Like I have said before Regatta is one of my favorite weekends of the year and I have yet to EVER miss one!
I mean check out the venue...
Warning: This post has A LOT of photos.

Justin, Cruz and I arrived at the lake around lunch time and Debbie, Crystal, Troy and the kids around dinner time.
Emerson and Cruz are the best of buddies. Nixon has also become a huge fan of Cruz now too!
Cruz and Bailey sitting on the steps with Emerson and Nana.
Emerson spent a lot of time being a puppy like Cruz.
Emerson played in her pool, we had an easy dinner, hung out and then most of us had an early night as we had a big weekend ahead of us - while Justin and Troy enjoyed some beers on the dock.

Someone was a happy boy!
We were up early and ready for the races.
The gang - minus Mom the photographer.
Emerson and Uncle Justin.
 Emerson and Dal dominated the running races.
Auntie Alison with the 2 winners!
Speedy Mayela.
 Avah in the sack race.

Troy even did the sprint while us ladies went in the nail hammering contest.
Later that afternoon it was parade time. Of course Mom and Dad looked their usual awesome selves for the parade. 
And of course took first prize!
Highlight: DQ being there and giving out Dilly Bars!
After the parade we all went for a swim - even Nixon joined in!
I think the cold water made the belly shrink!
Dad and chunker - Uncle Justin's new name for Nixon.
Saturday night we had a great bonfire as well.

When Emerson wasn't a puppy she was a "bad bad witch" and turned us into a "fwog"!
We lounged and enjoyed the sun!
Then it was sandcastle time. Our family runs the sand castle building contest and as usual we had a good turn out and lots of impressive creations. Emerson had a great time digging, filling the bucket and dumping and announcing to anyone who could hear her that "I am building a sand castle!!" and "I am having so much fun!!!" She was hilarious.
Sunday afternoon we hosted the Kan Jam tournament and it too had a great turn out.
 Justin and Jeff are usually the undefeated team but with Jeff being in NY, Justin and Troy were a team and made it to the semi finals and lost to Steve and Mike.
Afterwards Amanda and Justin did some acrobat tricks!
Then we all went for a boat ride and Emerson had the best time - again!
The also entertained us with a dance party! Raising the roof!!
Cruz also had lots of play time.
The dancing and playing wore them out!
Sunday night was fire works so we woke the kids up and all piled in the boat to go watch. Emerson "wowed" the whole time and Nixon even loved it. It was an amazing show!

Uncle Justin and Emerson went for a kayak ride.
Emerson and I played in her pool and took our annual photo together!
Emerson's 1st summer:
This year:
Then we headed down to Volleyball where Justin played on a team with Ashley, Amanda, Scott, Brian and Jay but unfortunately lost their first game so were eliminated.
Justin, Troy and Dad all threw horseshoes in the horseshoe tournament afterwards an Dad won!!
Then the it was time for them to head home - Dal and Emerson saying goodbye!
It was such a fantastic weekend! The weather was beautiful - hot and sunny the whole time! And I am so glad Justin's family could join us as well. Until next year Regatta!

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Ashley said...

Looks like soo much fun! Look at that belly!!! It's a baby black growing for sure!! Love all the pics! Glad you had an awesome long weekend!!

Jessica said...

How cute are your parents?! Love it.
Your bump is adorable ;)

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Love all the fun pics!!

Carolyn said...

OMG! Such a fun weekend! I love the yearly pictures! SO CUTE!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe I love the photo overload! So fun!

Gabriella said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! The yearly pictures of you and Emerson are adorable. Loving that belly!

Tennille said...

It looks like you guys had a great weekend. What a fun event to look forward to every year!

Rachel and John said...

Cute! Love your yearly photo's with Emerson!

Rachel Steck said...

Wow what a celebration! Reading about it made me tired (ha!). What a fun time. Great photos and beautiful scenery - wow. No wonder you love Regatta so much.


Courtney B said...

Girl, you are rocking that bikini!! So dang CUTE! I wore a bikini when I went to Vegas (I think I was 27 weeks?) and you wouldn't believe the looks I got, ha! I'm sure they all thought I was crazy for being in Vegas while pregnant! (And I'm still kicking myself for not taking a picture of my belllllay!)
Can I just move in with you? You guys are always doing the funnest things!

Janna Renee said...

Your parents {and family in general} are the coolest! I'm not surprised they won!