{Weekend Rewind}


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was wonderful but oh so busy! I know we both could use some more zzz's!
Thursday night some of my girlfriends came over for our monthly dinner. We kept it simple and ordered pizza, everyone brought wine, we passed Delainey around and caught up. It was really nice.
Milk drunk!
 Nicole & Delainey
 Julia & Delainey
 Barb & Delainey
 Krista & Delainey
She is very loved!
That night Justin went to a premiere of a bike movie with Brian in Kensington.

I slacked in taking photos this weekend - we were too on the go I guess!
After work Nicole and Audrey stopped by for a quick visit to meet Delainey and I lent all my maternity clothes to her - so crazy to get all of those out of my closet! Nicole also treated Miss D to a cute outfit and gave me a beautiful Pandora bracelet for my birthday and 2 charms to celebrate Delainey. Thank you again Nicole - I really love it.
Then we took Cruz to the vet (YES again!!), dropped Cruz off for a sleepover with Gramma and Grampa (we were out of the house to much Saturday), got groceries and then my cousin Ashley stopped by to meet Delainey as well. I think we crashed after that I don't even remember!?

We were out of the house early to have brunch with Justin's childhood buddies. We had a feast of delicious crepes, had a great time catching up and talking about all things nerd. They are all SO alike it's insane. Us girls just look at each other and smirk or yawn. ;)
 It has been since last summer at Feo's wedding that we were all together so it really was great.
Then we stopped for a visit with Gramma, Grampa and Cruz - came home for a quick nap and then headed out to Darren and Nic's for dinner. We had a great time there as well and were entertained by 6 year old Sienna - she is a riot. He also made ribs so I was a happy girl.

Justin went riding with Brian out to Canmore and I had newborn photos with Auntie Whit.
Whit totally impressed me (as she always does) but new born photos really are an art. They take so much patience, perfection, caution, prep work and time - she came with loads of props to make Delainey comfortable and at ease and they both were rock stars in my eyes. But seriously she totally blew me away and thankfully Delainey cooperated too - I cannot wait to see the rest - here are some sneak peeks!!
She really is amazing and the details she comes up with are so thoughtful too. :) Thank you again Whit - as much as I have tried to tell you - you have no idea how much these (along with all the photos you take for us) mean to me.

Cruz really wanted in on the action! Don't worry she got in on the spot light when we did some photos in the nursery!

Then we had a birthday dinner for Nana's birthday at Uncle Ken's with the family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA!! We love you.

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whit | Black Little Button blog said...

so cute. i love the sneak peeks

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

That was a busy weekend for someone with a newborn! Glad you got lots of visiting in- no one can resist a sweet newborn, or her awesome parents!

I can't wait to see Delainey's newborn pictures! The teasers are amazing so I'm sure the rest will be breathtaking also.

Thanks again for all the clothes! Lots of things fit so that's great! I'll also have clothes for Phoenix which everyone will be thankful for! Can't wait to try out the DVDs!

Hope you get some rest this week!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You guys had a busy weekend! Delainey got to meet lots of people it sounds like. She sounds like a pretty good little baby :)
Love those pics from the shoot with Whitney! So excited to see more. I had been waiting for your shoot :)

Leigh said...

Wooieee! That was a busy weekend for you guys! Glad that you were able to see lots of friends. Can't wait to see the rest of Miss Delainey's pictures :)

Ashley said...

I just adore those newborn pics!! Where are those dice from? Love them!! Sounds like a perfect weekend!!! Has it snowed there yet? Can you make me feel better about what might come thus week? Yuck!

Bex said...

Wow, you're a super mom for having such a busy weekend with a tiny baby AND after just having a c-section. I feel like I didn't do anything for months after Liam was born. Good for you :)

I can't wait to see more photos from the newborn shoot!

Rachel and John said...

What a busy weekend you had! You are a trooper. Just had surgery and you are going all over the place! Can't wait to meet this baby. And see you!!

Kae Muir said...

wow, such a busy weekend!
how exciting though!
love the little sneak of the newborn photos!
xxoo loves

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Sounds like you've been busy! LOVE the newborn photos! SO PRECIOUS!! Can't wait to see more:)

Murdock's mama said...

LOVE the sneaks!!! Show me MORE!! :)

Rebekah said...

You guys have been busy! I love seeing pictures of Delainey and the newborn photos, oh my goodness! I can't wait to see more. They make me excited to have ours done in hopefully a few weeks!

Rachel Steck said...

Sounds like you need to rest after your busy weekend! The newborn pics are beautiful, can't wait to see more. Glad all your friends got to meet Delainey!

Jessica said...

Aaah!!! Those pictures are so so sweet!!!

Laura said...

sounds like an awesome weekend....I can't wait to see more of the newborn photos, she looks so adorable!!! Still so so happy for you!