{LOVES} & a winner

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I'm loving that I get to announce the winner of the Babee Producks giveaway today!!
The lovely winner is....
Lindsey from A Running Tale who is also pregnant with a little girl!!
Congrats on your $50 shop credit!! I will shoot you an email.
Thank you again Nicole from Babee Producks! You guys rock.

I'm loving being a Calgarian.
Our city is really amazing and pulling together during this time. They asked for 1000 volunteers Monday morning and thousands had to be turned away as they couldn't keep up with the amount of people who showed up to volunteer.
There has been so much damage and loss during this time but everyone is really rallying together and helping each other out.
 C-train tracks...

I'm loving that this silly girl is home. This is her routine...we come home from our afternoon walk and she waits at the basement door for us to go down to workout! Can't be lazy with her around. :)

I'm loving the sneak peek Whitney posted of my cousin Ashley and Scott's wedding!!
SO beautiful.

I'm loving that Lily is spending some time with us this week - 2 sleepovers!
She may have been a tad grumpy this morning as she would prefer school to be done yesterday...It may have been a little struggle to get her out of bed, out the door, out of the vehicle, out of my office...
That's all for today!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

For some odd reason I knew I would see my name when I opened this post :) Woohoo! Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)
I agree Calgary is amazing. If I ever move to a bigger city I know where now.
Great wedding photos! I cannot wait to have Whitney do our maternity and newborn ones.

Mom said...

I feel very guilty being here at Seba where it is sunny and serene and not back in Calgary helping with the cleanup. But I guess there are more than enough volunteers. Way to go Calgary!!

Jessica said...

Ashley and Scott are adorrrabblle....

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yay for Lindsey!!

I need to train Audrey to sit by the Chariot or the basement door to motivate me to workout! I wish the mosquitoes weren't so bad in the backyard as I'm sure she would love to play in the sandbox while I worked out.

Whitney is amazing! Those pictures are great- you would never know this is the first wedding she has done.

Courtney B said...

My heart is breaking for all those affected by the flooding.... But it is amazing to see how communities (and people across the world) come together in times like these!
Your cousins wedding photos are stunning!!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

Awe! those photos turned out amazing!

Ashley said...

Love the wedding pics soo far!! Can't wait to see more!! Cruz is too cute!!

I can't get over some of those pics of Calgary!! The C-rails is unreal!!

Gabriella said...

So incredible that the city has come together like that! I have been praying for Calgary! Amazing pictures from the wedding! Whitney does such a great job with all her photos! Adorable Cruz, as usual!!

Murdock's mama said...

Gorgeous photos...cute cousins! :)

Limefreckle said...

Calgary seems like such a cool town, you all have clearly pulled together during this tragedy! I LOVE the tshirts I've seen for the Stampede....Come Hell or High Water....great slogan, and it shows the spirit of the town!!!

Whit said...

Lindsey is one lucky girl, I wanted to win this one .. again. I guess I'll have to go shopping without the credit!
Those photos of the flood are insane!!! Wow... leaves me speechless.
Cruz is hilarious, dogs love their routine. She needs to stay with me for a couple months, I'd lose a lot more weight than Ty inspires me to lose ;) haha..
Oh Lily, that's too funny!! I don't blame her, summer's way more fun than school most days ;) xox