Swim, Bike, Run {or just watch}


This dog is how I felt this morning trying to get out of bed.
We had some lovely neighbors having a deck party at 1:30am last night. It made me so happy. Grrr.

We did have an incredible weekend though.
Cruz and I had a lovely walk in the pouring rain (she LOVED it) and then took a visit to the vet cause she has a pesky ear infection again. Poor thing. She hated that a lot but actually did better than previous visits. She got some new drops so hopefully it quits bugging her soon. I think labs were given then wrong ears considering their love for water! :(
Then we had an awesome dinner and visit at Mom and Dad's (& Jeff!) with Grampa and Chris.
It was so nice to catch up with them! Grampa gave Jeff this little chest full of treasures he has kept from the wars, different races he was in, photos, an old nazi passport he was given, stuff from when he was a police officer in England, bomb shrapnel that he has kept - it was all so interesting and amazing that he has kept it and remembers exactly where and when he got it. He also made baby Black a toy box! It's awesome and will come in very handy! Love it.
We were all up early to head down to a lake down south for the Chinook Olympic Triathlon Dad, Jeff and Jr were doing.
The weather gods were in our favor - it was the most beautiful day when just the day before it was pouring!!
The guys setting up at transition.
Spectators waiting for the start.
My brother is super duper cool.
{I sent this to Jolie! She was house boating all weekend for our cousins stagette.}
And then they were off! Looked so cool to see all the swimmers.
Dad finishing the swim [1.5 km]!
Jeff was just 2 minutes behind him and apparently really pumped to be done the swim!
Jeff transitioning from swim to bike [40km].
Poor Jeff had an awful cramp for the first 25kms of the bike so had to ride upright until it went away.
Waiting to cheer them on as they come in from the bike!
[I missed photos of Dad crossing the finish line cause I had the camera of my phone flipped as I was taking a self photo of Justin and I - so I ended up taking pictures of myself cheering him across the finish line - gah.]
Super Dad all done!! He was 2:31:40.
Jeff finishing the run [10km] just a few minutes behind Dad! Results aren't up yet so we don't know Jeff's exact time.
Finishers!! It was awesome to watch them do this - it was fun to see them finish each event and transition to the next.
Myself, Chris, Grampa & Jeff.
This hat Jeff is wearing was Grampa's!
[Chris has done 2 Ironman Triathlons! This is a 3.9km swim, 180km bike and then a FULL marathon - 42.2km run!! Man alive.]
Afterwards Mom, Dad and I stuck around and Dad ended up coming in 3rd in his age group!!! Speedy man!
Sunday night Mom, Dad, Jeff and Alex (Jeff's buddy) came for a celebration and father's day dinner!
We had an awesome time and then Cruz went for a sleepover with Grampa & Gramma and is going to the lake for the week too, lucky puppy!
Just, Jeff and Alex played darts afterwards with Scotty and Jade and this girl went to bed!

We were productive around the house. In true Justin fashion he worked all day on Father's day (I think he gets it from my Dad!) - picking up wood, organizing the basement, starting to build his work bench/computer bench for the basement, all the yard work, cut the wood for my mobile...busy guy.
I did offer to take him for a nice dinner and he still just wanted the watering hole! He said in a couple month we don't be able to just pop in there so he needs to get lots of visits in! They got rid of my favorite item off the new menu though so I am still a little upset with them...
Yesterday I finished the mobile for the nursery with some birch wood Mom and Dad brought back from the lake for me and we love it. It's really pretty and I think it will look nice hung up. I'll do a post on some of my DIYs I have done for the nursery soon.

I also won Justin a pretty awesome giveaway on Brittany's blog that we got in the mail - it's a 2 drill set and a $25 home depot gift card! He used the drill yesterday for his bench and was pretty pumped. Thanks again Brittany.
 Cruz and the nugget also bought him some new, more casual sanuks then he already has.

85 years young!!
It was SO nice to spend time with you and Chris this weekend!
Love you both.

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Courtney Kassner said...

What a fun weekend! Saturday sounded like fun to watch especially. Can't wait to see your DIY's! Hope Cruz is doing better!

Leigh said...

Busy weekend you guys had! Congratulations to your dad and your brother....that's awesome! Hope Cruz is feeling better soon :)

Ashley said...

Wow your Dad and brother did soo well!!! Where is the pic of you and Justin you mentioned??? Such a keepsake your Grandpa made for the baby!! Sounds like a pretty fun weekend!! I'm waiting for our "watering hole" to reopen!! I keep forgetting the golf course has a restaurant! I hate driving to town all the time for take out!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I was thinking about you guys on Saturday and was so glad the weather cooperated! I'm sure they would have cancelled it with lightening so I'm glad it rained up north and not down south.

Your Dad and Jeff did awesome! Speedy men! Not surprising at all that your dad came in 3rd for his AG.

Impressive that Chris has done 2 Ironmans! A little crazy actually! Haha!

Sounds like a super productive weekend. Can't wait to see your DIY projects.

Carolyn said...

Poor Cruz getting an ear infection... :( hopefully she gets better quick!

A triathlon... I think it would be SO COOL to do one, but let's be real. I don't think I could do that. HAHAHAHA!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

What a fun weekend! Those transitions are no joke! My legs always felt like lead going from one to the other! Great job to them! Isn't it funny when they work so hard on the one day then can relax and be lazy! LOL.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh poor Cruz! Oreo has an ear infection right now too. It's awful. He hates these drops going in his ear. And I hate it for him. :( Hopefully Cruz's ear infection clears up soon!

Looks like you guys had such a fun weekend! I definitely would've been a spectator too, haha!

Limefreckle said...

wow, I'm exhausted just reading your post! Busy weekend! Always so impressed with those doing triathalons!!! Your family sounds like so much fun, and your Grandpa sounds pretty cool, with lots of interesting stories to tell!!!

Katie said...

that is SO impressive - congrats to your dad for doing so well!! and I can't wait to see the mobile! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow - your dad is BUFF! I am impressed! That is fun that you were able to spectate at their race! That is always so fun!

I hope you get a good night of sleep to make up for last night. I can't believe they had a late deck party on a Sunday night! I would have been fuming!!

Brittany S. said...

Woohoo! So happy Justin loves the drill and was able to test her out already! Nice to see you had a lovely, busy, weekend! :)

Whit said...

What an awesome weekend!! The weather really was SO awesome!! Congrats again to Rick and Jeff (Jr too)!!! 3rds not too bad ;) lol. It's awesome.