{weekend rewind}

We had another busy weekend at home...
Friday Lily and I headed to the outdoor pool and enjoyed a refreshing 3 hour swim. She spends most of her time under the water and we had probably 50 handstand contests.
While we were swimming Justin was in Kananaskis with Brian doing a huge trek up Cox Hill - a 4 hour ride!!
I am sure these photos do not do the scenery justice but it still looks beautiful.
Lily went home that evening and we had a lazy night at home once Justin got back. He was exhausted from his ride and I was exhausted from 3 busy days with Lil!

Saturday we were both up early, lazed around and then did errands. We saw a pack & play in a flyer on sale that we wanted and it proved harder than we thought! They were sold out at 2 stores and we lucked at the 3rd as it was the last one! Couldn't go wrong for the price and we liked the colors and print too (grey, teal & black owls)! 
Then it was the regular - Micheal's and Home Depot -  it excites me to no end to actually have the paint for the nursery in the house finally. :) Justin is telling me to be patient and it will get done but I am SO eager to get this room done!

Once we got home it was nap time! Then I started on a side table I am crafting for the nursery and Justin prepped the walls in the nursery. We went for a nice (and hot) family walk in the ravine and then Justin had the BEST idea to pull out our margarita maker and he made us some delicious his and hers margaritas that we enjoyed on the deck.
We then hit up the watering hole for dinner, sat on the deck again after dinner as the temperature was beautiful and then watched The Place Beyond the Pines.
I really liked it - it was different and really kept your interest (it was 2.5 hours long and usually I done at 2 hours).

Sunday we did house chores - Justin melted while he stained the BBQ step, umbrella stand and touched up the deck. I vacuumed, cleaned the floors and prepped dinner. Then I convinced Justin to come check out the new farmer's market at Symon's Valley Ranch. It's great - not huge but has lots of nice produce, meats, bakery, lots of variety and some nice little kiosks for drinks and eats. I was hoping for gelato or ice cream. No dice. But it's SO nice that it is 5 minutes from home!

Jeff and Jolie came for dinner Sunday night and Justin BBQ'd some delicious stuffed chicken breasts he created and it was just really nice to catch up with them. We also made more margaritas!

This morning we enjoyed a family walk, Starbucks, $1 Ikea breakfast, got a few things from Ikea for the nursery and later this afternoon we are taking Cruz to see another vet as her ears are awful. She is so uncomfortable and it breaks our heart having to clean them numerous times a day and her cry and cry. :( So hopefully we can get another opinion and figure out what the heck is going on.
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Sounds like our weekend a bit, staining the porch, nursery stuff and patio drinks :)
I bet you were tired from 3 days with Lily! I was thinking that as I was reading the post. I am finding I need rest these days after a busy couple of days... last night I fell asleep by 9pm.

Ashley said...

That play pen is cute!!

I just tried gelato and I didn't like the texture. Yet I love Italian ice or sorbet...

Sounds like the perfect weekend at home!! Yay for getting paint colors!!

Jennifer Golding said...

$1 Ikea breakfast is the best, we hit it up yesterday, and then proceeded to spend far too much money in the store.

Poor Cruz, it is the worst to see them in pain/uncomfortable. I hope the second opinion brings her some quick relief!

Leigh said...

It sounded like the boys had a great ride on Friday! Brian was definitely tired when he got home. Sounds like you guys had a busy weekend! We saw that movie in the theatres and it was good, but so random! The story line just kept changing from the different characters...wasn't totally sold on it. Oh no, poor Cruz. Hopefully you can get it figured out soon!

Murdock's mama said...

Poor Cruz! That is terrible! Isn't it the worst seeing your babies in pain! Also...have you checked with your physician {I know I'm totally being that person---sorry!} about vacuuming during pregnancy? I was always told not to...

Rachel Steck said...

Awesome score on the pack and play, sounds like a cute design!
Poor Cruz...I hate to hear she's still having ear trouble. Let me know the update after you take her to the vet again. I hope they can cure the issue, poor baby. Smooch her nose for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I read your blog regularly! I hope you guys are having a great week!

I was just going to tell you.. we have a lab also and he got an infection in his ear. It's blackish almost wax and the vet told us it was a yeast infection and that some dogs are prone to it, labs. :( But they gave us a rinse and antibiotic and it helped tons!!!

Cassidy D. said...

First time commenter, long time follower! Poor Cruz, it's rough to see your pup in pain! Our 7 month old mutt has had 2 ear infections in the last 2 months and I've been talking to a couple people who have mentioned that it could be food allergies. If her ear infections are frequent, maybe that is something to look into also. Good luck, I hope you all are able to get it figured out!!

Ashley said...

looks like the perfect weekend. when are you due?! soon?! eeee it's almost baby time looks like! :)

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend doing lots of handstands!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a good weekend -- minus Cruz not feeling well!

Limefreckle said...

I've never heard of that movie before, and 2 of my favourite guys! Must look for that...it didn't happen to be on Netflix was it? Don't even know where to rent movies anymore....maybe redbox? Where did you get it?

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What pool did you go to?

I wonder if we have the same pack and play. We haven't used it in a couple months so I can't quite remember. They are great.

Mmmm margaritas!

krink said...

:( Sad you didn't call to have me and the kids join you at Highwood this year. Hope you had fun though! Looked like a beautiful day!!