{Long over due: Christmas 2013}

Alright so this post is going to have approximately 729 photos. Excessive I know. So if you wanna skip right over it you won't hurt my feelings. BUT they have to be posted. AND they are in reverse order because that's how blogger wanted them up and I just didn't have the time to fight with it. So there.
We start at the lake and end at Christmas eve. Let it go Alison. ;)
Alright - lake. Baby. Coffee. Housecoat. Lovely.
Morning cuddles. And I know you all want to know just how I did my hair like that. ;) Tutorial coming soon.
Lake naps.
The cutest dog EVER.
Delainey's lake BFF Kaley.
Cuddles with Dad.
Both my girls annoyed with my that I am trying to take WAY too many photos of the two of them together...
"Mom this is absurd"
Mom, Dad, Justin and Cruz went snow shoeing and there was a TON of snow!!
Grampa & Chris also joined us at the lake and got to meet Delainey for the first time! We loved visiting with them!!
My new irobot roomba. :) I love it. Even though he isn't the smartest robot around. He got lost under our table, under our couch and locked himself in our bathroom. I still love him. Cruz does not. Thank you Nana!
 Auntie Cathy & D Christmas day night.

 Delainey got this chair from my parents for at the lake - we have the adult size ones for on the deck. SO cute.
 Uncle Ken and D
 We went for a great walk on Christmas day and Gramma Debbie came back to visit.
She LOVES this play mat and mainly looking at herself in the mirror!
Christmas morning! Cuddles with Grandpa.
And great Nana
And Gramma
My loves!
Blinged out D from Auntie Logan! LOVE it. Perfect for her nursery.
Christmas eve we played Minute to Win It games! SO fun.
Cruz played too!!
Just a cutie.
Gramma & Grandpa with miss D.
 Smiley little munchkin.
Our sweet Cruz.
 Nana & Miss D
 Gramma Debbie
 Waiting for Santa...
The best gift under our tree. 
Holy pictures batman!! 
That's it. I promise. :) It was just such a great Christmas. And extra special having miss Delainey to share it with.
Happy weekend everyone!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

LOVE all the photos, I was patiently waiting for this post ;) D's outfits are all too cute, love the Christmas PJs!
The photo of Cruz in the snow is awesome! I swear he would disappear completely in my backyard right now lol.
You look great as always too :)

Ashley said...

Love all the pics!!! I am still in awe with how bug she is getting! I think I say it every day!! She is just changing soo fast!! Little beauty!!

Courtney Kassner said...

Love that black and white dress on her! She's adorable!

Christy said...

Glad you guys had a great Christmas!!!!

Katie said...

what a wonderful christmas!!!

Leigh said...

Holy pictures batman! BUT they are all so cute! Delainey has grown so much and filled out too. Can't wait to see her again! (and you too of course). So funny that your roomba got a little trapped!

Kae said...

I love all the photos. Looks absolutely wonderful. Love miss d and cruz girl. I can't believe how she is growing! loves xxoo

Mom said...

A great collection of photos. We all really enjoyed the holiday season.

Nikki said...

You can never have enough pictures! Looks like Christmas was great to you!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

agreed, never enough photos! :)

Rachel Steck said...

I love all of these pictures! Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I only counted 719 pictures- you missed a few!! Love them all though!

Funny- I do that same hairstyle all the time too! Great minds think alike! We should do a joint tutorial!

Looks like an amazing 1st Christmas with Delainey! I love seeing her little personality come out.