Happy Thursday!
We are going with random today, it's been a while. :)
I'm getting a massage this morning and I have requested more of a relaxing one as opposed to my painful kneading one I had last time. I'm pretty excited about it.
I had a great day yesterday spending it with Whit, East, Fin and the pups. We had bubble tea and then just chatted the day away. It was perfect.
This little monkey and his sister are just too darn cute and fun as well!
Why doesn't Canada get all these pumpkin spice treats?!
These Pumpkin spice M&M's Jolie shared with me (that her Mom sent from NY) were so very tasty
and pumpkin spice kisses...we can't find those here either!
I could do some yummy baking with these treats!
I did make these super easy Pumpkin Spice muffins for the staff at work before I left and they were a huge hit.
All you do is mix these two things together and bake as per the directions on the cake box.
And then if you are like me you turn them into cupcakes and add cream cheese icing on top. Your co-workers will love you. :)
I love that Son's has started back up again! I missed him, I mean the show. ;) 
I'm also loving Survivor, Chicago Fire - what else..? I do love fall TV.
How cute it this? I mean really. Then I could eat all the candy corn. Or craft with it.
Cruz was a big helper while working on the nursery. She loves this spot by the crib. :) I found her in there on Monday all by herself.
I watched this movie last week one evening Justin was out. I liked - I know it's old but it was cute.
Cruz got an excellent clean bill of health at her yearly check up - EVEN her ears! Whoo hoo. Let's just not talk about how much this cute girl cost us this summer. :) Worth every penny though.
This is her "I HATE THIS PLACE MOM" face!!! Even though our new vet is awesome.
It was awfully chilly on our walk this morning!! Definitely feels like fall now. Our weather can't make up it's mind - we are flip flopping between summer and fall. As long as the snow holds out I am happy.
 There we go - randomness at it's best.
Have a fabulous day!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I want those M&Ms too! Enjoy your massage today, you deserve it!

Ashley said...

Cruz is too cute waiting for the babe!! I think shes as anxious as all of us!! lol!
enjoy your massage today!!! I will be cleaning windows and the bath tub... fun times!!

Leigh said...

Have you watched this weeks episode of SOA yet? Gah, started off with such a bang. I'm craving pumpkin treats now thanks to you :) Love the picture of you and Easton :)

Pamela said...

Awww look at CRUZ! How cute!! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

love that chevron print and ahh your dog is such a sweetie. what a great protector of the baby your dog will be

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe. i love that cruz has a spot :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Enjoy your massage! I usually prefer relaxing ones.

They get such better candy in the US! Ashley mentioned Starburst Candy Corn (I think that's what it was?) and I almost cried because I wanted it so badly! I still need to find more candy corn. You have to do that cute baby picture! I'll help you eat or craft with the props!

Easton is looking so grown up these days! Cutie pie!

Cruz is such a good supervisor. That's awesome that she has a clean bill of health!

Rachel Steck said...

I'm so glad Cruz got a good report from the vet and that her ears are better too. What a relief! (for her and you too).
Her spot in front of the crib is precious.
I will happily send you pumpkin anything from here in Ohio - just let me know where to send it!!

Jessica said...

I make those muffins ALL THE TIME!! So good :D

Whit said...

We LOVED our day with you too! Can't wait for next week's menchies date!! Ummmm bring on the candy corn we have to do that photo -- SO cute!! And brilliant cupcake recipe!! xox

Christy said...

I actually tested a pattern for a candy corn hat! I think I still have it if you wanted one for baby girl's newborn photos!

Rachel and John said...

YUM! Those treats sound awesome. I hope you enjoy your massage!

A Momma in Training said...

That candy corn pic is too cute!and from what I can see, I am loving the nursery!

Kristin said...

Just bought those m&m's, will crack them open later to try!

Gabriella said...

That candy corn baby picture is beyond adorable! Look at Cruz waiting for her baby sister to get here. I love it! Glad she got a clean bill of health!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Awe cruz is gonna be a good big sister!

Caroline said...

I was hoping being pregnant would make me like pumpkin. No such luck.

Kae Muir said...

Ohhh I will try to find you some pumpkin spice treats!
So glad Cruz is clear and healthy!
Love fall tv. : ) Grey's for me!!!

Melissa said...

I love that baby candy corn picture, i think i pinned it last week :) Also Cruz is just too cute, i love that she lays in front of the baby crib i think her and Macy would be the best of friends :) Macy does the same thing! They are going to be the best of big sisters! Also, so happy to hear she got a clean bill of health! Enjoy your weekend.