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It is amazing how much Delainey has changed in the last few weeks! I love my days with her even if I am lacking in sleep - she is getting more animated, smiles, sometimes giggles and it seriously the loudest sleeper ever but also the cutest.
I put her in bed in my spot beside Justin while I get ready for bed at night and she is just so darn cute.

I have not been loving these two pictures we have on our wall - we used to have an Asian inspired comforter so they worked but we don't use it anymore so they don't really "go" anymore. I also wanted to add some Delainey to our walls so came up with this...
Now I love them and it cost me all of less than $2 for the cost of photos!

As a shower gift Mom and Dad gave me post-natal massage. So Wednesday I dropped Delainey off at Justin's Mom place (Thanks Gramma!) and enjoyed a 1 hour massage. It was wonderful! Probably the best massage I have ever had - other than our couple massages on our honeymoon of course. You can't beat massages in Mexico! But really - it was wonderful - thank you Mom and Dad. Speaking of Mom and Dad and Mexico...that's where they are and this household is a liiiiittle jealous! They are enjoying surfing and took the yoga package at the little place they are staying at. Enjoy you guys - it's only -24C here plus wind chill so we are good. :)

As a gift after Delainey was born Lily's family gifted us "a clean house" meaning their cleaning lady came and spent 4 hours cleaning our house.
Let me tell you - it was very hard for me not to clean for a few days and let someone else do it....but it was also kinda wonderful. She did such a great job and was a very appreciated gift.

Coyotes are ruining our walks. And my heart. We have been avoiding the ravine in the morning because we have seen 2 coyotes together numerous times down there but in my mind it's safer down there in the afternoon...well yesterday proved me wrong. Cruz chased a coyote that was far bigger than herself all the way through the ravine until I could no longer see either of them. And then I had a heart attack and then cried when she finally came running back towards me over the ridge and then I gave Cruz the biggest lecture EVER all while hugging her. I hope she understood from it that THEY WILL EAT YOU. Stupid coyotes.
{Whenever D is in this chair Cruz drops her toys on her and when she doesn't throw it for her she attacks D will kisses!}

PS. The winner of the Pink Blush giveaway is lucky #1! That never happens!
And that's Jennifer Golding! Congrats! :)
Thanks to everyone who entered and to my friends at Pink Blush!
Happy Friday everyone.

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Jessi Otey said...

She is an absolute doll!! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

She is soo stinking cute!!
Love how those new pics look! They do look much better, especially with the mirror back ground!
Brrr it is freezing there.
Stupid coyotes!! We have them at the farm, but luckily they have been staying at the back, but you can hear them and the dogs are curious lol. We have a few in the village that I have seen, but only while in the car luckily! I would have been concerned had I seen them while walking!
Have a great weekend!

Rachel Steck said...

I LOVE that Cruz wants Delainey to play with her!!!!! I'm sure she's wondering why D can't throw her toys - hilarious!! That is so sweet.
She looks so different now, it's so wonderful when you start to see their personality. Enjoy it!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Such a cutie Delainey is!

Pamela said...

Love the picture of her in bed & where Cruz is licking her!!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

She's getting so big!! Love her happy expressions!

Great idea for your bedroom pictures.

OMG coyotes! That is so scary! They are nuts in Phoenix. People have to walk their dogs with golf clubs because the coyotes are so bold they will attack the little dogs while walking with their owners! A couple ran behind my ILs house when we were outside eating dinner. No fear!

I so need a massage right now.

I think the house cleaning gift post baby is the best idea ever!

Jennifer Golding said...

How is it possible that Delainey gets cuter every day? Big sister is just too adorable for words!

I am scared to death of coyotes. I have never seen any in our area, but if I did I think I would walk with a big stick, just in case!

Thank you so much for having the contest with Pink Blush, I can't believe I won! I am in desperate need of pants, so this is perfect!!

Ashley said...

So scary about the coyotes!! I'm glad that Cruz didn't get in any trouble with those Coyotes, they're scary animals.
The Cruz kisses picture is too cute :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, Delainey is changing so fast! She is so so cute! The gift of some hours of house cleaning is awesome. I used to have a house cleaner when I lived in Minneapolis. I felt guilty initially but it was money well spent. I don't have one now since I have more time on my hands now that I am not studying, but I would definitely use one again!

Kae said...

D is growing so much. Love all her photos : )
Oh my gosh. I about had a heart attack for you when starting to read about Cruz! I can only imagine how worried you would be!
love you and keep warm!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

So happy you got a massage. I just told Chad last night I want a spa gift card for Christmas if anyone asks. I booked a much needed haircut for next week and cannot wait.
Delainey has changed so much! Crazy how fast they change.
Enjoy your weekend :)

Chelsea said...

she is soo cute!!!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

love your frame transformation!!! so lovely! your pics are beautiful!!!! xx

Tara said...

So stinkin' cute! :) And yikes to the coyotes... I'd be terrified!

Bex said...

Can you turn down the cute over there? It's killing me! <3

Mom said...

Omg... We go away for a few days and Delainey changes so much. What's she going to be like by next weekend? the photo in your bed is adorable. She has really lost the newborn look.
Very scary and Not fun that those coyotes seem to have moved into your ravine. And of course Cruz will be on the look for them for sure. Take care!
So glad to hear the massage was a good one. There are massages on the beach down here so we are definitely getting one or two. $20.00 for an hour!!!

Limefreckle said...

she's so adorable!!!! The one in the bed is so cute...

Leigh said...

She sure has changed! Need to come and see her (and you of course!) soon! :) Glad that you were able to get a massage...they are the best!

MurdocksMama said...

LOVE all of your photos of her. I also love that you're {slowly!} stepping up your IG game! :) {muah!}