It's my last day of work. :)
Which calls for a post full of randoms yes?! yes.
As some of you know very well -  clean & organized house = a happy Alison.
You can imagine how I was feeling when my kitchen looked this this on Tuesday after work....
Stupid fridge.
I was trying to make meals for my girlfriend who lost her Mom over the weekend and a coworker who lost her husband a few weeks back. Our fridge was dead so we had coolers all over. We hadn't really gotten to unpack from the lake. It was one billion degrees in the house and I had the stove on. I needed to take my 27 week photos and my feet hurt. I was a little grumpy. But it all got done and then J BBQ'd me a delicious dinner and we ate on the deck.
More on our fridge tomorrow. Cause I know you are all dying to know about it. ;)
This collage that Whit put together for me cracks me up. This was a guest at the wedding at the lake a few weeks ago and out of no where this guy in white pants pulled my onto the dance floor.
I wish you could see his facial expressions and hear the ridiculous things he was saying. He was a riot and I am pretty certain he made a point of dancing with all the girls at the wedding and by the end of the night he had lost 10lbs in sweat.
My beautiful cousin and I. So glad I got to spend this time with her and make her drink wine for the 2 of us. :)
 My brother the MC acting as DJ. I love this shot.

Saturday night Justin, Cruz and I get to look after these two cuties (plus Ty) while Whit has a shoot. 
I'm a little excited.
How cute are these watermelon shooters they had at the shower on the weekend!? They had vodka and tequila and I am sure they were as tasty as they are adorable.
Mom and I and the shower (& Stacey).
 Nana (it was pink theme!)
I will leave you with this. Happy Thursday.
PS. Have I mentioned it's my last day of work? 6 weeks baby. :)

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Leslie said...

Happy last day of work :)
The dress you wore to wedding looks fantastic

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Yay for summer holidays!! I am only a tad jealous ;)
That is no fun with the fridge :( And at such a hot time too.
I meant to say yesterday when you said about your Dr - I have 3 too, and 1 I am not really fond of. Hoping I get one of the other two for delivery too!

Leigh said...

Happy last day of work! Lucky people working in schools.....I think I need to change careers, haha.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So jealous!!

Hope your new fridge got delivered. J might have to make room in that bar fridge!

I love it when guests get all into the reception and dance the night away! Nothing worse than an empty dance floor.

The watermelon shooters look good! They look like jello though which I hate.

Rachel and John said...

Yay for 6 week off! Then only what...7 weeks? until baby after that? AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

Lol that guy! Do we know his name yet? Or who he was??

Love the picture of us!!

About drinking wine for the 2 of us! Yes it was fun at the time, but the next day it was not soo fun!! Lol I'll get it figured out one day.........maybe


Seriously?! said...

Oh your poor kitchen!!! I'm like you...I'd be losing my marbles!!!

You are so sweet to persevere on and help out your friends. Today I packed up some clothing in Isla's "To Keep" box. In went ALL of the gifts you gave her. Weep. Such special memories they are of us...and her.

I can't wait until it's YOUR turn!!! Is it October yet??? ;)


Erin said...

I am so thankful to know that there are others out there that have kitchens that 'sometimes' are in disarray. :)

Amy Nadeau said...

Alison, Where did you get the dress that you wore to the wedding? It is gorgeous. Also, is it maternity or regular?

Murdock's mama said...

So, so jealous of your 6 weeks off. I'm back to work full time starting today! :(