{Baby Black: Week 34}


We had our first baby class on Thursday night and then on the way home Justin surprised me with a stop at Menchies! 
Got to show off the nursery a little this past week! :)
Debbie (Justin's Mom) popped by last night and she gave me Justin's baby blanket that she made for him when she first found out she was pregnant. LOVE it.

Pretty good - can't complain! I can already tell work is going to be a pain in my back. I do a lot of sitting this time of year so I have to make a point of taking very frequent breaks and doing lots of stretches throughout the day. I also think I will swap out my chair and use a fit ball. Yesterday was painful - first day back so it was super busy and then I had my hair done by my cousin so more sitting. Dummy. When I got home I took Cruz for a ravine walk which was much needed for ME! Plus it was a beautiful night.
Sleep is annoying. I just can't do it. I used to fall asleep right away and get a good few hours before the bathroom breaks started and now I can't fall asleep for the life of me. I have tried everything. The last 5 nights now I feel like I hardly have slept. Oh well - 6 more weeks (give or take) and then sleep is going to be non existent anyways so like everyone is telling me - this is just preparing me. :)

Baby Black: 
Her fat layers are filling out making her rounder! Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well.
Her eyes are open when she is awake and closed when sleeping now - pupils also dilate and constrict in reaction to light. She is about 18 inches long and 5 pounds!
Because she doesn't have enough shoes... :) I won these cute little sandals on Kaitlyn's blog Wifessionals from I.C.E. Mama Crochet. SO cute!! Thank you both!

Icky & Loving:
Nothing new - nothing is yucky - I could eat anything - still have no desire to eat chicken wings. And I could eat blueberries all day long. Maybe I do. ;) And I wouldn't mind if Justin took us to Menchies every day too.

Justin & Cruz update:
Justin has been feeling her move more and more - he has to keep his hand on my belly for a while otherwise she plays shy. He has been working on the dresser transformation with me and I am so darn excited to get it painted now I could squeal! That and the rocker.
Cruz is a love - probably pretty mad that we are both back at work and she is all alone but I keep telling her to be patient and before she knows it we will be at home with her sister! Yesterday at work I found myself talking to her - which in turn meant I was talking to myself. I spent my entire 6 weeks off with her so I missed my buddy for sure.

Nursery Update:
It's really coming along. Almost done - we just now need to paint the dresser and rocker and then once those are in we'll put up the gallery wall. Justin's Mom recovered the rocking chair cushion to a grey for us and it turned out great. I did a little alphabet banner for the reader nook as well.
I made this print for her nursery. :) Already loves her sister.

What I'm wearing:
Last week I went through my closet {translation = took everything out that may work, threw it on the bed and proceeded to try on 50 outfits} and surprisingly enough I put together about 20 outfits that will hopefully get me through the next 4ish weeks of work. I really didn't want to buy any more maternity clothes so hopefully even as I grow I will get by with these outfits...fingers crossed.

6 - it was a good week and I needed those workouts for sure. This week is SO busy so I hope to get in a few workouts despite having something every night after work.

What I'm looking forward to:
Maternity photos tonight with Whitney!!! We have talked about this moment for years and it is so surreal that the day is here! I feel so lucky to have my best friend and someone who has been such a huge support system to me throughout not only this pregnancy but the years of us trying to get pregnant be the one taking these images. :) I can hardly wait.

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Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Getting close mama!! SO excited for you. I cannot wait to see your photos, they will be absolutely stunning, I am certain. Gorgeous little shoes!! I remember the back pain--yoga & a heating pad helped. xo

Murdock's mama said...

Those sandals are to die for!! I can't wait to see your maternity photos!! :) Also...can you email me your address. I want to have it on hand when little miss arrives! :) Thx!

Ashley said...

I was about to ask you if you had your hair done!! Looks great!! Love that print for the nursery!! I cannot wait to see it!! I think you should send me a pic or we should facetime! Haha. Those sandals are cute! I'm also excited for your mat. Pics!!!

Katie said...

can't wait to see your maternity pictures! i know they will be beautiful! and did you love your class? it made it feel even more real! and those sandals are adorable!!

Rachel and John said...

YAY for maternity photos! You are looking great!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Not long for you at all now!! I can't wait to see those maternity photos! We were going to do them, but when I went into preterm labor I was so scared I'd schedule and put a deposit down and we wouldn't be able to do them.I ended up going full term and don't have any maternity photos:(

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

awe Have fun with your photos! You will be beautiful no doubt! :)

Nikki said...

SHUT UP! How are you 34 weeks already?!?! I feel like just yesterday you announced you were pregnant! CRAZY!

Carolyn said...

OMG! MATERNITY PHOTOS! I know they're going to be just stunning! Can't wait to see them! :)

Courtney Kassner said...

Can't wait to see your maternity pictures! I'm sure they'll be great!

I feel ya on the sleep thing! The ONLY way I can get to sleep these days is by taking a warm/hot shower right before bed...mostly because it helps settle my restless legs!

Love the Cruz print too!

Mateya said...

SO so close! And those little shoes are SOOO cute!

Kasey Sutgrey said...

I love that shirt amd those shoes are so freaking cute! I am new to your blog and I love it!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I cannot wait to see the nursery! Its going to be perfect I know it :)
Good luck with photos tonight, I cannot wait to see pics. I am already excited for ours in 5 weeks with Whitney.

Jamie said...

Oh my word. Those crochet shoes are perfection.

Jessica said...

Awww! That Cruz print is adorable!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yes, I remember my body just hating sitting at a desk all day long in the later part of my pregnancy. Frequent chiro and massage visits somewhat helped. I've considered using a fit ball at work but not sure how that would work wearing a skirt?

That really sucks about the sleeping :( It must be because you are so excited to meet your little girl!

I saw your teaser mat picture- AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see the rest. Whitney is so talented and that dress is beautiful!

Whit said...

I cannot believe you're already 34 weeks!!!!! Wow this summer as flown by. I know I keep saying that! 6 weeks until we see baby... maybe she will come a little earlier... say like a week? Come girly!!! Oh and I stinkin' LOOOOOVE those sandles you won. I am so ordering Fin a pair and that pic of you and J cracks me up!!! I need menchies! xox

Laura @ The Everyday Joys said...

New to your blog! Congrats on your upcoming little one. You look great!