{My last Monday}

Happy Monday!
This weekend was good but seemed busy!
Friday Justin was out helping his buddy Darren with new house stuff so Cruz and I hung out, I put all the hardware back onto the dresser and then we cozied up on bed with popcorn and watched The Never Ending Story. 
I had seen it numerous times as a kid but hardly remembered it. It is so strange! And a little creepy but still a classic.
Saturday morning after a raining family walk, I met up with Leigh as she invited me to go check out a huge kids clothes and toy sale at the community center in her neighborhood with her. It was great - so busy and tons of stuff. I lucked out (with Leigh's help!) and got 2 sleep sacs, 1 sleep sac swaddle, a cute mexx coat, 3 newborn onesies and the cutest pair of baby Toms all for $40. Thanks again Leigh.
Afterwards I got groceries, came home and quickly vacuumed & washed the floors before heading off to Emerson's 3rd "Wizard of Oz" birthday party.
Crystal did a great job with the details..
And Emerson was the CUTEST Dorothy you ever did see!! She had a blast.
 {My MIL made her outfits and this will be her Halloween costume too. :)}
Then we had to come home and quickly get ready for Blake and Karen to come for dinner. Justin took Cruz for walk while I finished cleaning and made apple crisp.
We had a great night catching up with B&K as it had been a while since we had seen them.

Sunday Justin was out of the house bright and early to go help Darren start building his garage. Cruz and I slept in a little and then enjoy a beautiful sunny walk and breakfast on the deck. I then went through 3 boxes of clothes Crystal lent me of Emerson's, tried to work on the gallery wall in the nursery, did a yoga dvd and worked on thank you cards. I met up with Jolie in the afternoon to watch Jeff's hockey team that he coaches play. We enjoyed our first Pumpkin spice Latte of the season too!
[It was funny to see Jeff on the bench decked out in a suit and not on the ice! But I know he'll be an awesome coach and I am proud of him for taking this on]
Then Justin and I met up back at home, took Cruz for a walk and then headed to his mom's place for a belated birthday dinner for both Crystal and Justin. Can't go wrong with chicken casserole and family time!
Emerson is just a riot. She is seriously the funniest kid so we had a great time playing and laughing. Nixon too was a happy camper and was full of smiles and giggles. Love them.
When we got home we went through all the gifts from the lake shower so Justin could see all her goodies and then we tried to hang shelves I bought but they are a really crappy design so they are not being used. Sad but it's ok - we'll get different ones.
The end!

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whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe so cute. I love the one of you and her cuddled on the rocker reading a book. what life will be like for you so soon! I'm so excited.

Megan C said...

I loved that movie as a kid! Haven't seen it since but I'm sure it would kinda different watching it now.

Ashley said...

Recommend any yoga DVDs? I think I'm going to try doing that here at home.
I'm looking for a used pair of grey or blue baby toms - if you see any let know!! Love those pink ones!! Sounds like you scored big time!!

It sounds like you had a pretty awesome weekend!! Happy last week of work!!! I bet it's bittersweet!! Love all the pics of that sweet bump and the wizard of oz party looked sure cute too!!

Murdock's mama said...

You hit the jackpot on the neighborhood kids sale...those TOMS are adorable! J loves hers! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love those TOMS! And what a great deal on everything.
Enjoy your last week at work!!!

Mom said...

Those Tom's are adorable! And speaking of adorable...how about that Emerson? I bet she was in her glory pretending to be Dorothy. Did she turn anyone into a fwog? hahaha

Yeh for your last Monday :)

Leigh said...

Still love all of the great things that you found at the sale! Glad you had some luck. Emerson is adorable in her costume!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Oh darn- I would have wanted to go to that baby sale! Looks like you got lots of goodies though- those TOMs are adorable! Just so you know, they don't stay on very well. Grrrr!

I love the Wizard of Oz theme! Crystal did a great job and Emerson looked adorable!

What a busy weekend! I don't know how you are keeping up at this point!

Enjoy your last Monday!

Kristin said...

Best $40 spent!! Loving the pink toms!! Score!

Kristin said...

Best $40 spent!! Loving the pink toms!! Score!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

cute photos. LOVE the adorable Toms!!

Katie said...

those baby toms are so cute!!

Pamela said...

OMG. That Wizard of Oz themed party is PERFECT! Love the baby TOMS!

Nikki said...

Those Toms are ADORABLE!

Jessica said...

What a cute party! Emerson is adorable :)

Melissa said...

I love Emerson's costume! So cute! Those TOMS are just perfect, can't wait to see a picture with Baby Black wearing them! Also, Cruz looks happy as can be snuggling with her mommy :)

Whit said...

Holy smokes that is one insanely busy weekend!!! I am in LOVE with those TOMS I'm raging with jealousy!!! xox
ps. Please move to the south ;)

Courtney B said...

What a busy weekend!! HOW do you have enough energy for it all?
Those TOMS... I'm DYING! So cute!
My favorite part of the baby showers was to wrap them back up and then watch Eric's reaction as he opened them at home :) It was fun for me to go back through and really focus on each item as well!