{Baby Mama & Headbands and Hineys}

Happy Friday! :)
Today I am very excited for 2 reasons! Well other than it being Friday.
One being I am hosting the Baby Mama link up with one of my very best blogger friends, the lovely Katie and the oh so cute Miss Addilyn! Katie and I "met" through blogging years ago and I am so thankful for her friendship. We have exchanged countless emails and she answered so many of my questions in regards to infertility mumbo jumbo and now I am just so excited and thankful we both have little girls we can celebrate together! I just wish she didn't live so far away - but one day we have big plans to bring these our girls together! I mean just look at those pants and Katie's orange socks poking out from behind! :)

I am also excited to share a super cute little shop with you called Headbands and Hineys
Cutest name ever right?! Well Stacy {the supermom shop owner} was so kind and sent miss Delainey enough headbands for the whole week as well as Valentine's Day! Boy did she have fun putting outfits together! :)
*I'm just telling you now, I have a HUGE problem picking just one photo of her in each outfit*
These are Miss D's new accessories...
I love the colors so much and that they have such unique bands!
Delainey chose the grey and white polka dot rolled fabric headband for Valentine's Day!
{sweater & pants: baby gap, shoes: joe fresh - way too big}
{sweater: gap, scarf: gift from Leigh}
"These shoes are soooo ridiculous Mom"
"ohhhh I can take them off myself...perfect"
{pants & shoes: Carters, top: handmedown}
The Black Shabby Chevron Headband was one of her favorites!
{outfit: carters}
White Shabby Headband to go with her bike hoodie!
{entire outfit: carters from costco}
{skirt: f21, sweater: kenzie}
{sweater: gap, pants: blue notes: booties & scarf: old navy}
Up next was the coral headband!
{sweater: joe fresh, pants: baby gap, onesie: handmedown}
And lastly her navy one!
{jeggings: carters, sweater: walmart, tank: handmedown}
We love all of the headbands we received SO much. They were so cute, fit her perfectly (didn't leave marks on her head and she wore them all day) and were just what each outfit needed!
Headbands and Hineys has every color you could possibly need!
I of course LOVE the chevron bands! But just check out her shop - she's got it all.
Now thanks to the lovely and oh so talented Stacy - you can get your shop on and get 20% off using the code DELAINEY20 until March 1st! :)
You can also check them out on Facebook -----> HERE.
Thank you again Stacy!

So link up with us below and show us what you and your littles are wearing! And be sure to pop over and see Miss Addilyn's outfits! :)

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh my goodness Delainey is adorable in all her outfits and those headbands! I so wish my girl would wear them. I might need to start bribing her! Shhhh!

You look amazing mama! Love that striped pink top!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I've been putting off buying A more headbands but these are too cute!
Love all her outfits, especially her Valentine's day one :-)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

UPDATE - I ordered SIX headbands, when Chad tries to cut up my credit card I am sending him your way ;) LOL

Janna Renee said...

Now that the move is mostly over, I can finally visit more blogs!! Delainey is absolutely GORGEOUS and you are looking better than ever! Mommyhood looks great on you ;)

Ashley said...

Did you color your hair? It looks darker? Either way I love it! You look great!!! Stylin' mama!!! Love D's heart sweater! Omg! And white skinnies!! She is calling out spring!!! Her outfits are precious as are the headbands!! Little ham!!

Katie said...

I LOVE those headbands! so so cute! her heart sweater is adorable! I want our babies clothes! :) thanks for helping with the link up!

Leigh said...

Love all of Miss D's headbands and outfits! Same with yours too :)

Savanna said...

Her outfits are all so adorable! Yours are as well.

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I am FINALLY back to blogging - ummm how did Miss D get so big?! She's so stinkin' cute!

Christy said...

Like I said yesterday, she's got the perfect head for headbands!!! Such a stylish little peanut, I love it!

Michelle said...

I might have to get some of these for our new baby girl coming soon! And her name is going to be Addilyn.... how fitting! Delainey is SO cute taking her shoes off and squealing in all those photos! SO precious!

Dad said...

This post gave us our Delainey fix...thank you!! We had to come into a mall to get wifi, can you believe your father in a mall on the Australian coast! Leaving here right now. Take care, love you all lots! XOXO

Anna D Kart said...

Your little one is a cutie! And they really don't want to keep those shoes on their feet. Like ever.
I love your little headbands and wish I had a girl to buy these


Angela C. said...

Oh my goodness, the headbands are darling! I love them all. I am a little addicted to headbands and just got a subscription from my sister-in-law for Christmas where my baby girl will get a new one every month in the mail. It's so fun!
Angela :)

Ashley said...

Oh gosh those headbands - adorable!!! Makes me wish I could throw one on Colton ;) haha!