{Monday again}

 Happy Monday! It's freeeezing out there today. We did not love our morning walk but love Cruz so we bundled up on top of bundling up!
Friday D and I met up with Whit and the kids at the farmers market. Little did I know there are 2 markets on Blackfoot trail which is why we could not find each other! After a little mix up we had a good walk around the market and then went for bubble tea!
I love family cuddle time!
This weekend I spent a lot of time on my photobook and think I will send it off today! Finally - before anything else goes wrong with it.
Saturday morning D and I had a bath. She loves them more and more now and is now grabbing and reaching for toys and splashing like crazy! I wanted to take her swimming this week but I think I'll wait for it to warm up a little. She also loves sitting up and her fingers.
Saturday afternoon Leigh and I (and Delainey) went over to Rachel's to help her celebrate her birthday!
Saturday night Justin made us a delicious dinner! Which included BBQing in the cold.
Justin got up bright and early Sunday morning {4:30am!!} to go over to Darren's to watch our Canadian men win the GOLD in hockey. Bars were open at 4am for us crazy Canadians to watch - they could even serve booze as long as they served breaky too!
Delainey got us up to watch the 2nd period but promptly fell asleep after Crosby scored. Thankfully. So we went back to bed! I am going to really miss the Olympics though.

Sunday while Justin and Delainey napped I made these {healthy} Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Jen's blog - I didn't have palm sugar so was going to add brown sugar and forgot! Whoops. So they have no sugar so even healthier! And still taste pretty good.

Delainey has realized Cruz is pretty fun. She watches her all the time and then will smile really big if she moves or something. It's very cute.
 She also likes to flip backwards in the bumbo, when sitting on your lap, when you hold her...she loves being upside down!
Sunday I was also able to sneak out and have my hair done by my cousin. I told her I wanted something with less maintenance but she could do whatever she wanted! She did a very subtle "ombre look" with my natural color at the top and lighter at the ends. She says at our next appointment she will go even lighter on the ends and won't have to do much up top!
This weekend also involved very cold walks - all take care of by the handsome Justin!
Well I think that's a wrap!

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Murdock's mama said...

LOVE your new hair! The 'you are my sunshine' photo is PRECIOUS! LOVE! Photos...Ugh! I am SO behind! Have I mentioned I'm SO jealous you get 12 months off!?! :)

Ashley said...

Love your hair!! I need to change mine up a bit! Not sure how yet! Love the pics of Miss D!! Soo cute!! Sounds like a fun weekend! It was a good hockey game- Noah woke us just in time, he didn't miss a game since he was born lol. We had some mild temps on the weekend, I would like them back now!!

Rachel Steck said...

Your hair looks great. My coworkers and I are currently watching a video on how to make bubble tea - we've never heard of it!

Gabriella said...

What is bubble tea? It looks delicious. Love the family snuggle picture! Congrats to Canada on the gold - you guys had two of my San Jose Sharks to help you win (Marleau and Vlasic)!! :)

Mom said...

Wahoo Canada!! Although we didn't get to see much of the Olympics, we will miss it too. Can't wait to see Delainey and Cruz together. Pretty soon Cruz will be able to keep Delainey very busy. Your hair looks very nice. (As usual!) Good plan not to go swimming if it is freezing. Love the bed cuddles photo.

Nikki said...

Love your hair!

Bex said...

Your hair looks gorgeous!

Leigh said...

Love how your hair turned out! Looks great. Delainey is such a cutie. Was she happier on Sunday?

Ashley said...

Your hair looks great! I like the color and the curls.
I love that all the bars were open for the game...go Canada! :)