{Baby Black: Week 38}


Not having to go to work!
We have our last baby class this week.
We had another good appointment. This is the first week my belly measurement hasn't measured small so that's good news that she is still growing up a storm in there.

Big and clumsy. Justin can attest to this, I drive him bonkers at times. The belly knocks things over, I knock things with my feet cause I can't see them, I bump my poor belly constantly and really just feel like I have zero control!
I do feel very lucky compared to my fellow baby class ladies. There is only one girl due before me (the day before) and some of them aren't due until late November and they are all DONE! They are miserable, swollen, having strong painful braxton hicks, ache all over and really want the babies out now and I kinda stay quiet cause I feel bad I have nothing to complain about and am totally cool with her staying inside to bake a couple more weeks.
Don't get me wrong - I am uncomfortable, large, I ache, I don't sleep and I cringe at certain body parts, there are for sure some unpleasant things going on - I could complain about a lot of things - but I wanted this so badly that all of this seems so worth it and I would take any 'symptom' and do this all over again right now if I had to. But this is just my opinion, I know our class is a good outlet to vent and complain.

Baby Black: 
Her head is down and is the same circumference as her abdomen. She may have an inch or so of hair already. She is slowly shredding the white goo on her skin (vernix caseosa) but some still may be present at birth.

Icky & Loving:
I have been loving pink grapefruit juice. I am not a juice drinker, I like my water with lemon but lately we have had a jug of this in the fridge. So delicious.

Justin & Cruz Update:
We miss Justin! He has been so busy lately which is good cause he loves to help build anything and he has gotten some rides in and I know WE will be busy very soon. Luckily I have him booked in for some dates coming up! :)
Cruzie may not realize it just yet but the next year is going to be a lot different for her having me home and a baby that doesn't leave after a couple hours! I know she will love it once we have a routine in place - right now she just thinks it's summer break again.

Nursery Update:
Done and Done. :) I can hardly believe it's done! I will post about it tomorrow.

What I'm wearing:
Less and less fit that's for darn sure! And some maternity tunics make me look like a tent so it's a no go. ;)

6  - still feels good to get these done in addition to my 2 walks a day with Cruz that I try and speed walk (mainly because the second I get into the ravine I need to pee!) and we do the big loop every afternoon.

Last week:
This week:

What I'm looking forward to:
Meeting her!! I am getting SO darn excited.
Catching up with Whit and her family Friday.
Dates with Justin.
Family dinner Monday for my birthday and Moms.

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Nikki said...

So close! You look fabulous!

Ashley said...

Love the nursery wall color!! Soo excited to see it!!! You look great!! Just soo excited she will be here soo soon!!!

Murdock's mama said...

So when do we get to start guessing what day little miss will make her arrival?! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You look so great! It's funny how you were measuring behind before but still felt huge! I know she will be just perfect!

Even though I've seen the nursery, I can't wait to see the pictures! I love how it turned out and you guys should be proud of all your hard work!

In my prenatal group, I was due last, by 3-4 weeks! I remember the other 2 being so uncomfortable and just ready to give birth yet I still had 6 or so weeks to go! I agree- I think when you want something so badly and waited so long, the symptoms don't seem that bad. The wait was the worst part.

Lucky Cruz- she is going to love you being home!

Hope you get your dates in!

I think we need to start a list of when we think the baby will be born and her weight!

Rachel Steck said...

I can't wait for tomorrow's post! Cruz will have to make adjustments when her baby sister arrives but I know she will be just fine.


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

So excited to see the nursery!
I start my third prenatal yoga class and am guessing I will be one the furthest along there since my class actually goes past my due date.
I agree with Nicole, we need a baby pool!

Rebekah said...

You look fantastic! Haha ever since they started measuring my belly I've been measuring 1-2 weeks ahead which is on track with him measuring big. Big baby over here! I cannot wait for your nursery post! I'm so so so excited to see it. This week has been super uncomfortable for me but like you I'll take any and all aches/pains to bring this boy into the world!

Wifessionals said...

I'm waiting to see what happens in the next 2-3 weeks! There are so many bloggers I know coming up to their due dates. I am so excited to start meeting all these babies!!

Courtney Kassner said...

I can't wait to see her nursery! I'm sure it's so cute!
It's great that you have such a positive outlook on pregnancy this late in the game...I need to remember that next time I think "get this baby out of me!" Haha Hope you're enjoying your first week off!

Leigh said...

Getting closer and closer! I know that I've seen the nursery, but can't wait for you to share it with others because it's so pretty :)

Rachel and John said...

How fitting that the baby is a pumpkin and it's so fall like today! You know how excited I am to see her nursery!! You look awesome!

Bex said...

I can't wait to meet her too. You're adorable and look so darn cute with that big belly!

Mom said...

Cruzie has a look on her face that says... Ok, so who is this room for anyway?!? Looking forward to seeing it all finished.

That is one big tummy!! Haha At least Dad isn't calling you 'Your Immenseness' like he did me!! In jest of course.

Mandy said...

Can't wait to see the nursery tomorrow!! I spied some really cute bookshelves in that pic! ;) And is it just me or did your belly drop just a little bit from last week? You're so close!!

Jessica said...

You look great mama!!

Courtney B said...

38 weeks, YAY! And you look awesome!
I can't wait to see the nursery!