{2 months}


This past Saturday Delainey turned 2 months old...how this is possible I have no clue. These past 60 days have flown by. Some night have crawled by but for the most part it feels like we just met her! We are so lucky - she has been such a happy baby and we have loved getting to know her little personality.
Will update next week - but she is for sure growing!

Will update next week - not sure

She had a really rough few days last week. She was fighting sleep and wide awake at night so was pretty grumpy at times but I think we are back on track. She usually wakes to eat every 3-5 hours. She still sleep beside our bed in her Moses basket but loves the bouncy chair or sleeping on someone's chest or shoulder. She is still a very noisy sleeper!
{daily routine}
We don't have a set schedule yet per say but we always walk Cruz at 8:00 am, then they both eat and then if I have errands to run we usually go out in the morning. She will typically sleep through all the errands and then be ready to eat when we get home. In the afternoon I workout either when Delainey naps or just after she has eaten again so she is content and just watches me from her swing or bouncy chair. Then we walk Cruz again around 3:00 pm. She is pretty easy going and right now I am just following her cues as well.

She likes to eat!
She takes a bottle like a champ as well which is great! This has allowed us to leave her with my parents, Justin's Mom and we have given her a bottle ourselves when it was more convenient as well. (we are using the Medela Calma)

{diaper size}
newbown - hopefully this is her last box of newborn!
Growing out of her newborn stuff in length but 0-3 month clothes are still pretty big on her other than pants. She is tall and skinny. At her 6 week appointment she was 25th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height - not that we really care about those numbers at all. I am excited for her to grow into 0-3 stuff which will give us so much more of a wardrobe!

{hair color}
light brown
{eye color}
dark blue

{milestones/moments to remember}
During tummy time she has flipped on to her back many times.
She smiles, giggles and coos.
She has a pretty strong neck during tummy time or while being held.
she is always moving and kicking her legs.
Loves to have her arms above her head or stretched out.
Likes the camera.
Christmas tree lights
Fan on the roof of our bedroom
Bouncy chair
Soothing giraffe

Having a messy/wet diaper
Putting her mitts & touque on
Waiting to eat
Cruz is doing awesome. Her days haven't changed that much and now that I am back to working out her life is complete. She loves the play time during my workouts and often tries to include Delainey by dropping the ball in her chair. Too cute. She likes to give her sister lots of kisses and continues to check on her throughout the day, always placing herself really close to wherever little miss is.

{nick names}
little miss
Cruz and Delainey share nicknames I have found - they are my girls and I just talk to them the same!

We love you miss Delainey. We are still in awe that you are ours. You are the cutest little thing and we love all your new facial expressions, silly sounds and your smiles literally make our day complete. Even though it feels like we just met you, it also feels like we have known you forever. I used to dream about what you'd look like and now as I watch you sleep or we play on the floor I couldn't imagine you looking any differently. You are Delainey and we love you more than you will ever be able to comprehend.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Happy two months D!! She always look so happy hard to imagine her grumpy ;)
I am ready to get into more of a routine, I know its hard at these ages but some days I feel like I need a tad more structure.

Ashley said...

2 months!!! Time is just flying by!! Love all the pics and how happy she looks!! Sounds like everything is just perfect, just as it's meant to be!!

krink said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE her! How can it be 2 months ago already?! Goodness... before you know it she will be crawling all over the place! Time flies! Love you bunches little girl!

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

Goes by so fast..TOO fast! She is so beautiful. Love her bow! I can't believe Savanna is starting to sit up already. It's so exciting and upsetting at the same time.

Rachel Steck said...

Delainey is long but still so small next to big sister Cruz. She is beautiful! I hope you are video taping her little sounds, what a treasure.

Courtney Kassner said...

I can't believe she's still so tiny! (at least compared to my chunky babe!) She's precious! Glad y'all are doing well!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

How is she 2 months?! So precious. I love her hair!! I bet she will love the hustle and bustle of the holidays...enjoy!!

Gabriella said...

2 months! Already!! She is just precious, and she makes the cutest little faces! I love the Cruz is such a good big sister! ;)

Kae said...

Ahh I can't believe this, and couldn't on Saturday, seems like you just had her! She is so adorable and I am glad both of your girls are doing fabulous.
xxoo loves

Mom and Dad said...

So great to cuddle with Delainey after being away. We see a real change in her. Happy 2 months old!
Love her to bits and you guys too.

Whit said...

Happy Two Months Miss Delainey! You're growing up SO fast!! Auntie loves you to bits. xox

Leigh said...

Happy two months to Delainey! She is adorable :)

Bex said...

She's so cute! Hard to believe it's been two months already!

Murdock's mama said...

I can't believe she is two months! In the states, most of us would have been back to work for 2 weeks already, so ENJOY your time with her at home!! :) I LOVE the puppies like to be right beside the babies...it's SO sweet! :)

Ashley said...

Crazy how quick these months fly by! She's looking SO alert and like she's moving her limbs a lot!

Katie said...

she is just too cute! and getting so long!! love her eyes!