{Delainey Brynn's Birth Day}

{Delainey's Birth Story}
And yes it took me over a month to write this. I spent time on it daily and it was surprisingly really hard to write. How do you write about easily one of the most incredible days of your life? I still don't know because I am hitting 'publish' as I could probably spend another month on it and seeing as Delainey was up most of the night last night I don't see a weekend recap getting done today. ;) 
Sunday (Sept.29.13) was just another day:
I worked out, 
went to the market with Jolie and Mom, walked Cruz and we went to customer appreciation night with Mom, Dad, Jeff and Jolie at the watering hole. Nothing out of the ordinary - if you would have asked me then - I would have said she would have been late for sure. And that's what I said to my brother as he had to go out of town for work and was worried about not being around to meet her right away!

I had plans Monday (Sept.30.13) to walk with Amy and Rio at 8:30am. I heard Justin leave early but went back to sleep as I usually do. My sleep was nothing out of the ordinary either - up 6 times to use the washroom and awake for a few hours in the middle of the night with what I would call light Braxton Hicks - nothing more than period cramps and nothing like the cramps I used to get with a period so really thought nothing much of them. 

At 7:35am I sat up to check the time (this blind girl can't see the alarm clock without sitting up!) and all of a sudden my water broke. At first I didn't believe it and thought maybe I had peed my pants because there was NO WAY my water could have broken!? So I went to get out of bed and another gush came. That's when I decided I wasn't peeing my pants and this was the real deal! Another gush came again when I got to the washroom and I remember smiling and being thankful this all happened at home!! 
One of my fears was my water breaking on a walk with Cruz or somewhere out in public!
I quickly sent Justin a text saying my water broke, I was fine and I was hopping in the shower. He immediately called me back to see if I was serious. :)
I also sent a text to Mom and Dad so they knew to come get Cruz, one to Amy to tell her I was sorry I would not be walking with her and to Whit. {We had hoped Whit could be there to take photos of Baby Black's first moments.}
I was really calm and felt fine at that point so I took a shower, added the last minute things to our hospital bags, cuddled Cruz, had breakfast and then once Justin arrived we packed up and left. Such a surreal moment even though I truly believed we would be back home after they checked me but knew we would be meeting our girl sometime soon.

