{Fridge Friday}

Happy FRIDAY! And happy first day of holidays to me! :) I don't have fun things planned today though - I have my lovely glucose test and then unfortunately have Nicole's Mom's funeral to attend. I will get to spend some time with my girlfriends and all come together to support Nic so I am looking forward to that.

Ok fridge talk time. :) Lucky you.
Fridge (and freezer) went kaput so Justin and his Mom shopped for a new one and found a beauty. Due to the floods they had a hard time finding a place that could get us one before July 25th!! Luckily The Brick came through and it was delivered Wednesday night and they took our old one (which had a lovely puddle of brown goo under it!)
The new one had sit for 3 hours before plugging it in so at 10:30pm (way past my bed time) Justin started leveling it, drilling a hole for water blah blah. THEN came upstairs and had a mini heart attack/melt down thinking it was too big. Poor guy was so upset. BUT it's not too big. It's just a mother of a fridge compared to our old one. It's no deeper - it just has curved door and bigger handles so looks much bigger than we are used to. He did such a good job picking it out - the fridge part is double the space I had in the old one (it was a side by side fridge freezer - not a fan) and the freezer actually fits an ice cream tub.
I mean really - who designs a freezer than doesn't fit ice cream!?
All in all it's really great - we just need to get used to it. And come to terms with the fact that fridges are really expensive!
{old one}
 {new one AKA big bertha}
It's wonderful and there is more room in it then I know what to do with!! And we even took 1 shelf out!

Now on to outfits. Fridge to outfits - meh - it's Friday!
{dress: c/o pink blush maternity (wore as a skirt), tank: old navy, necklace: american eagle}
{leggings: old navy maternity, tank: winners $5}
{skirt: c/o hazel&olive, tee: walmart $3, necklace: super old}
Today's outfit will have to wait until next week.
Have a great weekend everyone. :)

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Ashley said...

Love the new fridge!! We need a new one soon too, but we will wait :)

Love that winners tank! Super cute!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Love the new fridge! I can never find enough room in mine. We have a bottom freezer and I love it. Love your tank from Winners.

Leigh said...

That is seriously quite the fridge!! Does it stick out a lot passed the cupboards or just looks like that in pictures? Either way, she's a beauty! :) Have a great weekend!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Nice fridge! It is big! I'm sure all the extra room makes up for it though. Our fridge will definitely not be big enough when we have teenagers! Plus it's much prettier than the old one. I hate the side by side fridge freezers. Seems like a good idea but nothing fits in the freezer side ever.

You are so tanned!

I love the maxi skirts/dresses! Is the walmart shirt maternity or regular? I LOVE your winner shirt- great colour and the back is so unique.

Cruz is getting into the booze again...

Erin said...

As usual, you look adorable! I love your new fridge...I've been eyeing one very similar...I just have to talk C into it!

Try to have a good weekend, it's nice of you to be there to support your friends who are going through such a hard time!

Pamela said...

Wow! The fridge looks good!! Sorry about your friends mom!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

LOVE your new fridge!! haha Big Bertha! I am jealous of the water/ice on the door! I totally need one of those. You're looking so good mama; your little girl is growing so much!! Keep up the good work pretty lady! Sending positive thoughts your way...

Katie said...

when our fridge broke this year I couldn't believe how expensive fridges were!! and LOVE that tank top you wore wednesday - so cute!

Chrissi said...

girlfriend, you are looking amazing!! love the new fridge too, but it's not nearly as pretty as the glowing momma!

Ashleigh said...

The new fridge is gorgeous! we just bought a new to us fridge recently and 1 day after the 30 day warranty was up the freezer completely frosted over and we had to pay $200 to get a new defroster and thermostat put in...lesson learned never buy a used fridge!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

WOAH! That fridge is awesome! and as always, love the outfits dear.

Kristin said...

Ohhhhh the fridge is gorgeous!! And pregnancy couldn't look any better on you!!

Kristin said...

Ohhhhh the fridge is gorgeous!! And pregnancy couldn't look any better on you!!