{focus t25: beta}

On Monday I finished the BETA portion of Focus T25 which is actually the end of the program. YAY!
BUT there is an add on section (only 4 weeks this time) called Gamma that I started yesterday. Yay!

Beta Review:
Overall I really liked Beta - more than Alpha. I find it faster paced, a little more challenging and more variety as you use weights sometimes.
Upper Focus: For this workout you use dumbbells - I used 10 and 15lbs. Between the sets of weights you do "cardio recovery" which isn't much of a recovery since you are doing a cardio interval! :)

Speed 2.0: No shirt for Shawn T in this workout! :) This was my most favorite one (not for the reason mentioned prior!) it is so fast paced and before you know it it's done. You don't use any equipment for this one. You do 2 rounds - 3 levels of each round. Then you go through all the moves 3 times at the end for varying lengths of time. Ha that sounds so confusing even to me. Just ignore me. Plus I liked the music. 

Rip't Circuit: You use weights for this guy too - again 10 and15lbs for me. This one mixes abs with cardio plyo intervals. This is a fun one - you never repeat anything. 

Core Cardio: No weights needed - nada. It's a killer leg one mixed with core moves. Not my favorite at all.

Dynamic Core: No equipment, no repeats and again no shirt. :) This one focuses on core with cardio and mat work. Bicycle to V-hold is killer I'm tell ya - no boring crunches though.

As always there is a modifier for you to watch if you need to modify any of the moves. I still sometimes do push-ups from my knees when he is going really fast because that way I know my form is perfect and I am not cheating.
I feel like each section is 1 week too long. I loved Beta until week 5 and then I was done. I felt the same with Alpha - super pumped that Gamma is only 4 weeks.
I hate the double workout day. Scrap that - Delainey hates double workout day. Sometimes I have to take a break between them, sometimes the second one doesn't happen. I have to take what I can get and I am just thankful I get a workout in 5 days a week.
Shawn T is very motivating and really keeps you going, right when you want to take a break he says something to keep you going. Sometimes I think he can see me...
Fact: I pretend I am "part of the video" and if I stop or get lazy - they have to stop filming and we start over. :) It keeps me going - besides it's only 25 minutes Alison KEEP GOING!
This is the best part though: TIME! Meaning we are done!

I love this read here ----> we seek joy: babies ruin bodies
Just a reminder that really no matter how hard we may try and we may want our bodies to be exactly as they were prior to our pregnancy - it's not always possible. 
And you know what - that's totally ok with me.
"my body made me a mother"

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"B" said...

Love the top quote. I will be trying this when I am cleared for working out again after baby arrives that is of course!

Ashley said...

I really need to gather some motivation and get my butt in gear! I'm so impressed that you're chugging along so well. Great job!! Thanks for the review of this, I'm going to look into it :)

Mateya said...

Looks like an awesome workout!

Christy said...

I love Beta better too!! And Speed 2.0 is my fave for sure. I find Rip'T is hard!! It kills me every time. I also like Dynamic Core.

Christy said...

I forgot! I also bought Gamma I hope you like it, tell me how it goes :)

Bex said...

I just started Beta yesterday. Speed 2.0 was insane lol but it went by fast. I liked Speed 1.0 for the stretch breaks but felt it really dragged.

Katie said...

i really need to do this!!! where did you buy them from? :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That workout sounds scary! I'm so not ready to workout yet (obviously!) but even the thought of this scares me! I'm so weak! I'll get back there though.

Love both those quotes but esp the last one.

Janna Renee said...

Acting like you are part of the video is a great idea! I need to try that one. Glad to hear you are still liking it overall ;)