{Thursday Randomness}


I love these kids. And their mama. I was able to spend the day with them Tuesday and it was wonderful. 
Cruz was happy to play with Titus and East too!

The lovely Courtney {and Mia!} sent little miss a package full of adorable girlie things!
Thank you again so much.

I'm not ready for my summer holidays to be over. At all. I have enjoyed my morning ravine walks with Cruz so much - it's so quiet, cool and pretty down there. Lunch on the deck is a pretty good addition to my day and I like having a list of thing to do around the house.
BUT the sooner I get back to work - the sooner it will be our little girls birthday! :)

We got our photos back from our girlfriends shoot with Whitney and they are INCREDIBLE. We are so thankful to have these and I cannot wait to share them ALL. What you don't want to see all 65 of them?!?!! Too bad. ;) Ok fine - I'll start with 3.
PS. My dress is from Hazel & Olive.

It's no wonder I am feeling BIG... 7 weeks versus 33 weeks! Grow baby grow!

That's all for today. :) Have a fabulous day!!

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Ashley said...

Those pics are super adorable! I want to see them all!! Haha!

Bex said...

You always have the best outfits. I need to take you shopping with me some day haha

Mom said...

The group shots look great. You looked SO skinny at 7 weeks!! XO

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

love the group photos, as always!

Jessica said...

Those group pictures are adorable!! :D

Rachel and John said...

Aw Finley is looking so big already! Love those little baby outfits! Love Whit's photos! She's so talented.

Courtney B said...

You look AMAZING! I remember feeling like there was no room left to grow... but Mia and my belly grew anyway, ha!
Those pictures of you girls are AMAZING! And your dress is perfection. It compliments your bump perfectly! Gorgeous!

Leigh said...

Easton and Finley are adorable! Glad you were able to spend time with them...and Whit too of course! I almost feel sad for you that you have to go back to work ;) haha. I am dreading going back after our trip

Rachel Steck said...

The photos are gorgeous!!


Kristin said...

Love the girlfriend pictures, totally gorgeous

A Possible Fantasy said...

pretty pretty girl! those baby girl stuff are sooo cute!

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Sessy@NTSST said...

Looking GORG! Love the 7 and 33 week comparison!!!!

Nikki said...

LOVE that dress! You are so freaking adorable with that belly!