{Baby Mama}

Happy Friday everyone! We  have had a busy week so the blog sort of got neglected. Sorry blog. 
What have we been up to... we had my Grampa & Chris come stay with us overnight so Jeff and Jolie came for dinner. And yes my brother and Justin BBQ'd in minus a thousand below plus windchill.
Miss Delainey had her 4 month check up - she is 12lbs and 24 inches long. 100% healthy and full of cuteness - doctors words not mine.
Wednesday we also went to Gymboree and met Nicole for menchies - we needed to fatten her unborn baby up and like a good friend I went to help. ;) I may have some gotten some exciting news about this little man last night too!
I went to preschool with my niece Emerson as a helper! It was a ton of fun. 3 year olds are so cute and busy! Emerson was pretty excited and said "guess what" 74 times. I counted. ;) 
I loved spending the morning with her. Thank you Auntie Krink for watching a cranky Miss D.
Delainey and I got to facetime with my parents, we had dinner with Uncle Ken and Auntie Cathy last night and today Miss D and I are meeting my friend Amanda for coffee to catch up and to chat about her looking after Cruz.
We also froze our butts off all week. It was fun.

Alright - on to a couple outfits of the week - I need to get better at remembering to take them!
This is her serious model pose face...

Told her she was only getting paid when she smiled....
 {entire outfit is Carters from Costco - there is a cute striped onesie under her hoodie.}

She also does the boogie while modeling. Multi-talented I tell ya.
{Hoodie: Joe Fresh, Pants: Carter's}

This is Cruz's look of the everyday...she also is a master blanket stealer. Whenever I lay something out for us to play on Cruz gets to it first.
And now for the mama - 
{Sweater dress: Target. Boots: Unbanog, Scarf: Urban Behaviour}
And then to be totally honest - my hair went down and I put on a toque - it's COLD out there!
Well that's it for this week - hope everyone stays warm!
We linked up with Katie! :)

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Nikki said...

Sounds like you guys have been keeping busy but having fun! I'm jealous!

Leigh said...

Gah, my comment just disappeared again. Love Miss D's outfits and yours too :) You guys have been staying very busy, which is good! Hope you have a great weekend :)

Autumn Duke said...

I saw that same little outfit at Costco and thought it was so adorable. Your baby girl is really cute! And I love her name!

Carolyn said...

So cute! Both of your outfits that is! HAHA Cooper is totally a blanket stealer too!

Autumn Duke said...

Also, your blog is great. Now following :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I cannot wait to hear about Nicole!!
Love that Costco outfit, such a great deal! I liked that one too but they only had it here in 18 months. Boo.

Ashley said...

Soo excited for Nicole!! I was def. surprised when she texted me!! Lol!
I almost bought that outfit from Costco. I figured if we have a boy I could gift it... But I behaved and didn't!! I may be kicking myself! Love costcos outfits!!

Katie said...

you look amazing!!! and i love her expressions and that cute ombre hoodie!!

Ashley said...

Love your outfit! I'm getting so tired of this cold...it's ridiculous. Bring on spring!

Bex said...

I want to know news about Nicole!!!!!

That anchor outfit is seriously adorable. I'm going to start photographing Liam's outfits to blog someday.

Savanna said...

You guys look beautiful! I love the anchor outfit.

Kristin said...

Love Carters outfits! Have a great Sunday lady

Kristin said...

Love Carters outfits! Have a great Sunday lady

Kristin said...

Love Carters outfits! Have a great Sunday lady

Rachel Steck said...

I think my favorite pic of Miss D is the last one.