Since my parents place was on the way to the hospital, I was still feeling fine and we were in really no rush at that point - we dropped Cruz off.
We got to the hospital and checked into triage and they hooked me up right away. Baby Black was doing great and I was still feeling good. We had the most wonderful nurse when we were in triage.
At first she said we would most likely be sent home and come back in 12 hours for them to induce me if I had made no progress on my own in that time. 
Then they checked me to make sure it was indeed my water that broke and when they did that they found what they thought was merconium (babies first poop) in my water. 
They informed us that if indeed it was merconium, we would be staying and they would have to get me started on pitocin to get labour going right away. 
Turns out the doctor that was on call that day was the one doctor from the clinic we had not met! Of course! She was lovely though, a young doctor and very sweet. She also had a student with her who was great. They checked me, tested the fluid and found that yes, it was merconium and there was a lot of it so they needed to get the ball rolling. They sent Justin to get our bags from the car and to check us in for good. We were so excited that we would be meeting her soon!!
While Justin was gone the doctor popped in and said they wanted to do an ultrasound just to confirm Baby Black's position because it was strange there was so much merconium if indeed she was head down. I didn't think much of it as they had confirmed this many times at my appointments the weeks before by doing internal exams and that morning upon arrival in triage.
So my sweet nurse came in and did the ultrasound and as soon as she did a quick sweep over my belly it was very clear she was not head down. She immediately apologized to me and quickly called the doctors in.
Before I knew it they were telling me that little miss was Frank Breech (bum down and her feet were up at her head which was under my ribs) and we had no choice but to prep me for a c-section NOW as they could not and would not try and deliver her the regular way.
I was overwhelmed to say the least and was immediately in tears and needing Justin! Like I said my nurse was great and before I knew it she was in tears with me, hugging me and talking me through what was going to take place, telling me it was ok to be mad/sad/to cry and answering any questions I had. A c-section was the last thing I wanted so I was just overwhelmed that is was our only choice and sad to not have a chance to try and delivery her but I was prepared for anything we needed to do to safely welcome Baby Black to the world and this was it. It was just unexpected to say the least and all happening too fast.
Poor Justin got back to find me sobbing in the bed and unable to tell him what was going on!
Once I filled him in and he calmed me down it was a whirlwind. I think my body was starting to react to me being stressed and upset because contractions started getting very strong at that point and only got worse.
Luckily from then until they started prepping me for surgery was only about an hour. Within that hour the doctors, the surgeons, the anesthesiologist all came to talk to us about the c-section and prep us. I had to drink an awful awful awful drink because I had eaten breakfast so they needed to neutralize my stomach. ick.
Before we knew it, Justin was suited up in a sexy blue suit and I was getting walked to the OR and Justin to a little hallway to wait.
The surgery prep took about 25 minutes for them to do my spinal tap, catheter etc etc and then it was go time! The actual procedure took minutes. It was the craziest feeling knowing within minutes they would be pulling her out of me just like that. Justin was beside my head the whole time holding my hand and making sure I was good (he was told he could look over the curtain but he said a big no way!). I felt a lot tugging and then they asked us if we knew the sex and [thank god] they pulled out the most perfect little girl.
Once she was born Justin was able to go over and see her, take photos and report back to me. She cried right away and they brought her over to show me quickly before they started cleaning her up. I was shocked to see her legs still by her ears!

I started feeling really nauseous and very hot so the anesthesiologist gave me something to help that and soon I felt good again. 
The anesthesiologist took this shot which I love.
Justin took these. My first look.
Oh how I love this little lady.
We spent some time in recovery where a new nurse cleaned me up and helped me feed her for the first time while Justin made all the important phone calls to our family. She was a great little eater right away and all of my anxieties about nursing quickly went away. I was in awe of this little girl - our daughter! While pregnant I couldn't wait for the moment when I actually got to hold her, see Justin hold her and see what she looked like and all three of the moments were far better than I ever could have dreamed. I could not believe that this little tiny human was ours and she would be coming home with us. I also could not get over the fact that she had grown in my belly for 9 months and now look at her - this perfect little girl with this perfect little face.
We were lucky enough to get a private room when we were moved to postpartum. They were so busy at the hospital and I know our first nurse was to thank for making this happen. So appreciated it - especially with being there 3 days - it was nice to have our own space. I did a lot of walking the room with her, crying {both of us!}, taking photos, talking to her, etc so it was nice knowing I wasn't bothering anyone..
My Mom had made a newborn hat for her but since her head was so long from being breech it didn't fit so of course she brought a new bigger one the next day!
I pretty much could not take my eyes off of her and proceeded to take hundreds of photos of her the first night alone. :) What else was I supposed to do all night alone and awake!?
 We were lucky that Mom and Dad were in town to take care of our first babe!
Night 1 was so busy. Delainey and I had to be checked every hour. The surgeon came in. The anesthesiologist came. Our doctor... I lost track of everyone that came. I would just say come in every time there was a knock even if I was feeding her. One thing I learned was your privacy kinda goes out the window during all of this - during triage, during surgery prep and while in postpartum - you soon realize they see it all, you stop being embarrassed and just let them do their thing!
Night 1 was also hard. I was anxious, worried about Delainey, in pain, exhausted and overwhelmed.
Overnight we went for 2 walks around the unit with help (I was eager to do this to get rid of my catheter and IV), Delainey had a bath (I watched), and I filed her nails.
They did take her to the nursery once to try and give me some sleep but that didn't happen. As I am sure it is for most new Mom's it was a sleepless night.
Despite all of this - looking back it was easily one of the most amazing nights of my life too. I cuddled her all night long. She hated her bassinet and it was hard for me to put her in it only to have to take her out again when she was crying so I mainly kept her on my chest.
This was a typical pose for her - she still really wanted her legs up by her ears and her right leg more so then her left. They figure she was frank breech for quite some time based on how long she stayed in this position and how tight her hips were.
My 40 week photo!
Lots of snuggles were had!
Second family photo - minus big sister Cruz.
Justin had never changed a diaper before and jumped right in. Delainey made diaper changes extra tricky too with her leg placement!
Proud Daddy.
We loved having him with us during the day. I just wish there were 2 beds and he could have spent the nights with us. {In Calgary they only allow Dad there during the day (they weren't picky about what time he left luckily) and the Grandparents and 2 support people (so Justin & Whitney) were the only ones allowed as visitors}
Night 2 was much different from Night 1 and I found it long, lonely and a little scary at times as I went from having someone always there checking in on us to going up to 5 hours without seeing a nurse. But it was also quiet, peaceful and a special time with just Delainey and myself. It was easier in a way though cause I had no catheter or IV so was able to go for walks with Delainey and move around the room much easier and with a bit less pain.
Our nurses were all fantastic {minus one}. They were all super helpful, kind, encouraging and understanding. My only frustration was they all had different techniques or ideas on how to nurse so I felt like I would have it figured out with one nurse (and Delainey) only to have a shift change therefore a new nurse and them wanting me to do it another way. I think Delainey got frustrated too as she had 2 really bad feeding during the night of night 2 therefore making her hungry and upset and me sore and upset so I did get smart and finally just tell them that I had it handled. I also asked to see a Lactation Consultant before we were discharged just to make sure I was doing everything right for Delainey. She was awesome and really put me at ease and thankfully we were doing everything right.

