{Alison's hospital bag & must haves}


I have had this in my drafts for a while now as I had some requests for this and totally forgot about it - whoops! so here it goes with a few goofy photos of Delainey thrown in there! :)
{D's stink eye look}
In my hospital bag [that I used - I over packed like usual]:
[in no specific order]

- Flip flops (wore these to the hospital) - great for walks and easy to put on yourself for bathroom trips 
- iphone & charger
 - Gatorades! Lots. And a water bottle.
- Food/snacks you will want to eat afterwards (or great parents to bring you lunch! Thanks Mom and Dad!)
[For me breakfasts in the hospital were great (english muffin, fruit, yogurt), lunch was not so good (never ate them) and dinner was always broth!]
- Medela nursing cream
- A long V-neck night shirt/dress - easy for nursing and comfy
- Camera
- Diapers/Vaseline/wipes [our hospital provided a few but then expected us to have the rest]
- BIG Pads [think diaper in pad version! lovely]
- Nail file for babies nails/2 pairs scratch mitts
- Blanket to cuddle up with [I brought Justin's baby blanket that Debbie made and then gifted to us - it's crib size and was perfect]
- Glasses [if you wear contacts]
- Face wipes
- Tooth brush/paste/deodorant/hair brush
- 2 Swaddle blankets {my fav}
- Pens - there are forms to sign and I was asked to trackall her diapers changes and nursing times etc
- Cute newborn hat - the hospital ones are not cute.

[In case of a c-section] 
*I would bring a comfy dress to wear home - I brought yoga pants (like I wore to the hospital) and they were super uncomfortable due to my incision.
* Stay onto of taking pain killers and fill the prescriptions they give you. Set a timer so you remember to take them.
* My girlfriend Kristen bought me a pair of these c-panty - I hated them when I first got them as they hurt and dug in but I ended up loving them.
*Take the "mommy panties" they give you at the hospital and ask for more. They are hideous but I wore them for a week post her birth and they were the best.

Must haves from birth to now:
[no specific order]
- iBbaby Feed app
- Medela cream for nursing mamas
- Freezer meals are super handy for those days that get away from you or that have been busy or you are just plain exhausted
- I LOVE the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets - she hates being swaddled so we just cover her with one and they are nice for night time feedings for me too!
- A night light for beside the bed. :)
- Our Moses Basket - she sleeps in the basket next to the bed and the stand stays in the living room for daytime naps.
- Cloud B Gentle Giraffe
- Target Maternity tanks - these are awesome, they were a must have while pregnant and I still wear them. They are nice and long and I can just yank them down to feed her and they cover my butt - these are not getting packed away with my maternity clothes!
- Medela breast pump - having a bottle has been very handy at time (mine)
Fischer Price Calming Vibrations chair - we have 2 others like this and she hates them and LOVES this one, go figure.
- Nursing pillow (I got mine here for free you just pay the shipping and I love it, it's smaller than most)
- Gripe water
Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier
- Tummy Time Mat - ours
- Ubbi Diaper pail - we had a hand me down diaper genie but it wasn't latching right so we were frustrated with it so I looked into something new. We got this diaper pail and LOVE it. It's made of steel, never smells, easily opens to drop a diaper in and it just uses regular kitchen bags.
- Kristen also bought me one of these Undercover Mama tanks and at first I had no idea how great it was and now I LOVE it and want more.
- Moby wrap (thank you Rachel for lending me yours!!) or the Snugli carrier (Justin wears this one on walks)
- We love the Costco brand wipes and Huggies Swaddlers diapers.
- I LOVE our stroller - it's used daily and is pretty good in the snow too.

Obviously all babies are going to be different and what works for one won't work for another and blah blah. So just get to know your babe and you will be golden. Above is just worked for us and Delainey. :)
And that's a wrap I think, I am sure I am forgetting things... but obviously I am boring the babe.

PS. I sorta just kinda wish I was my parents right now...
Looks pretty perfect - Love you guys! Enjoy. I will also take their abs while we are at it...off to let Shawn T kick my butt.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I did not use so many things I packed! I wish I had a nightgown type thing to sleep in, I hated the hospital ones and ended up sleeping in workout pants and nursing tanks. I LOVE nursing tanks too! Target is the best for them I agree.
Avery loves to be carried so I am going to get a wrap too. We have a Baby Bjorn but she is still too small for it so we just sorta bundle her up in it and not use the leg or arm holes lol.

Rachel Steck said...

I only wish 12 years plus ago that blogs like this existed. So handy.
Love all of D's little faces!

MurdocksMama said...

Love your list! I'm SO jealous of your parents!! :)

Leigh said...

Keeping this list for future use! Or I'll just pick your brain :) I love the picture of D with her tongue sticking out :)

Sarah Goodman said...

holy hannah where are your parents! and look at them! now we all know where you get your great genes from!
YES to the dress and double YES to those ugly mesh panties! i wore them foreverrrrr. ugh. that incision sucked. everything was so bothersome!

Ashley said...

Thank you for sharing!! I have heard about the mommy panties the hospital gives you, I didn't know you could take them home!!

I had some women telling me to get depends haha. Or poise pads.

I feel like we will have soo much stuff with us, but with that being said most of it can stay in the car until after delivery.

Love all the pics of D!!

I've heard hospital food isn't great, I dread that part, because as you know I am super picky! But I know the cafeteria in the hospital isn't too bad after my sister stayed in the hospital for soo long!

Ashley said...

Our lists were very similar! I can't believe the lengthy lists some girls post - they might as well move in to the hospital ;)
The Aden + Anais blankets are hands down, the best.

Kae said...

Aw my friend Erika swears by the Aden & Anahi's blankets! A def must someday for me. This is such a great post and so jealous of your parentals :) loves!

Rikki Rivera said...

Awe, your little girl is too precious! Congratulations!