{Nursery inspirations - DIY}

{this is waiting to be hung now that her name is out!}

Thank you again for all your sweet comments on little misses nursery a few weeks back - I had so much fun working on it and I loved being able to craft many little things for it.
So while I waited patiently for Justin to paint - I needed some projects!
Or to give Justin a few more projects it often seemed!

I saw both on pinterest and we liked them both so Justin had the idea for me to combine the 2 and make our own instead of choosing one to buy.
and crystals:
It was Justin's idea to hang it all from birch wood rather than a hoop or something and I loved that.
Thanks to Mom and Dad for finding that for us at the lake.

{Book Shelves}
Along with baby clothes - I have collected kid books. I love books and we have already gotten some gifts of Emerson and Easton's favorite books too. So when I saw this idea on pinterest I knew we had to have it and knew the perfect spot.
Ours is right as you walk in..
Added a little basket with over flow. :)

{READ letters}
Thought the read letters above the shelves was a cute idea...
So I found the letters at Micheals in the dollar bin in lovely green and yellow shades...
 Painted them pink and then decorated each of them!
They are much prettier and sparklier in real life. 
{I also made the alphabet banner with paper and doilies as Justin said that spot needed 'something'}

{Ultrasound canvas}
We love her ultrasound photos so much that I knew I had to en-cooperate them into her nursery. I saw this idea and loved it but decided to add a quote instead and obviously tinted the canvas pink.
"We made a wish and you came true"
{A company did this canvas for me in exchange for a review but the website it now gone and the emails no longer work - so strange!}

{Shadow box}
I love this idea - it's heart punches from cards baby received.
But this is ours. It's the same butterflies as her mobile.

 I have had this piece for years now. It came from a rental property my parents had at the lake and I loved the style and knew with some TLC it would be perfect for a future nursery. So it moved from the lake, to our old house to our new house and finally was able to be used!
Before (with hardware removed):
 You can't really tell but the previous color is a sea foam green color.
It is super old and had layers and layers of green paint. Justin also chopped the legs shorter as it is actually a hutch.
While in progress - I did the sanding:
Then Justin painted it grey. Then added a coat of crackle paint. Then painted it white. And then sanded it and distressed it. (He did the same steps on the rocker)
The final product:
We used the original hardware.

{DIY Table}
I wanted just a little table next to the rocking chair and everything was really big or super expensive so I remembered this pin I saw on Pinterest -
Upside down garbage can!
So I used the old garbage can that was in this room (couldn't find a cool one like above) when it was our computer room - spray painted it white.
Then found this frame at Home sense and painted the outer edge white with some pink sponging from it's original gold.

{DIY Rocker - bought on kijiji}
Color before:
While I sanded it...
 After Justin's hard work:
{My MIL recovered the cushion for us with a grey faux suede curtain I found on clearance at Walmart for $6}

{Headband holder}
Got this from the thrift store - painted it pink - added glitter.
Covered in headbands!

{Pink Frame}
Before - 50cent frame from the thrift store
Painted it pink with left over pink paint from stripes hung it with 3m command strips.
Justin adding the vinyl to the inside of the frame.
Also when Justin painted the stripes he used Frog Tape and it  worked great.

I think that covers everything other than the prints I made on picmonkey for the gallery wall and the name one above. Any questions though - just ask!

ps. all the inspirations photos are via pinterest.

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Ashley said...

Love the mobile!! Did you do the ultrasound pic yourself or send it out to be put on canvas? I love it!!! Her name print is adorable too!!

Rachel Steck said...

I love it all!! Excellent job!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I just love how creative and crafty you are -insert major jealously here ;) I think I have done maybe 2 DIY projects for the nursery. I have done a few prints on the computer, but that is about as crafty as I get. I had planned on doing a mobile (LOVE yours) but my co-workers surprised me with an awesome one from Etsy.

Kelly said...

What a WONDERFUL post!!! SO neat to share all of your DIYs. I loved seeing the READ letters up close too! SO pretty :-D

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I LOVE it. So pretty and fit for a princess:) I thought about the mobile, but didn't have time, and I really love the vinyl letters in the frame, such a cute idea!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

love love love! and all those headbands, she's going to be one stylist babe.

Katie said...

i need to know more about that rocking chair! I found a little one and want to make it look like that!! LOVE the branch mobile and we have an ultrasound canvas and love it!

Nikki said...

Just gorgeous!

Leigh said...

I love everything you did in the nursery :) The last time I was at IKEA, I picked up some of the spice racks for future use :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You did such a great job! Your mobile is way nicer than the 2 inspiration ones ;)

I'm stealing a few of these ideas, like the spice racks for books and making some of your own artword. I love the buttons and name print too! And what a genius idea for the side table! I'm definitely going to look for something like that.

I also need to check the thrift store more often! Did you spray paint the frames and letters or paint with a brush?

Justin did such a great job on the stripes, rocker and dresser! Looks like a lot of hard work!

Bex said...

You guys did such a great job. I am not crafty whatsoever so Liam's room is pretty plain jane.

Caroline said...

Wow! This is amazing. You did a great job, Mommy!

Kae Muir said...

wow. simply amazing. so detailed, and I love how you tied it all together. love love love.

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

i am amazed! you did SO well!

Pamela said...

LOVE everything y'all did!! The mobile is too cute!

Mom said...

I have said it before but you both did an amazing job with Delainey's room. From the design ideas to the execution of them....the room is just gorgeous and I love it.

I'll Love You Forever said...

AMAZING!!! Love it all!!

Whit said...

What an awesome room!! You guys did a great job!! :)