{Update on my girls}


Happy Friday! :) We have a busy weekend coming up but I am looking forward to all of it.
Also who knew that my thumb injury years ago would come in handy now...at that time I got pretty good at typing with hand at work and now I can type with one hand and still cuddle Delainey! :) Perfect.

Alright a couple updates {and I am working on typing up Delainey's birth day, hopefully next week it will be done}.

{Cruz Update}
She is doing great as a big sister. I was never all that worried, I just wanted to make sure she still felt loved and got as much attention as Delainey does/as she used to.

{To prep her for baby coming home we didn't do all that much - on day 1 we sent home a swaddle blanket with my Mom and Dad that we had used on Delainey all day for them to put in Cruz's bed and we also had Mom and Dad waiting at our house with Cruz when we got home with Delainey just so it was us coming home to Cruz instead of her coming home to us with a new member of the family. Who knows if either of those helped but I felt better by doing them. Delainey also bought Cruz new toys that she gave to her every couple of days when we got home. ;)}

Cruz loves her sister. She gives Delainey kisses, positions herself extra close, checks on her when she is in her bassinet, smells her diaper and will often sit right next to who ever is holding her.
She isn't concerned when Delainey cries which I thought might bother her but she doesn't even get up.
Cruz and I are both thrilled to be able to do our afternoon walks together. {Thankfully Justin walks her in the morning cause I am not sure I could be organized or awake enough to do that one yet - soon. Thanks babe!}
When we learned I had to have a c-section I remember one of my first thoughts being Cruz and being so sad I wouldn't be able to walk her for a while and wondered how she'd adjust to that.
But luckily by day 8 I was able to get out with her and Justin and by day 9 I was out there all by myself.
And we are SO proud of Cruz because she is SO good walking beside the stroller. She stays right beside it and doesn't pull. Makes this mama so happy. One of my biggest fears was A. Cruz being awful walking with the stroller or B. Delainey hating her car seat/stroller therefore hating walks. And at this point she is super content in there and either sleeps or is wide awake and just hanging out. I am up to doing the 4km ravine loop also.
Like I said before Delainey was born - having a baby would NEVER ever change how we feel about Cruz. She will never just be a dog. Ever. 

{Delainey Update}
Where to start! Miss D is great. We have been seeing our Dr weekly (thank you Mom and Dad for chauffeuring us around!) because she is little and was frank breech they just want to make she is gaining weight and all is ok with her legs/hips (she will have an ultrasound at 6 weeks to check her hips). Our Dr is thrilled with her though.
She is eating like a champ - I have to wake her every 3 hours to eat until she is a bit bigger but I can let her go 4 hours at night now (as of yesterday) if she is content sleeping but last night she was ready to eat around 3 hours like usual.
She now weighs 6lbs 7oz. She still only fits into premie, 5-7lbs and some newborn clothes so we rotate outfits a lot and do laundry often. She does not love baths, having her diaper changed and she gets hiccups a couple times a day just like she did while in my belly which upset her but other than that she is overall a very content and happy baby. She loves to cuddle (or maybe that's me!)! She always flips to her side when you put her down to sleep on her back and already has a very strong neck when doing tummy time or cuddling on someones chest. She makes the silliest/cutest faces when she stretches or is being woken up.
Her legs are much better/straighter - she no longer pulls them up by her ears and the stretches we are doing with her seem to be helping. Her ears and head shape seem to be improving too but really she is pretty darn perfect no matter what. We could not love her more and truly I could go on and on about her.

And lastly some:
{Thank you's}
A huge thank you to all my incredible blog friends for all the sweet gifts they have sent for miss Delainey lately.
Thank you to AbbyLindseyLeslieRachel for your amazingly thoughtful gifts - I swore I took photos of everything but cannot find them right now but we love it all!
The adorable sweater, swaddle, car seat toy, puppy tails book, outfits, clips, Sophie, bath thermometer, freezer meal, ETC!!! Thank you.

Thank you to these ladies too...
Gabriella - Homie even sent Cruz treats!!
Thank you SO very much. Delainey is one lucky & loved little girl. It's pretty amazing the friendships you can create through the blog world!
Alright Happy weekend everyone - my right hand is tired from typing. ;)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Great update! Glad to hear Cruz is doing awesome, I am not so sure about our little furry friend ;) She is growing like a champ too!

Melissa said...

So sweet! I just love that Cruz loves her baby sister so much, it makes me teary that you and i are on the same boat that our dogs will never be just a dog! I can't wait to see how Macy is going to be with her sister in a few days or so :) Delainey is so cute! i am happy you are feeling good and able to get out on those walks with your girls :)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Awe Cruz! Such a sweet girl she is.. Does she tear stuff up as often as she used to?? Just wondering haven't seen one of those posts in awhile lol. Delainey is adorable glad to see she's doing good! good job momma!

Gabriella said...

Homie will never just be a dog either! I love that Cruz is so protective of her baby sister. It is the sweetest thing! Delainey is the cutest little peanut!

Ashley said...

My goodness Delainey is rolling in the mail! Lol!!! But she is soo very worth it!! So glad Cruz is loving her new role!! I'm not too worried about the dogs for us either, more so the cats!! Like a certain cat on antidepressants haha! She does look super cute in that onsie though! I think I will be ordering Baby V one!!

Bex said...

Glad everyone is doing so well and that you are getting out for lots of walks!

Leigh said...

Glad that Cruz and Delainey are both doing well! Lucky Delainey being spoiled by your wonderful friends :)

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

yay for great updates! i absolutely love her onesie shes wearing, of course! we did the same steps for our dogs to get used to crue.. and they tolerate him, but they could almost care less. im glad they aren't acting mean or depressed but i wish theyd love on him a little more! i keep telling myself when he starts to drop food from the high chair they'll figure it out, lol!

Café Moka said...

I don't think I have said it, but congratulations! She is precious!

Seriously?! said...

Oh Cruz, the best is yet to come!!! Just you wait!!! ;)

I think my heart exploded once I saw how in love Lucy was with our little miss. I'm sure yours did the same.

So awesome! Enjoy! xo

Katie said...

those headbands you got are SO cute!! another reason i wished you lived closer - i have so many newborn and little onsies addilyn never fit into - I wish I could get them to you easily :) glad you guys are doing well - she is adorable!!!

Nicole [Haus of Harnois] said...

What an awesome pup! Our little fur babies issue has been 'talking' to passerbys. We finally had to get a bark collar, which was our last resort really, but now he doesn't often have to wear it because he's getting so much better! We also have the same carseat canopy! :D

Amber said...

Ahh so so cute! Love the picture of both of them curled up on the bed.

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

she will be one stylist little lady

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm so glad to hear Cruz and Delainey are doing well! Cruz is the bestest big sister ever! What a great companion she is! I hope she is feeling better!

Delainey is perfect! I don't blame you for wanting to cuddle her all the time- I didn't want to give her back!

You look great and awesome job on doing the 4K ravine loop! I'd love to join you sometime!

D will have no shortage of clothes or headbands!

Lacey said...

She is SO stinkin cute! I love how you can see how much Cruz loves her in the pictures. Bella isn't cuddly with Jaxon, instead she tried to play with him and he just could care less lol it's pretty funny

Kae Muir said...

my oh my she is sure adorable. so is cruz girl!