome things about he wonders weeks app. I already downloaded it and have it ready for when Little Miss decides she wants to grace us with her appearance!

Gabriella said...

Yay for dinner with your girls. That is always so wonderful! Miss D's new artwork is so perfect, and I love your gallery wall!

Leigh said...

Glad you had a great girls night! You deserve to get out and drink a glass of wine or too ;) Love your photo wall too

Mom and Dad said...

Yes we are trying to keep up with your blog. Wifi is letting us down in many places. Love traveling but miss all of you. XO

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Those 2 pieces of artwork are amazing! I love all the little details in the top one.

Sounds like a fun girls night out! Yum wine!

I didn't have the Wonder weeks app last time but some moms in my mommy group did and it was so accurate for those off days/weeks. I'll have to download it this time.

Cute sweater miss D!

Not a fan of the shorthair. Longer is better.

Janna Renee said...

I'm working on hanging stuff too! However, I'm trying not to put too many holes in our rental, so I'm limited. No gallery wall this time. Hope you hear from your parents soon! I bet they are having a blast.

Ashley said...

Oh gosh that print is so sweet - I love all her stats incorporated into the image. Does your friend sell them?
I think I actually like Taylors hair(in the second picture anyway)...but I still miss her long curls!!

krink said...

So excited the canvas is up and that you like it :) LOVE the gallery wall! Beautiful!!!