{Weekend in reverse}

Happy Monday! It's snowing AGAIN here!
We had a pretty low key weekend for the most part.
Here it is - mainly in photos - in reverse!

We had a lazy day for sure. Justin slept in, he may not have been feeling on top of his game from the night before... ;) So Cruz, Delainey and I got up and watched The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood.
 ^ My sweet girls had lots of naps!
Justin worked on Auntie Cathy's laptop most of the day while I addressed Christmas cards and worked out. We took turns with the Cruz walks!

Justin got up with Miss D so I could sleep in a little without the noisy munchkin beside me.
I invited Cruz on the bed while I fed Delainey and she quickly got comfortable! :)
 Cute baby toes! Thank you Rachel. I sorta want her to wear these everyday!
Saturday night we headed down south for Blake and Karen's annual Christmas Party. Justin made Blake a Christmas fascinator. ;) There is a story behind it of course
We had a great time visiting and there were lots of babies this year!

We ran a bunch of my errands and then took Delainey to see Santa. And yes it's the real one. :) He lives at Deerfoot mall.
[photo of a photo]
She didn't mind him at all. My Mom made her cute hat for Nixon last Christmas.
Then we visited Justin's Mom& Nixon and had a quick visit with Crystal. We had a quiet night at home and even ordered Chinese food for dinner!
Delainey loves the trees! Cruz loves her sister!
Sitting like a big girl with Dad!
Playing and reading on the floor with my girls!
Cruz thinks tummy time means play time (notice the bunny on D's back!)

For the shower on Thursday I thought for sure Delainey would still fit into her dress I bought for her big shower but no....;( It is newborn size so I can't complain but she only wore it once and we struggled to get it on and then it wouldn't do up!
This is her "Mom this is never going to work" face.
So we quickly made a wardrobe change!
She does not sit still for photos now her legs are always a blur!
And us girls at the shower.
{Carley, Karen, Marnie, Alison & Amanada}

And yes I am quite aware of the fact that I take FAR too many photos. ;)
I think that's it. I really need to take notes of what we did each weekend because come Monday, I never remember!
PS. Have a good trip home Auntie Jolie - we will miss you! Love you. xoxo

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Ashley said...

yay that chevron sleeper just about fits her now!! I just found mine this weekend and put it away!! She is growing soo quickly now it seems!!
Love that pic of Cruz sleeping on the bed and of your lazy Sunday!
Love that santa pic too! She looks like a doll!!
glad you had a great weekend!!

Carolyn said...

OMG! Sleeping babies... sleeping dogs... babies with Santa... babies in cute dresses... SO MUCH CUTE IN THIS POST! HAHA :)

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

Love the christmas tree pictures.. The snow gods answered my wish! We got 7 inches of snow here yesterday and it's supposed to snow again tomorrow!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe but the dress is adorable!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Lazy Sundays are the best! Love her dress! I know its hard to get them to wear some stuff more than once when they grow so fast. I'm hoping A grows enough to fit into her Christmas outfits I bought her, they are Gap 0-3m.

Rachel Steck said...

Keep taking pictures because I LOVE seeing them. Glad you had a fun weekend! These photos are fantastic. New babysitter = Christmas Tree. Ha!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

AWwww Brooke had those whale pjs!! (tear) They do grow so darn fast. I love the pic of her laying under the tree!! Those socks are the best too....such a cutie little one!

Rikki Rivera said...

I can't get enough of your little girl, she is so precious! And that one of her and your pup sleeping, so so cute!

Ashley said...

You can never ever take too many pictures!! You will be so glad you did when you look back :) I need to start taking more!! Love the relationship between D & Cruz, it makes me want to run out and get C a pup like, yesterday haha.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Looks like a great weekend!! I hate when babies/toddlers grow out of their clothes, especially when they wear an outfit only once or twice. Audrey didn't even wear a couple fancy dresses she got this year since she grew out of them before she had a chance to wear them. Maybe I should start a "Fancy Dress Friday" just so she can wear them more!

Never apologize for too many pictures!! Love them all! I've definitely noticed that I take way less pictures of A now that she is a blur most times. It did make putting together photobooks and choosing pictures to print much easier!

Kae said...

Aww that sounds like a fan-tabulous weekend! I love the pictures of your girls and that you got to relax : )
loves. xxoo

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! So funny that Cruz drops her toys on top of Delainey thinking it is play time

Janna Renee said...

I can't believe how big she's gotten! She has so much expression, and is just precious.