{I confess}


I confess...
...that I wear my glasses to sleep so that when Delainey makes a peep I can check on her.

...I ate the chocolate chip cookies Whitney and East made us me during the middle of the night feedings over the last week.

...I have a hard time putting Delainey down when she is sleeping. I could cuddle her all day long.
{and yes I am as tired as I look in the photo}

.... I am more in love with Justin now than ever.
...I still tear up thinking about seeing miss Delainey for the first time. Justin and I could hardly talk we were just so in awe of her.

...I am really good at crying. Happy, anxious, in love, overwhelmed, nervous, I have no idea what the hell I am doing tears...they all come naturally and easily to me lately, well more so lately, I have always been a crier (thanks mom!).

...I love our Cruzie girl so much and I am so proud of how she has adapted to a baby taking over her house.
{this was how I took a shower: hired the best baby sitter out there!}

...I kinda felt like superwoman on my first day alone after Justin went back to work on Wednesday- I got Delainey in her car seat, got it in the stroller and then took Cruz and her for our first ravine walk alone. Then I showered and also had dinner going. ;)
Ha! Trust me - I know women do this and much more with even more on their plate but I was proud.

...that as sore as I am it's still hard not to want to workout.

... as much as I thought getting dressed was hard in my last weeks of pregnancy - it's 100 times harder now. At least then I had a belly to flaunt. Right now I have a belly I want hide and an incision that hurts no matter what bottoms I wear. BUT it is pretty amazing what the body can do and that belly was Delainey's home for 9 months so I am trying to embrace it. I just may live in PJs for a while.

...that if there was a contest to take a thousand ++ photos of your sleeping baby in a week I'd win.

...that I am so so thankful this thanksgiving weekend. I never in a million years thought we would be heading to the lake with our own little babe this weekend but I could not be happier.

Have a fabulous thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and family.

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Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

So glad to hear you are doing great!!! Love Cruz watching over Delainey!!! sooo sweet!!!!

Ashley said...

Love that chevron onsie! Where from? I just love all the pics of her, instead of fashion Fridays for yourself while you rock your pjs (which you are entitled to) you could do Delainey fashion Fridays! You are just meant to be a mom with how smooth things are going!!

Rachel Steck said...

These are the best pictures!! Going on a walk with Delainey and Cruz, showering (which is a big deal-thank you Miss Cruz) and getting dinner started! That's awesome! Glad you have a live-in baby sitter for Delainey. Take those pictures because your friends from afar (cough, ME, cough) LOVE seeing pics of you and your family!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I'm with you girl, I def. feel in love with my husband all over again when I seen how in love with Savanna he is! These are the best moments girl, cherish them! Savanna is almost 5 months old and I STILL randomly wake up and check on her in the middle of the night to make sure she's okay!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love these proud mama posts and the millions of photos of Delainey!!

I don't know how you sleep with your glasses on! I could never do it.

I still wore mat pants for the first little while- the band actually sucked in the belly. Long, loose cardigans and tunics were also my friend. It was difficult finding breast feeding attire though. The pjs or comfy sweats were and still are, always on at home!

Be proud! Some days just brushing your teeth will be an accomplishment!

I still don't want to put Audrey down when she falls asleep on me. Those cuddles are the best thing.

Christy said...

omg that pink ruffle onesie is gorgeous!!! She is beautiful, congrats again <3 I wouldn't ever put her down either!

Caroline said...

This is absolutely precious. You look beautiful as always!

Leigh said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend at the lake :)

Whit said...

Happy Thanksgiving mama!!!! You're doing amazing!! xox

Kae Muir said...

Happy Thanksgiving love.

This post brought me to tears. My heart just fills for you guys. No better parents and sister (cruz girl) out there.

You are doing amazing. I would feel like super woman if you did that!

xxoo loves you

Bex said...

The fact that you had dinner going is amazing. I didnt cook for weeks after Liam.

I know exactly how you feel trying to dress after baby/csection. It's tough. Loose tops and yoga pants were best for me. Take it easy while recovering. It's tough not being able to do much.

Ashley said...

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canadian!! :)
You look fantastic - and good job on the walk, shower, and dinner! Definitely is a big accomplishment while getting used to motherhood!
Her ruffly pjs are ADORABLE!!! Where are they from?

Mandy said...

She is such a doll baby!! And the picture of her and Cruz are ADORABLE!! :) You will cherish those forever. We have some of both of our babies and our sweet Riley and we're so glad that we have those now. Hope you start healing quicker- after the 1st few weeks it gets better I promise!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

Benlovesting said...

'These photos are so sweet!

Nicole [Haus of Harnois] said...

awww sweet pup! :)

Katie said...

she is so adorable! and that is a beatiful picture of you seeing her for the first time! you should be ridiculously proud of yourself for that - i still feel really proud when I have dinner made and went out somewhere! enjoy those snuggles - i still don't want to put her down!

Nikki said...

Happy Thanksgiving! So so happy for you!

Kristin said...

awww Cruz really is the best!!!

Kristin said...

awww Cruz really is the best!!!

Courtney B said...

I spy little pj's I got her!! CUTE!
You are super woman! I didn't take Mia out of the house by myself for at least 3 weeks. But maybe that has to do with the fact that it was the dead of winter and the weather was completely miserable and I was terrified of driving on the snow with a precious baby in my car!
That is SO sweet that cruz watches over her! Melt my heart!