This quote rings very true to me these last few days. This little monkey of ours does not want to sleep. I know we were spoiled with the sleeping through the nights and saw this coming so it's all good!
This weekend was pretty uneventful really...we were spoiled having Justin home Friday and Monday since he worked his day off a couple weeks ago. We loved that. This morning after I fed Cruz she went upstairs and I could hear her searching all the rooms up there for him!
Unfortunately Miss D is teething right now so not always a happy girl but we still had a good weekend.
Friday night was the highlight as we went to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Dad's birthday with Jeff, Jolie, Auntie Cathy & Uncle Ken.
And to see Mom and Dad before they headed off to Australia for a long vacation! 
Lucky ducks. they made it safe and sound only after a delay out of Calgary, a longer delay out of Vancouver and then Mom picking up a bug on the plane therefore being sick in the air for about 6 hours of the flight. ick. Poor Mom. BUT the made it and it's nice and hot there. And VERY cold here - feels like -34C.

Now what did we do...
Cold walks with Cruz - I only did 1. Thank you Justin.
Gramma Debbie came for a visit.
Justin put the exersaucer together for Delainey. Clearly she loved it. [Thank you Nana]
Saw this. It was very different!
We played and tried to keep this munchkin as happy as we could.
Worked on blog stuff.
Worked out. 
Ran errands.
I worked on our "pregnancy" photobook and got very frustrated. I had most of it done in September while I was off waiting for little miss to arrive but since then I have moved photos into new album trying to organize and now all those photos are gone from my photobook. :(

Think that's about it. Today we are excited to pick Grampa & Chris up from the airport this afternoon as they have a layover here on their way to Mexico so we get to have dinner with them and Jeff and Jols. :)
I may follow them to Mexico. Just sayin'.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh I am not looking forward to teething! I wonder if it is the 4 month sleep regression that has her not sleeping as great. Another thing I am worried about we are also spoiled with sleep so being up more than once a night might kill me lol.

Murdock's mama said...

Sorry you're not sleeping again. It truly is amazing how little sleep we can learn to function on! :(
I'm totally jealous of all of the traveling--I want to be part of your family!! :)
Last thing {check, of course} but I think there may be a recall on the sun portion of that bouncer {we had the same one and they sent us a replacement part}
Stay warm...we're getting lots of snow today! :)

Ashley said...

Mikes parents are gone to st. Maartin for a month! Soo jealous!! They get back the 23rd I think! I'm sick of the cold too and now have a cold! Yuck! Poor D and her teeth!! Hope they cone in quickly, although she looks pretty happy! Keep up the good work!!
Maternity pics are tomorrow! Looking forward to getting them done and over with, although it's supposed to be a snow storm lol.

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a good weekend minus the cranky baby! She is sure adorable even in her cranky state! HAHA

Rachel Steck said...

Australia?? Dream vacation! That's awesome!
I hope teething passes quickly and as easily as possible.

"B" said...

Teething, poor child. It's the worst. We are currently teething too and these canines are going to KILL me. At least with distraction they are happy:) and she is too cute to be upset about the lack of sleep, for long anyway!

Mom said...

Love the Exersaucer photo. Too bad she isn't that happy all the time. Try to nap when she does so you don't get too run down. I know all about moving photos and then losing them. SO frustrating. Hugs to you all

Nikki said...

I'd totally pack myself in their suitcases too!

Kae said...

Oh no teething! boo hiss!
I am so jealous of your parents! I have always dreamed of going to Australia!
I hope your momma is feeling better though. Love the photo of D in the exersaucer! It's freezing here as well friend!! stay warm!
xxoo loves

Leigh said...

Stupid weather...is it summer yet? That stinks that your mom picked up a bug. Hopefully she is feeling better and enjoying sunny Australia!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh no!! Just when you start getting used to things, they change it up!! I remember this being a tough time for Audrey and it only got worse with teething. Hope D returns to her regular sleep routine soon.

Your poor mom!! Being sick on the airplane is pure torture! Hope your parents enjoy Australia!

I think there should be a requirement to drink while working on photo books!! Such a frustrating experience I found! Actually I find anything to do with photos and my computer is frustrating!

D certainly doesn't look like she has a rough weekend based on all those cute photos! I can't believe she is big enough for an exersaucer!!

Bex said...

Hang in there mama. The lack of sleep won't last. Always ups and downs with these babes.