{lake love}

Well Happy Tuesday!
We had a great long weekend - we ventured out to the lake with our friends Darren and Nic and their pup Diesel. As always it was so nice to get out of the city and thankfully the weather was beautiful and there was fresh snow for outdoor activities.
Everyone had Friday off so we headed up early on Friday. I do love car rides when Delainey sleeps - it's like a little mama break! I finished my book thanks to these car rides and man was it a good one. I recommend everyone read it, Amanda Lindhout is one tough woman. Thank you again Chris for the book.
Once we arrived we took the dogs for a good walk and then Darren, Nic & Justin went snowmobiling.
On Friday night Darren and Justin made Nic and I a delicious Valentine's Day dinner. 
These two cuddled.
Saturday they made Justin & I breakfast - Darren got all fancy on us too - only after a few mishaps.
Nic & Justin walking the pups.
Miss D one had a very sleepless night so we were up very early. At least it was pretty.
We did some light reading.

Lately Delainey enjoys waking up early, standing and playing superman. Naked. :)
 That afternoon we all went for an awesome snowshoe! The weather was awesome and the dogs had a blast! Delainey also enjoyed the fresh air and pretty much slept the whole time in her carrier.
The guys then went sledding again and enjoy the trails.
Saturday night we did raclette for dinner as it's always fun and delicious. Then we played some crib, 4 way nerts and watched Olympics.
There weren't many moments that these two relaxed so clearly we needed to photograph it when it happened.
Delainey was up extra early on Sunday morning after a better sleep thankfully and was super chatty and loud so I brought her into my parents room and she tired herself out with all the talking!
Sunday morning kisses with her sister!
She enjoyed playing but at every meal was NOT happy playing - she had to be at the table with us and wanted everything!
Sunday the guys went for a last sled trip before we packed up and headed home. Monday was Family Day but they had to pick up Darren daughter on Sunday night so we came home to have a day at home too. We enjoyed a little sleep in, walks, jobs around the house, a good workout finally after a week of sickies and some relaxing family time. 
I hope everyone had an awesome weekend as well Today we are off to visit Nana as she has been in Mexico the last 6 weeks. 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Sounds like the perfect long weekend, and such great weather too :-)

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend at the lake! Haha such a cute picture of D "flying"! :)

Murdock's mama said...

What an awesome weekend...jealous!! :)

Nikki said...

I love that you went snowshoeing with D! Thats awesome!

Rachel Steck said...

Glad you had a great time! What was that breakfast? It looks delicious; I can't tell what the bottom part is......

Ashley said...

Absolutely perfect weekend, from the looks of it!! I love the superman pictures, as well as the family snowshoeing! You're mighty brave ;) The one and only time I went I fell face first...haha.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Great long weekend!! Why don't babies understand how to sleep in? Especially on weekends!

I've heard that's a good book! I wish I could read in motion- I would get so much reading done!

The lake looks beautiful this time of the year! Lots of snow up there too!

Katie said...

i LOVE nerts!! its my favorite game! and I love that you guys are so active with her - I need to toughen up and get outside!!

Janna Renee said...

OMG Cruz and Delainey are SO cute together! It reminds me of my 'cousin' Miranda (a golden retriever) my aunt had when I was little. She was so sweet with me, just like I'm sure Cruz is with her. <3

Bex said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I just finished that book too. So good. Trying to get my hands on Nigel's book next.