{Ice Cream & Mustard}

Hello! And a happy Thursday to YOU. It's August - can you believe it?! Exactly 2 months until little miss Black is scheduled to arrive!!

Today my post is gonna be a love/hate post therefore an ice cream/mustard post because that's the title that popped into this head of mine.

{ice cream}
Does the top photo not just make you smile. And want to cuddle up with her right here: 
I know me too. I love her.

Her ears are still bugging her and it makes me so sad for her.

{ice cream}
I have been having the BEST time making progress in the nursery let me tell you. I wish I had drill and hammer privileges so I could just finish it up! And paint privileges too - I used to have those but Justin has become a strict Dad-to-be let me tell you. BUT we are close. And I love it. Like a lot lot.

Jobs around the house - even if they are nursery related. Boo. They took up most of our stay-cation and now we are cutting our lake week short because of them too. Boo. Just boo. Sometimes being all grown up and adult like is a real bummer!

{ice cream}
It's Regatta at the lake this weekend!! One of my most favorite times of the year!
And this year Justin's family is joining us. This will be Nixon's first lake trip!
 And this stylista loves the lake already and I hope loves Regatta as much as I do. Races, candy, parades, fireworks - how could she not right!?
AND could she be any cuter?! No.
We also have to take our yearly photo together!
And as usual Logan and her kids will be there too!! This makes me a very happy Auntie. :)

I dropped Jeff and Jolie off at the airport this morning so they won't be here for Regatta. :( BUT they have a wedding in NY and they will also get to visit Jols family so I GUESS it's ok this year. But we will still miss them!

{ice cream}
I made these 2 recipes last weekend and they were both a hit.

Our lawn mower. It decided to "go on vacation" last night mid job. It better be an easy fix.

The end.
{yes she even has the cutest behind}

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Enjoy your long weekend! I am sure you two deserve it after all the hard work around the house.
Only two months!! Yay :)

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I love cuddling up with Murphy when he is in his bed...although its getting harder for me to get up from there! HA!! Poor Cruz!! I can't wait to see the nursery!!

Rachel and John said...

I always loved the Regatta at our lake too. Have a fun weekend!

Ashley said...

Haha love Cruz's butt!

Good news at our house we don't even need a lawn mower yet, but it is officially sprouting in my eyes now!!

Can't say what that egg picture just did to me... But I'm sure you can imagine! Haha

Hopefully Cruz's ears get better!! I hope you have a blast at the lake!!

Erin C said...

The last picture of the dog booty made me literally LOL!

Mom said...

Love the title of your post and the content too. Aghh those ears...come on now...this is lasting TOO long. What? Lawn mower issues after getting it completely tuned up last year!! And what's this...cutting your lake time short?!?! I get it though...too much to fit in.

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

ha ha, I love when Harlee lays like that too. So relaxed. I love that you do a yearly photo. It's adorable!

Ashleigh said...

What a cute idea for a post! I love it

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

OMG that french toast looks amazing! And Cruz is too cute. I am sucker for cuddly dogs!

Classy with a Kick

Nikki said...

Ha! Cruz butt at the end. Adorable! Have a fun time at the lake!

Emmett Katherine said...

i take it you don't like mustard! i'm the opposite i'm not big on ice cream and don't mind mustard! 2 months eh? so close, very exciting the nursery is shaping up. pics when done!

Rachel Steck said...

Yes, I wanna cuddle up with Cruz on her super-comfy looking bed! You know I do!
Enjoy the good times at the lake, sounds like an amazing time! And Cruz wins for cutest-dog-booty.


Carolyn said...

OMG. When I saw that title I was scared that you were going to talk about some new craving you've been having. GROSS! HAHAHAHA! But I love the post... and you're right. I totally want to snuggle Cruz. Preferably in the nursery so I can check that out too. Deal? :)

Jessica said...

Aww I'm sorry Cruz still isn't feeling well :(

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

She sure knows how to work that face! How can you deny her when she looks at you like that! I tell you, try the bathing cap!

Ugh I hate when adult projects and responsibilities get in the way of fun!! So annoying! We are so behind on so many projects for this reason. Alex, I'd like to buy some extra hours!

Regatta sounds like a blast! I can't wait to see this years picture with E! Holy Nixon is a big boy! He looks older than A! Such a cutie pie! They are going to have a blast at the lake- lucky ducks!

Those 2 dishes look so good. I so need to make them (or have J make them...).

Have a great weekend and trip up to the lake!

Janna Renee said...

Oh man, I think that our pruning shears went on vacation. I can't find them anywhere!