We were thankful to have Whit come visit on Day 2 and take some photos. [more to come]
All read to go home!! Her newborn outfit that was huge on her - it is just now starting to fit her now!
We were so happy to be going home! We had Mom and Dad meet us there with Cruz and Cruz was great seeing her sister the first time. Gave her kisses but otherwise was pretty unfazed. Justin sent me to have a nap right away and it was amazing to be in my own bed and actually get a couple hours sleep.
Jolie, Nana, Crystal, Troy and the kids all came to visit that day.

I'm not gonna lie - the first night at home was rough for me [understatement Justin?!!] - therefore making it hard on Justin! I was SO anxious, worried, scared - you name it. I had to check on her constantly, every noise, movement - I checked on her. Sleep did not happen. Justin was amazing and dealt well with my craziness. :) The next day he went out and bought me some night lights so I could see her at night and make sure she was ok. But day by day it got easier. I stopped wearing my glasses to sleep in and quit showering with the door open a crack. :) And now look - we have the most perfect 5 week old and those super hard days and nights seem like ancient history and at the same time oh so worth it.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

This post made me tear right up, so beautiful! I am so happy everything went well for you guys. And that little leg coming up like that is so cute. I cannot wait to meet her one day!

Kelly said...

This is the absolute BEST, Alison!! Such an amazing story and your honesty is really appreciated :-) How has the recovery been with your Csection? Hopefully well! Delainy is just SO precious. Did you make her little hospital basinet sign? The photos after her birth are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Lucky girl; I know that I'll look like a mess hahah!

Nikki said...

Alison thank you for sharing this! I am so so happy for you guys! Sorry you had to have a c-section but everything happens for a reason right? So glad everyone is ok and let's be honest that is the only thing that matters! She's beautiful!

Courtney Kassner said...

Beautiful story... Hate that you had to have a c section, but thankful that your precious baby girl was healthy! She is just beautiful!

Jessica said...

