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Well Hello - I know, slacker over here. Talk to the youngest child in the house. She just hasn't wanted me to sit down this week or stop singing silly songs. And today was the first day that she put her foot down and said a big fat no way to letting me workout. I think Cruz was way more upset about it than me.
Speaking of Cruz....she has this new hobby of trying to catch mice under the snow on our ravine walks. She pounces around, gets all excited and moves on. Well the other day she was getting REALLY excited and was doing a lot of digging so I called her over to be safe and unfortunately I was a second too late. She excitedly ran back to me and dropped said mouse at my feet. And was super proud. :( I guess it's the retriever in her but ick. No thank you Cruz. She also is quite possibly the WORST leash walker in the history of ever ever. It's not a good start to our mornings. She is the smartest dog until you put a leash on her neck. Instant Bozo.

What else - why yes this is a random post. :) 
We "facetimed" with my parents yesterday - they are 20 hours ahead in New Zealand now. It was fantastic to see them and hear about all the awesome things they are up to. And we wish we were having weather like them just a little bit too.

Have you tried spraying Pam (yup the cooking spray) on your nails before? Just after you paint them - give them a spray, rub it around and then wash your hands with soap. It dries them just like that! I swear. Try it. My Mom tried it too and we are both queens of painting our nails only to ruin them 22 seconds later. And I swear Delainey can smell it through the walls - the second I paint my nails while she is napping BAM she is awake. It's not annoying at all. :)

Last week Miss D and I had coffee with Christy and she knit this adorable hat for Delainey! It's chevron!! We love it! Thank you again Christy!
 See LOVES it!
 My new favorite recipe for chia pudding (thank you Leslie) is just 1/2 cup of chocolate almond milk, 2 tbsp chia - let sit overnight in the fridge - top with thawed frozen berries. Yum.
I recently was introduced to the POPSUGAR website and they have some great 10 minute workouts.
I've done these so far and they are great to add on to my workout when Miss D allows!

Delainey and Leo had their first date today. It may have been love at first sight. :) 
Nicole looks amazing!! Her house was spotless!! And Leo is just a tiny, adorable little man! It was nice to have coffee and catch up with Nicole and get a little cuddle with this 3 week old cutie.
PS. What happened to my baby? She was this small once?! 
Alright Miss D is all done with blogging for today too but we will be back with some cute photos of her as per usual on Fridays! Have a great night.

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Ashley said...

Too cute!! Love the pic of her and Leo! She does look soo big next to him, although I bet he's pretty small!! Crazy how fast they grow!! Noah's not quite back at his birth weight, but I see changes in him everyday!! Slow down time!!
That hat is adorable!!

Leigh said...

What a little stinker Miss D is! Good thing she's cute. And YUCK to the mouse. Harley is a terrible walker too. Just has to sniff EVERYTHING or pee on every tree. He had quite the talking to from me tonight. Love that picture of D and Leo. Such cuties!

Mom and Dad said...

Ahh... Cruzie caught a mouse? We would have loved to see your reaction! Haha
Love the chevron hat.
We will have to try the chia pudding. Sounds interesting, healthy and hopefully yummy. Way healthier than the double scoop ice cream we had yesterday!! But that was after hiking up a mountain and biking.

Leslie said...

I'm glad you liked that chia pudding :)

Christy said...

that hat is way too cute on her!! I just love her!!

MurdocksMama said...

3 things...

I love your Cruz stories! :)
I have heard the Pam thing, but never done it. I must try it because I am TERRIBLE about smudging them and then I get mad and take it off! :)
Don't you hate putting your baby by newborns…instant tears for me! I still can't believe my youngest is almost ONE…totally unfair!!! :(

Have a good weekend!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh Cruz!! Silly girl!!

Seche vite- best top coat ever. Dries super quick! I've only ever seen it at Winners though. I'm also the queen of ruining my nails bc I paint them at night usually.

Thanks again for the visit! I'm glad we get to be on mat leave together! Leo and Delainey look pretty cute together! Even if he was kind of boring! Haha!

Hope Delainey let's you workout and blog this week. Geez these children are demanding!!

Ashley said...

Oh yuck to the mice!! But the cute babes sure do make up for it :) So hard to believe they were that small once upon a time!