{Mojito Monday}

Happy Monday!! It's a beautiful day here so I can't complain at all.
Friday after work I had my hour long massage and it was just wonderful I will most definitely be going back!
The table had a belly hole and chest holes! Genius. And the lady who did the massage didn't talk which I appreciate. :) And when I got home Justin had vacuumed which made my Friday even better! :)

That evening Jolie came over for taco dinner. Then Justin headed out to our friend Darren's to play darts and us girls watched a movie.
We started out watching this...
We gave it a good 40 minutes and just couldn't stick it out. It was strange, slow moving, nothing happened and hardly any [english] words were spoken. So we called it quits. Sorry Ben. And we had yet to even see Rachel McAdams.
Jolie hadn't seen The Help but I knew it was a good choice as I loved it the first time I saw it. So good.
Cruz made sure we were safe. 
Saturday we ran a whole schwack of errands - finally picked the nursery paint colors - I did some crafting [sneak peek below] out in the sun - Cruz's tummy made a whole lot of noise all day - Justin went for a bike ride - we ran more errands - Justin took us girls for ice cream for lunch - Cruz and I got poured on during our walk and then Just made us a delicious home made pizza for dinner.
After dinner we finally watched The Avengers. Justin being the comic nerd that he is, is very picky with movies based on comics and LOVED this one. Even I thought it was pretty great.
Justin also made mojitos this weekend. They were amazing  - even the virgin variety. :)
Sunday Justin had to work in the morning. Boo - but at least it was from home. Then we rearranged the spare/Lily's room to accommodate the beer fridge that is getting kicked out of the nursery. Justin went for another bike ride [and got poured on] while Cruz and I went to get her nails trimmed and to grab a few things for dinner. We went for a nice family walk and then Justin's Mom came over for dinner as it was her birthday!!!
Justin BBQ'd a rib feast, made us all mojitos and we had fruit sundaes for dessert! 
Overall a pretty great weekend!
Hope you all had one just as wonderful.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love massages, especially now. I have never had a special bed like that yet. Only had the prenatal massage where you have to lay on your side.

Courtney Kassner said...

That massage sounds amazing! I would love to have a table like that at home to lay on too! Haha Love the craft sneak peek!

Leigh said...

I watched The Help on Friday night too :) With that craft sneak peek...does that mean you have a name picked out?!

Ashley said...

I have yet to watch the help and I own it!
Which colors did you pick!? That is a big start!!! Love the sneak peak of the nursery! Do you guys have a name decided? Glad you had a good massage!!

Mom said...

I was just thinking this weekend we hadn't made Mojitos yet this summer. Better put mint on the grocery list!! And hope for warmer weather to go with them.

Rachel and John said...

That craft looked like it was a baby name! Are you sharing or keeping it a secret until delivery? Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I actually really enjoyed the Avengers. I guess I'm used to movies like that though with a 10 year old and all ;) Sounds like a great weekend! Can't wait to see that craft when it's complete. Looks adorable!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

We loved the avengers movie! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The Help was a great movie. I'll make sure to not watch the other one!

Looks like a fun crafting project.

The rain was pretty annoying this weekend. I managed to avoid getting stuck in it so I'm pretty happy about that.

Haha I think you should just leave the beer fridge in the nursery for snacks for you! It could double as a side table!

Holly said...

I want the recipe for the virgin mojito!!

Katie said...

i have a coupon for a free massage and keep forgetting to make an appointment - i need to do it! yeah for nursery progress!!! are those letters for a name???? :)

Whit said...

You and a pair of crafting scissors and yarn are a dangerous thing ;) lol Oh this nursery is going to be designed with so much love and thought! Sounds like a wicked weekend!! xox
Ps. I hope Cruz's tummy is feeling better. Poor girl.