{Wonderful Weekend}

Happy Tuesday!
Time is just flying by - days fly by - it's crazy! I don't know where today went! We went for a freezing walk this morning, then Delainey and I got groceries, then Mom and Dad stopped by for a visit and it's already 3 o'clock somehow. I also have about 7 blog posts started and just not competed. One being her birth story which I had big plans to have done before she was a month old but no. Oh well.

This past weekend was fantastic. Gran was here. Logan was here. My closest friends and family were at my house on Sunday to shower Delainey with love. We had a family dinner. Did some shopping. And a little down time too.
Gran meeting little miss for the first time.

Friday Justin was home so I took a couple hours to myself and went and had my nails done and picked Logan up from the airport. First time driving in 4 weeks and being away from Delainey for more than an hour! I survived. ;)
Auntie Logan wasted no time and went straight into cuddle mode and it didn't stop until 4:00 pm on Monday!

That evening we dropped Delainey off with my Mom, Dad and Gran and we hit up the watering hole for a dinner out with Logan. Thank you again for having her - it was nice to get out!
We then had a lazy night at home in which Logan, myself, Delainey and Cruz all fell asleep watching Survivor - sorry Justin!
Saturday morning we headed back up to my parents as Auntie Patti was in town briefly and wanted to meet Delainey as well as Auntie Rachel.
 Gran. Rachel, myself, Delainey, Mom
After that Logan, Delainey and I headed to Cross Iron for an afternoon of shopping! Delainey is a great shopper - slept the whole time!
Saturday night Justin BBQ'd us dinner and we watched Broken City.

Sunday we prepped the the house for Delainey's shower and Logan made an incredible cake. 
{Full post of the shower to come hopefully soon! ha} 
But it was incredible to say the very least. Delainey and I felt very loved.
Cruz hung out with Dad during the shower and had a blast in the snow - oh yeah - we got a huge dump of snow Sunday morning. Lovely.
Sunday night we went up to Mom and Dad's for family dinner with Jeff and Jolie.
We put Delainey in one of my old sleepers - here we are - both at 4 weeks!
Gran and Delainey
More Auntie snuggles

Monday we went to Market Mall to complete Logan's shopping list. Let's just say she bought another suitcase to bring home all her purchases!!
We were sad to drop Logan off at the airport Monday evening and so wish we lived closer. :( Thank you for everything you did for us Log and for making the trip.
Monday night Justin and I watched the documentary Blackfish. It was very sad and eye opening. Delainey will officially never visit a Sea World or aquarium type place EVER. Sorry girlie. 
Ours girls while we watched. LOVE them.
There we go - a quick weekend recap and now we are off to bundle up for our chilly afternoon walk!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It looks like Delainey is mimicking your aunt in that photo! She is too cute for words. And how fun that she is smiling! I am glad you had such a fun weekend! And hooray for being able to drive again - I am sure it's nice to have that limitation lifted!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend spent with family and friends!! You look fantastic!! Love all the pics of Delainey!! Can't wait to hear about your shower or some must have products!! Lol! Can't believe all the snow you got! Ours was gone within hours of falling, but looks like you got more!

Leigh said...

Another busy weekend! Thank you again for inviting me to the shower. It was fun to be a part of it and see how many people love you and Delainey :)

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend with a nice mixture of family and friends! Although they can be exhausting, they are by far the best type of weekends! :) Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! And I watched Blackfish too; my son won't be visiting a SeaWorld either. It was so sad watching but so eye opening.

Rachel Steck said...

What an awesome weekend you had! I'm glad you got to spend time with family, that's wonderful. Delainey is so precious, enjoy every moment.

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

How cute that you have a sleeper from when you were a baby! I have a baby blanket and one of my dresses but that's it.. I need to take a picture of Savanna in it ASAP Just sucks I don't have a picture of ME in it when I was a baby:( Sounds like you had a great weekend..and I'm glad you were able to sneak away to get your nails done..I forgot how relaxing that can be! Once you have a newborn you appreciate doing those things that much more!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Cannot wait to see Shower pics!
Glad you got away for a bit and you and Justin got out, so important to take time for yourselves too and you guys deserve it :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What a busy, yet wonderful weekend you had!! You must be exhausted! That's great that you got a few hours out without D, but I'm sure you missed her like crazy!