{Wonderful Weekend}

Friday Justin was off and we had the lovely job of taking miss Delainey for her 2 month shots {she was late getting them}.
She did pretty darn good, Justin held her and she screamed and cried for a few minutes and then calmed down as I fed her right away. She didn't seem to be too affected by them for the rest of the day either which I am thankful for.
That afternoon we were lucky enough to have a date out! We dropped Cruz and Delainey off with my parents and we went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and a yummy diner at The Keg. It was really nice to just hangout with my handsome hubby. Thank you again Mom and Dad.
Our little burrito.

These two girlies are the best of friends. 
Saturday Delainey and I headed downtown to have my hair done by my cousin Amanda and my cousin Ashley was there too so it was really nice to visit with them and Ashley was super helpful with Delainey (I'm not sure who loved all the cuddles more!) And Delainey loved the busy salon and all the attention she was getting!
While we were out Justin took Cruz for a hike..they both had a blast!
We tried Delainey in her bumbo! What happened to my wee babe?!! She just sits right up in it no problem!
Saturday night we went over to our neighbors for a party for a couple hours and then came home to hangout with this cutie.
Tuckered early Sunday morning!
Sunday morning we got ready and went and had brunch with Dustin, Whit and the kids. We planned on going out but the rest of the city did too so we just went to their house and they made a delicious brunch and then we exchanged gifts. East was hilarious! He says the funniest things now and still such a love.
Whit got me these that I LOVE!
 Delainey wore this super cute outfit from Ashley! This girls spoils her to no end!
She send this Christmas gift for Delainey and myself. Thank you again Ashley!
Then we quickly came home from Brunch - I fed Delainey, Justin walked Cruz and then it was time for Christmas with Justin's Mom, Crystal, Troy and the kids!
Emerson was a riot! She got this waitress uniform and worn it all night and took orders. SO cute. We were all spoiled with awesome gifts and had a delicious dinner. So much fun!
This little monkey was so tired while we were there but she didn't want to miss anything! Clearly she crashed as soon as we got home!!
 And last but not least Miss Delainey is 12 weeks today! How?!
I will never forget the day of that 12 week ultrasound... 
PS. Last day to enter the eShakti giveaway!
Winner announced tomorrow.

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Ashley said...

I just love that little outfit on her!! Soo glad it fits her!!! Can't believe it has been 12 weeks!! I thought time was flying for me, but it seems to be going just as fast for you too!! Lol! Sounds like a perfect weekend!! Are you ready for Christmas?

Pamela said...

Aww love that last picture!! Amazing! Merry Christmas! :)

Mom said...

Lots of great photos. Emerson would be in her glory. Delainey is as cute as a button of course. Cruzie is one happy girl.

Rachel Steck said...

I love Emerson's waitress outfit, that is too cute.
Miss D is getting so big, what a cutie pie.
Merry Christmas to you all!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, I can't believe how fast Delainey is growing! She is such a cute baby. I am glad you guys got to have a date night - I am sure your parents were thrilled to do some babysitting. :)

Leigh said...

Looks like another great weekend! So glad that you and Justin were able to get out for a date night. Do your parents want to adopt our baby when we have one so we can do date night? Haha :)

Nikki said...

Happy Christmas Eve! I love the 12 weeks in vs 12 weeks out pic!

Kae said...

I just love catching up on the blog. Such great pics and I love those boot leggings! Oh miss D when did you grow up!
Loves xxoo

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Delainey looks so cute in her new outfit! Ashley has great taste!

That's great you guys got out for a date night!! I still have to see the new Hunger Games movie.

Emerson is hilarious!! She can come over and serve me any day! Does she clean too?

I love your new leg warmers!!