Well Happy Monday! We had a really great weekend. 
The main reason why you ask? Delainey slept from 11:00pm-7:00am for 3 nights in a row
Friday. Saturday. Sunday.
I of course was up 2-3 times each night to check on her and even on Justin's bathroom break I caught him checking on her! 
I have to thank Whitney for this though because when I was over there on Thursday Miss D was doing her typical game where she fights sleep and then gets so upset because she is so tired. 
So Whit took over and did what works with her kids - a super tight swaddle.
We haven't tried swaddling her in weeks because she has always hated it from the very beginning but as soon as Whit did this she stopped crying and was out within minutes. Boom. Winner winner.
So I tried this Friday for a nap (in her crib!) and she slept! So Friday night we put her in the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle we have and we were amazed that at 7am Saturday morning I was poking her to wake up!
So thank you Whit and it's amazing how these babes change. Never did we ever think she would like to be swaddled at this point. I had put all our swaddles sleepsacks away! So if it didn't work one week - try it again - it may work this week and hey it may just give you a full nights sleep!
We were thrilled with 1 night of sleeping through the night - but 3!
(I am also thrilled she likes this Sleepsack because it's "Hip Healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute so perfect for our hippy monkey)

Ok moving on to this weekend...
This was Friday - Delainey had a rough night sleep Thursday night so was grumpy Gus - hence the bouncy chair, soother, Cruz close by and soothing giraffe practically on her face. :) Cruz also had a grumbly tummy so I put them both up on the bed to cuddle while I tried to get ready to pick Lily up.
I picked Lily up from school at noon - so it was nice to see my co-workers quickly too!
I was a little concerned with how this sleepover would go because Lily isn't a huge fan of babies (she has said many times that she missed my belly and wished Delainey was back in my tummy) BUT as soon as we got in the car Lil couldn't keep her eyes off Miss D and as soon as Delainey started fussing I asked Lil to put her soother in her mouth so she leaned over to do that and then kept saying "it's ok honey, it's ok, Lily is here". SO cute - my eyes instantly filled with tears.
It reminded me of when we got Cruz - Lily was petrified of dogs and this was within minutes of them meeting....
[and I would like to be this tanned and in shape like I was right after our honeymoon ok thank you AND how cute is baby Cruz!]

Anyways Lily couldn't wait to get home to Cruz and immediately wanted to hold Delainey.
Cruz was a little jealous!
And my fears for the sleepover quickly faded. She loved her and was such a sweet help. When Delainey fussed, Lily would kiss her feet or ask if she needed a hug. She tried to put her soother in her mouth constantly! :)
But we still walked Cruz and loved on her like she always did so life was normal for her and that's just how she likes it!
After Lil went to bed we caught up on some shows.
Saturday after Lily left I ran out to do a few errands.
Came home to this...
Miss Delainey had another crib nap. ;)
I made appies for our Christmas party with my girls and their guys - I made this Apple dip [so delicious] and this bruschetta.
My little party girl and I. I made this headband for her to match her Christmas dress [that she WILL wear more than once!]
We had a great time catching up, stuffing our faces and celebrating Sara's engagement - to Julia's brother-in-law Brett! So Sara & Julia will be sisters-in-law! Crazy.
Sunday we enjoyed a lazy morning. Then we did typical Sunday things - oil changes, cleaning, working out, baths, cuddles. :)
Justin took these after her nap - she thinks Daddy is pretty funny!
 We also did a craft. :) A messy one too. Cruz didn't love being apart of this craft. She kinda smudged it but I tried to turning it into a wreath?! ha.
This was Delainey's first craft that I never shared - this was at 1 week old.
We also went on a family walk (finally warmed up) and Justin made us a delicious BBQ rib dinner. :)
We wrapped the weekend up with watching the Survivor Finale!!

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Nikki said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! So glad she slept so well for you annnnd so happy Lily was such a big help!

Ashley said...

Which baby monitor did you get that you can check from your phone?
Glad Lily enjoyed Miss D's presence and that you had a good sleep over with her!!
Yay for a full nights sleep!!
I checked target for that scarf and didn't see it :(

Murdock's mama said...

Fun weekend. I loved looking at the old{er} photos of you, cruz, & Lily! :)
We are working on sleep training here started Wednesday night. Cully is getting up anywhere from 1-12 times a night! :/

Leigh said...

So glad to hear that Delainey slept through the night (3 times!) for you. And glad to hear that all went well with Lily....so cute that she was constantly helping and soothing Delainey :)

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe, baby cruz! glad she's sleeping and mommy and daddy get some extra too!

Gabriella said...

Lily and Delainey are so cute together! I am happy to hear that the sleep over was successful, and that little miss has been sleeping so well for you. I love your party outfits, and he adorable crinkle nose smile!!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

You can't do long posts because by the time I get to the end...I forget all of the things I wanted to comment on. Love your tree. So pretty. Cruz is adorbs as a pup . Delainey's headband and your scarf are super festive. Whew...I think I got everything. :) LOL

Laura said...

We loove the halo sleepsacks too! They were working great...until last night...im hoping tonight goes better! Sounds like life is going so well! Delainey is beautiful!

Kae said...

Oh I love that she slept three nights in a row for you guys! I bet your felt more energized then you have in a long time. Whoop D! What a great weekend. So glad everything went great with miss lily! She seems like such a doll! Love the pics, and you and D look GORGEOUS at the Christmas party, but then again you always do! glad you had a great weekend! loves.

Rachel Steck said...

Sleep! How awesome is that?!? Woo hoo!
I'm so glad Lily did well with Delainey, how sweet. I love how you love Lily so much and that you've gotten her over two fears - dogs & babies! Ha!
That craft is adorable even if Miss Cruz wasn't impressed and I love D's little smiling face at her silly dad. So precious.

Tami said...

Yay for good sleep!! The swaddle was a lifesaver for us and I sure hope this next baby likes it too. I am in love with the picture of you and Delainey in her Christmas dress. You are both just gorgeous!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awesome D! I swear by our sleepsack swaddle but sometimes Avery fights to get her arms out so I am working on that. Love her little dress and headband so flippin' cute :)

Katie said...

that is awesome! we were convinced addi hated swaddling too for the first five weeks or so and when we did it she slept much better! now I'm almost hating the swaddle because I feel like she should be out of it now that she is 5 months but her hands flail like crazy and she can't sleep without it!! that mistletoe project is on my list of things to do!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Swaddle for the win!! Audrey loved her swaddle and her sleep went to crap when she started busting out of it! Even now she wears a footed sleep sack since she moves around so much at night. Yay Whitney!

Cute crafts!! I never did prints of Audrey's feet or hands as a baby as it seemed too hard. Maybe I'll try with this baby!

Glad Lily warmed up to D! That would be stressful!