{Workout Wednesday}

I mentioned I had started Focus T25 and last week I finished the first 5 week phase ALPHA.
I really enjoyed the whole 5 weeks. You workout 5 days week, there are 5 workouts total (Cardio, Speed 1.0, Total Body Circuit, Ab Intervals & Lower Focus) and once a week you do a double.

What I liked:
You are going hard the whole 25 minutes. Then there is a short 3 minute stretch at the end.
You do a mix of cardio and strength in all the workouts. 
There is no stopping.
You don't need any equipment for this phase.
There is a modifier (Tania) that you can follow. I only modified by doing push-ups from my knees for some but my goal for the next phase is none from my knees!
The ab workout is intense. Not your regular sit ups and crunches. [I got the ok from my doctor to do any ab work I felt comfortable with.]
Shawn T is always giving tips on good form and reminders to keep your core tight, etc.
The workout goes by really fast and who doesn't have 25 minutes to workout!??
Shawn T - he is great. He is funny, motivating, not bad to look at and really keeps you in the workout.

Overall - I really do love it. I look forward to it and I am always glad when I am done. I recommend this workout for sure and I haven't even finished it yet - but I will keep you posted after each phase. I am also really happy that miss Delainey cooperates during these 25 minutes. She is happy swinging while watching or now will play on her play mat doing tummy time for about half and then play on her back for half. And of course Cruz played fetch the whole time!
So far the second phase BETA is even better - more fun - and harder. And I love it.
AND Shawn T rewards us by taking of his shirt for a few workouts. ;)
As if to say you are welcome. Or well done. Either way we appreciated it.
Did you know that Shawn T should actually be Shawn B as he married his best friend Scott Blokker.
 They may just beat out my parents for the couple with the best abs - sorry Mom & Dad! :)
Scott is also in some of the Focus T25 workouts. :)
There we go. Have a fabulous day!

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Leigh said...

Nice job on the workouts! Might have to check this one out for those days when I don't feel like running or going to CrossFit. And I had no idea that he had a partner. How did you know that?

Jill J. said...

Yay...I LOVE LOVE LOVE T25. I love it so much more than Insanity because those 40 minutes were kind of killer. I love that T25 is a tough workout but it's over so quick! I have only done Alpha and I really only do it on days I don't go to the gym but it's such a good workout. I agree, the Ab workout is pretty tough. It makes me realize how much more work I need on my abs. :)

Classy with a Kick

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Sounds awesome, great job! I liked the sound of this program and debated doing it, I probably would have if it was not for running and training there.
It feels so good to be back working out, right?!

Katie said...

i'm having such a hard time finding energy and motivation (and time!) to workout! I like that these are 25 minutes though - it's crazy because I used to work out at least 45 minutes to an hour every day - that thought seems crazy now! i should try this!

Christy said...

I had no idea he's gay! not that it matters but good for him! and I'm still a ways from beta but I'm glad to hear it's fun as well :)

Cami said...

I've been wanting to do T25 for a while but haven't wanted to pay for it just yet lol. And was wondering if it was worth it and if it is in-line with what my goals are. I'm glad you are loving it, though :)

Kae said...

Love this post, especially since I started my week of working out again! I really want to get the t-25!

Holy abs....dang.

loves xxoo

Bex said...

I'm on day 3 and I still feel like it's kind of kicking my ass lol It's been a long time since I've done any kind of workouts like this so I'm guessing it will take me awhile to get used to it. Well, ok it's been awhile since I've worked out period but especially this style of workout I'm so not used to.

I do agree Shaun T. is nice to look at. I'm looking forward to the next phase when the shirt comes off. And damn, that is a couple with great abs. I wasn't aware he had a husband!