Happy Wednesday - it's a snowy one out there! So we have randoms.
Last night we had dinner with Mom and Dad as they just got back from the island visiting Gran.
And since Jeff leaves on Thursday for NY with Jols we had a little early Christmas!
Him and Jolie made Delainey a build a bear that is Baby's First Christmas! And named him McDuff II as I have the original big polar bear named McDuff from Gran and UB. :) LOVE it. And clearly miss D does as well!
And they got me this awesome sled and canopy! I won't fit but I cannot wait to pull Delainey through the ravine in it! I LOVE it.
Taylor looked pretty fantastic while performing at the Victoria Secret fashion show...I'm loving her straight locks.

I got a great package from the awesome Leana over at Runner Leana who was my swap buddy.
She asked me our tree colors and got me this adorable silver mouse! I love it - he is wearing a sweater!

Plus some super cute socks and some of my favorite Burt Bees chapstick.
Thank you so much Leana as well to Leigh and Lindsey for organizing!!

I shoveled the deck this morning with Cruz and it makes me very thankful Justin does all the shoveling. It's not so fun.

Well I best go Delainey is tired of playing alone! 

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Mom said...

McDuff 2 is so cute! Delainey is going to love him and her sled. They can go together for a ride.

Ashley said...

Looks like the perfect little early Christmas!! Such a great gift your brother got for D!!
It is snowy here too! Yuck! Although I hear we have positive temps headed our way for the weekend, just enough to make things messy with an ice storm!!

Rachel and John said...

Right? It could stop snowing.....I would be happy with that. Looks like Miss D was spoiled by her loving uncle! What a lucky girl.

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I freaking love your posts. Thanks for making me smile!! Such a cute baby gahhh!! I want another lol

Leigh said...

Awe, such a cute idea for Jeff and Jolie to get Delainey a teddy bear. Love the ornament that Leana sent you! Thanks for participating :)

Rachel Steck said...

What fabulous gifts for Miss D's first Christmas!!

Cami said...

Ahhh your posts always make me feel so warm and full of love!! Cute, adorable, precious pictures <3

Kae said...

aww that bear is adorable! Scott made me one when we first started dating! still have it! that sled is awesome! can't wait to see pics! Oh..I do the shoveling most of the time and HATE IT....

happy wednesday.
xxoo loves

Ashley said...

LOVE that little sled - I've got my eye on it too!