{Weekend Switch Up}

While you are reading this I am back at work. womp womp.
Where the heck did the 6 weeks go? I cannot complain one bit, I know, it was wonderful and it will be good to get back into the routine of work. Sort of. ;)

Friday Justin had the day off so we walked, then him and Cruz went for a run while I worked out, we ran errands and then he set up a surveillance system in our house while I worked on a banner for the nursery.
After that our weekend didn't go as planned at all.
We were supposed to go camping with Crystal, Troy, Emerson and Nixon like we do every summer. So we drove out to our regular spot - we never reserve a spot as they have 400+ sites and have never had an issue...until Friday night. Boo. There are a lot of bears in the area right now so they only have a third of the sites open and therefore they were full. SO sad. Even after driving around to half a dozen other camp grounds - we were headed back home. So disappointing and a lot of packing, planning and driving for nothing! Oh well.
We got home - unpacked (boo), Justin went for a bike ride 
and Cruz and I lounged on the couch on the deck{we found some yummy virgin spiced wine at Co-op and it's pretty tasty}. 

I said it was no fair we were back at home as I had no plans to clean or workout all weekend and that is just what we did on Saturday! We did jobs around the house, Justin vacuumed, did the lawn and detailed the truck while I gave Cruz a bath (and then she proceeded to shed off 2 entire dogs worth of hair) worked out, cleaned the floors and dusted.
Then Crystal, Troy and the kids came over to BBQ since we already had dinner planned for camping!
This little monkey was one happy boy all evening! :) 
Uncle Justin did some tweaks on Emerson's bike (lowered the seat, took the off peddles and then the training wheels) and then she had to give it a try!
Cutest little biker!
We had an awesome dinner on the deck and the temperature was beautiful! Such a good visit - not as good as camping but good enough!
After they left we decided to hangout on the deck some more and enjoy the cool, beautiful night.
Justin snapped this shot and then within minutes it was gone!
Then we watched Robot & Frank. It was really cute - we had never heard of it but it was a good, easy watch.

Sunday we got up and went for a beautiful ravine walk together and then Mom & Dad popped by for a quick visit and to see the nursery progress before heading back to the lake. It was nice to actually show them the room instead of just seeing photos!
The rest of the day was spent with Justin cleaning out both vehicles and cutting the legs off the old dresser for the nursery and then he agreed to let me sand it seeing as I am a pro sander.
I finished sanding the whole thing and the drawers and now I cannot wait to get it painted!
While I finished that Justin went for a bike ride and then we went for a very hot walk with the Cruz.
She has mastered the "being super cute ALL the time" I swear.

We used a Living Social deal at Amici's for dinner and our bellies were very happy with our decision to do so.
And then I pouted a little that my last day of holidays was slowly coming to a close...sad night.

Last but not least - Happy Birthday to my super Mom of a cousin Logan!!!
Love you lots Log!!!!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love that dresser, I cannot wait to see it finished. I was scared of the sander so did most of mine by hand lol. Ridiculous I know.
Hope your first day back at work goes good!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

agreed, love the dresser! Hope work goes well for you.


Mom said...

Busy weekend for sure after your disappointing Camping trip.

Love, Love, Love the nursery! It is adorable. You and Justin have done a fabulous job. You are right... it was so nice to see for real and not just in photo form.

Hope your first day back at work isn't too exhausting.


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

Oh, I could just curl up with that pooch right on the deck! What a cutie! I found alcohol free wine this weekend, too, but didn't try it. Is it good?

Jessica said...

I can't wait to see the finished dresser!!

Ashley said...

That dresser is cute!! Boo to back a work!! The kids aren't back yet right?

That sucks about the camping as well!! We have still yet to go! We finally had a warm weekend!! The evenings cool right down. But it's warm again today!!

Glad you made the best of your weekend!!

Rachel and John said...

A surveillance system! Like with cameras? Or just an alarm system?
Boo about camping. I'm glad you still made the most of it!!

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a productive but relaxing weekend! Love those! :) I am DYING to see that dresser finished!!

Nikki said...

Those skies! OMG! BEAUTIFUL!

Kristin said...

Wont be long until you are off work again holding your baby!

Katie said...

i've never heard of that movie! i want ti see it! sounds like such a productive saturday. way to go!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

How disappointing about the camping! Glad you made the best of the weekend though, even if you did took my chores.

I love the dresser!! I can't wait to see how you finish it.

Hope your first day back went well.

Whit said...

i still can't get over the fact that you're back at work. :( Not enough summer dates were had. Sounds like it ended up being a work weekend, hahaha.. can't leave you two alone in the house without you guys coming up with a project ;) lol. Sounds like someone we know... Hrmm Rick! lol xox