{3 days are better than 2}

 Well Happy Tuesday - I can't seem to get myself together to do recaps on Mondays. Actually yesterday we got busy some how. Justin gave me the ok to decorate for Christmas and my plan was to only bring all the bins up from downstairs yesterday and before I knew it the house was Christmas-ified and my morning was toast! Whoops. Now we just have to put up our Christmas trees.
After that I quickly did my workout, showered and then Delainey and I were off to my work for a joint shower for miss Delainey and Mr Nolan.
Nolan is 5 months.
It was so nice to spend some time with my co-workers and they spoiled Delainey just a little bit! :)

Ok weekend...I LOVE every second Friday when Justin is off. It makes for a perfect extra long weekend. Friday we hit up Costco, Crossiron Mills Mall and Market Mall (only for Target & the Apple store). We got some items crossed off our Christmas shopping list so that was good.
This little one slept the WHOLE time and then when we came home she slept some more! 
I was nervous about the night time but she was good and we had a typical night.
While shopping we splurged and bought ourselves the iPAD mini as our Christmas gift to each other. Justin has wanted one forever and has been waiting for the retina display.
Playing with his new toy...
Saturday morning it was finally warm enough to quickly get out and take Christmas card photos with Dustin and Whit. Whitney dreamed up this idea, bought the couch and they looked amazing. I simply snapped the photos Whit set up while Justin got the kids attention and he can make East smile just like that!
They are perfect.
 I love these shots of Just and East that Whit captured.
They are such buddies and love each other so much. It's adorable. East talks about Uncle J for days after they see each other.
When we got home I made Justin sit for a couple with Delainey.
 Twins. I know. :)
And then I made Cruz sit with her too. She wasn't too impressed. :)
Then Justin patiently put up the amazing vinyl Kerri from Kreative Corner Designs sent me as a gift...I LOVE it in Delainey's nursery.

Smiles for Dad!
These two did a lot of napping together..
{This chair that Delainey is in = her favorite napping spot ever! Whit just lent it to us and it's like magic. It vibrates and you can bounce it and she loves it - the end.}
We also put up all our Christmas lights (front and back), went for nice walks, Justin BBQ'd, worked out, Justin worked on the car, watched a couple movies, I ordered our Christmas cards...all in all a great weekend and I am always sad when they come to an end.

PS. My girl Taylor Swift looked fabulous at the AMAs. Don't cha think?
Have a fabulous day!

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Rachel Steck said...

Heyyyy...Cruz 'holding' Delainey cracks me up!!
So adorable!

Pamela said...

LOOOOOVE the vinyl tree!!!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Such a good little girl Delainey was, I love when they sleep during outings :) Love the photos you took of Whitney and her family!
Bouncy chairs are the best and so easy to move room to room!

Ashley said...

I totally missed the AMAs!! I thought nothing was on because of the grey cup!! Justin and Delainey do look a lot alike!! That tree is adorable!! I get to take our Christmas card Photo - I'm behind on that part this year! Oops!

Ashley said...

She looks SO much like Justin, wow!
Such great photos you took of Whitney and her family - love the couch outdoors. What fun shots!

Paige said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend!! She is just adorable!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a productive weekend!! I definitely miss the days of a cooperative little baby that just goes along with whatever you do!

Amazing pictures you took of Whit and her family! I really need to start thinking about Christmas cards ASAP!

Delainey is getting so big! I didn't think it was possible for her to look more like Justin!

Mom said...

You put up Chritmas stuff ALREADY!! Cruz really doesn't look too sure with Delainry on her. She better get used to it. Nice Christmas gift to each other. Cute photo with Daddy :)

Seriously?! said...

Awesome photos. I loved weekends as a family in the beginning before I went back to work. They truly are magical.

We got D's card! LOVE IT! But I wanna click for a caption/message... LOL!

Katie said...

that picture of justin and delainey - so cute! and they do look SO much alike! yeah for christmas decorations and napping babies! are your nights getting any better? :)

Leigh said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Love the shots that you got of Whitney and her fam :)

Gabriella said...

The pictures with Cruz, and that tree! Too perfect! What a fun weekend! Yeay for the iPad mini. My Mom loves hers!!

krink said...

Oh my god I LOVE those pics of Delainey and Cruzie!!! <3

Kristin said...

Love the pics of Cruz and lil D!

Kae said...

Love this sounds like a nice fun filled weekend :) loves

Whit said...

Thank you AJ and Just for taking that family shot. We love it! Finally a good family photo… haha.. Thanks for braving the cold!! Love all the pics on here, so glad little D is loving the chair! I know i wouldn't be without it when my two were little. xox