You did amazing... and she's perfect... and I'm tearing up just reading. <3

Ashley said...

such a sweet start to her life, despite things not going as planned, her story is amazing! Luckiest little girl to have you, Justin and Cruz!! Such a blessing!! I hope you do a post on what you packed in your hospital bags because I have no clue!! I also love the name tag for her bassinet - did you make that before hand?

Leigh said...

Beautiful post Alison! So glad that Delainey is here and that you and Justin finally have your beautiful daughter in your arms :)

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe i loved this dear. thank you for sharing. but gosh it makes me sooo nervous for may without the hubby there with me. i hope it goes well...

Jennifer said...

A great post! Here little legs up in the air is cute future gymnast? :) Happy for you guys!

Erin said...

Love this post! So glad everything went well...delivery stories always tug at my heart!

Tennille said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! Your little lady is so adorable. And her leg... oh my goodness! I didn't even know babies could bend like that!

Laura Wilson said...

What a beautiful story! Teared up a few times :) So glad she is here safe and sound and you finally have your little babe!

krink said...

LOVE my sweet niece!
Thanks for the beautiful story Auntie!! Wonderful to hear you had such a positive experience despite the struggles.

Rachel Steck said...

This is such a sweet, beautiful and totally-awesome story. Thank you so much for sharing!

Gabriella said...

Amazing story! I know things did not go exactly as planned, but in the end it was all perfect! She is beautiful, and it so lucky to have an incredible mom, dad and big sister! :)

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

This was such a beautiful story! I'm not pregnant yet, but we hope to start trying next year and I'm already obsessing with research and everything! This was such a great story LOVE, congrats on your beautiful baby

Kristin said...

Swoon... I just love you guys. Loved reading and seeing the pictures. I would have a hard time too not having the hubs overnight, that part is sucky :(

Sara Turner said...

Congrats! She is so adorable and perfect! Thank you so much for sharing your story, not just today, but all through out your pregnancy! I can't wait to have my own babies one day, and although now is not the right time, stories like yours make me kind of wish it was! Congrats again!

Kae Muir said...

Honestly I am still tearing up after reading this. I love your attention to detail, and it warms my heart because you and Justin and cruz deserved to have an addition to your family. I send so much love from her auntie Kae waaaayyyy down in Wyoming . Love this post. so much love to you all.
ps. milli says hi and loves d and c

Christy said...

I'm so happy that even though it didn't go as planned it turned out great and she's such a cutie. You are my hope<3

Murdock's mama said...

Love this post. It had me in tears. So glad things went smoothly, even if they weren't planned. Yay for a healthy baby girl!!! :) The parenting thing gets easier and easier each day!

Bex said...

Beautiful story. Brought tears to my eyes!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

i am so glad shes here! i know surgery and the csections are no fun at all but you sure did great!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

So beautiful and I am so so happy for you. Do you have the snuza? It was a big savior for us and my anxiety!

Rachel and John said...

What an amazing and beautiful story. You are so strong and you dealt with the situation so well! I can't believe her legs were up so high like that! She is so adorable and I'm glad you guys found your groove. Babies are SO NOISY when they sleep eh? It definitely takes some getting use too.

Janna Renee said...

I ate up every single word of this! It's so awesome that you got to share the whole story on the blog, and she really is perfect! I'm thinking that she will be a gymnast because she obviously has a knack for the splits now ;) Congrats guys! You are going to be amazing parents!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I read this post a few days ago on the train and I cried happy tears!! What a story! How tough that must have been to find out that you had to have a csection when you were all alone! You are so amazing!

I'm so glad you got a private room, shared rooms are horrible! I wish the dads could spent the night- that is what made it so hard on us also.

I love the little name sign, all the photos but especially the first moments!!

These girls and their dramatic entrances!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm Sandra from Azores, Portugal and I'm having a C-section because my baby girl is in a breech position. Your story helped me a lot and I'm feeling much optimistic and assured everything will be alright. Thank you for sharing ;)) Wish you all the best for your beautiful family! ❤️💙💜💚