{calling in sick}

This was another weekend where we took it pretty easy. We had plans and they both fell through but it worked out for the best anyways.
This little one is obsessed with her toes. 

Delainey had her shots on Saturday and she was a trooper! She screamed, cried for a few minutes and then was good.
Justin treated me to Starbucks afterwards.
Little miss had cuddles with Dad and Mom afterwards. We didn't mind one bit!
We were able to text with my parents who are living on a boat in the middle on the ocean! They are now officially certified to scuba dive on their own! They spent 3 days scuba diving  along the Great Barrier Reef!
Saturday night we had a little date night in - appies, wine, cuddles with the girls and we watched The Real World. Terribly entertaining.
Sunday Justin & Cruz went for a freezing walk on Nose Hill with Darren and Diesel while Delainey and I visited with Gramma Debbie.
I woke up that morning with a tummy ache and as the day progressed I got feeling worse and worse. And by bedtime I felt awful. Headache, chills, burning up, tummy ache. Didn't help that Miss D didn't have a great night either. So today I "called in sick" ha. Cruz and Delainey don't know what that means. Good thing they are cute. 
Well I think that is it. Have a great day!

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Courtney Kassner said...

I bet your parents are having fun! I'm jealous!
Delainey is adorable chewing on those toes. Crew hasn't found his yet.
Hope you get to feeling better soon. Stomach aches are no fun!

Ashley said...

I hope you feel better soon! You think its the flu? Baby V has the same hooded blanket - so cute!
I cant get over how big she is getting! She is changing everyday it seems - or at least every picture you post!! But she is a beauty!!

Bex said...

Get well soon!

Nikki said...

Fell better!

I think I want your parents life. Just sayin'

Leslie said...

Hope you start feeling better!
I love date nights in like that - so relaxing and cozy and way cheaper :)

"B" said...

I love her little face in the last photo. Um Mom, you aren't allowed to be sick! I will say I got the stomach flu when I was nursing a 6 month old and thought I was going to die. She wanted to nurse ALOT and I scared her when I had to throw up. It was miserable, I wouldnt wish that on anyone!

Katie said...

im' jealous of your parents! i hope you are feeling better!! I always treat myself to coffee after addilyn's dr, appt. and I need to make those energy balls!

Katie said...

oh and is the real world a new season? i need more reality tv to watch :)

Rebekah said...

How fun for your parents! It's always rough when the momma is sick, I hope you're feeling better!

Rachel Steck said...

Your parents are amazing!
Feel better soon my friend.

Carolyn said...

Oh no! Feel better!!!

Rachel and John said...

Aw feel better! Henry told me he had a sore belly all day yesterday and then around midnight he started throwing up. There is something going around!

Kae said...

Poor girl I hope you feel better love!
Dang you parents rock!
Look at Sweet D!
loves xxoo

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I hope by now you are feeling better!! I definitely see more of you in D now. I love it when they discover their toes!!

How cool that you were able to text with your parents while they are in the middle of the ocean! So jealous of them right now! Although it could be tropical outside and I have no clue since I haven't been outside since I came home from the hospital!